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In 16 or so years, Ross Stalcup is the only auditor who has looekd at the Ennis school's financial records. And he has been paid handsomely to look at the books. The peer review of auditors is really a very cursory look at a record of what the auditor has done. A few Ennis folks have talked with the people who perform the peer review, and basically the review is kind of like Mr. Walsh's 2/3-time bus supervisor evaluation not really a lot of information to go on. Finally, Mr. Glines says he's happy to submit to another audit and that there are many other ways this money could be spent. Then why didn't Mr. Glines submit to an external audit last August when Mr. Scully urged the board to do so? That would have saved a lot of money because I'm sure the District is paying an attorney double or treble what the audit will cost.

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