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Why can you folks supply parts to fix your products. The pencil sharpener gears are of very poor quality.

are they still in busines

are these guys still in business- no one answers the phone anywhere - you call the support number the computer thanks you for calling then hangs up on you . you call the number here and all you get is voice mail. come on! even microsoft is not this bad! at least there is a number unlike facebook!

I'm on my 5th X-Acto electric pencil sharpener that is advertised on box as intended for heavy use. Every one I have had either burns out in a month or becomes so dull that it will not sharpen pencils correctly and sometimes not at all. I will never purchase this brand again.

Both of my model 41's failed with the exact same problem. The ring gear at the bottom of the cutters is stripped. I would like to fix these myself because I need them in my art studio but where can I buy parts? Supposed to have a ten year warranty but where can I send them? I thought I would buy the best I could find but I would have been much better off the buy $140.00 worth of cheap ones. Much better off.

I am a school teacher and purchased a "X-ACXTO" pencil sharpener for my classroom. Well, it lasted about 2 weeks. Normally I do not complain, but when you have to fill out a purchase order everytime you need supplies, it becomes a problem. I am requesting a replacement. phillip.fontenot@cpsb.org

Have had the Elmer's Model 41 X-Acto H-D Electric Pencil Sharpener with a DongSheng E244729/DS 335M12 motor for around a year. When first used I felt that there was something funny/wrong with the way it sounded. August '11, the unit died. Since I paid over $135.00 for it I was wanting to order a replacement motor and the plastic gear on motor shaft. Will you let me know if these parts can be purchased? Thanks, Steven Strodtman ssman@windstream.net

I am a 7th Grade Science and Reading teacher in Hollywood (Ft Lauderdale) Florida. I'm sending back 2 Mighty Mite pencil sharpeners and 1 V2 Battery Sharpener that failed. I bought this product because of the reasonable price at Walmarts over the last school year but I have found these sharpeners are not reliable and cannot stand up to the rigors of the classroom. If there is anything you can do please let me know. Mr. Olesko 954-305-1300

I was unable to give 0 stars. We just purchased the X-acto MRI pencil sharpener at a local retail outlet. It has automatic feed...doesn't work. It ejects when sharpened...doesn't work. It sharpens the pencil...doesn't work. In short, it is too light to be a boat anchor, hence a piece of junk. You may say that the box states it is a 2008 model but shouldn't a new pencil sharpener work regardless of what year it was made? This is a piece of junk.

I'm writing regarding your X=ACTO Electric Pencil Sharpener, Model 41. I volunteer at San Miguel School in Sunnyvale, Ca. and I was very disappointed in the service of one of your electtrical pencil sharpeners. After buying several different brands of electric pencil sharpeners, they ordered two of your delux model 41. One is still operating well, but one died shortly after being purchased. Since pencil sharpeners are low priority in a school in a low income area, struggling to just keep paper and pencils in stock, I took it upon myself to see if this practically new sharpener could be fixed or replaced. Now they are unable to find the warranty, but with a little effort, I could probably find a copy of the invoice and date of purchase. When it died, they let it sit around being unused. When a pencil is inserted, the motor doesn't make a sound. It seems the motor is burned out, and I want to know if there is a replacement motor available for this model. At the price of this item (about $200) I would think it had a good warranty, or at least a very good price for a replacement motor. I would appreciate your help in this matter. Simone Yecny simone_yecny@hotmail.com (408) 736-7001

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