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I had the oil changed at EZ on Sepulveda Blvd. in west Los Angeles. When I went to do the next oil change myself, I found they had stripped the drain hole threads. I had to have the oil pan replaced. When I questioned the EZ Lube manager, he said they were now Valvoline and not responsible for damage EZ Lube had done. Same store, same people only hiding behind a different name. The manager further stated that since I am not a licensed mechanical shop, how do they know I didn't do the damage myself. I later found out that EZ Lube is notorious for this type and similar damage.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything nice to say about this company, but I'm not going to be rude. I have recently been placed at a major inconvenience because of E-Z Lube. On January 27, 2012 I received an oil change that would later result in me having to get a new oil pan because the manager/employee of E-Z lube caused a hole to be in my oil pan. I am a disgruntled customer, but unfortunately I can't get reimbursed or get my car fixed because the company was bought out by Valvoline.

On 02/21/12 I had an oil change and a radiator fluid exchange done by the EZ Lube in Cathedral City, CA. Soon thereafter I noticed that my oil was leaking. When I drove by to have them check it out in March, they were closed and I didn't think anything about it since it was Easter. The second time I drove by, they were closed yet again. Come to find out that that location is out of business. I had to take my car in some where else to have it checked out and apparently those "yahoos" ruined the drain plug; "the drain plug cross theaded into oil pan; oil pan is damaged". Now it is costing me $350.00 to have that replaced, not to mention I will need another oil change of synthetic oil which everyone knows is expensive! Do NOT use EZ Lube. I may very well be taking them to small claims court since I have yet to have someone answer their corporate office phone.

I AM FURIOUS WITH EZ LUBE!!!!! My husband went and did a routine oil change and they convinced he needed a serpentine belt! He had it changed. A week later my husband was going down a hill and the steering wheel had no power. IT WAS POURING RAIN. Thank God he pulled over , hit a curb, and dented the rims of our vehicle.He called EZ LUBE...and 2 mechanics replaced the belt in the rain. Now 1 month later I am driving the car with my 2 daughters in the car and the same things happens to me again and I loose control of my car.... Thank GOD nothing happened to my daughters and me. I called my husand he calls corporate again and ez lube location and they are coming tomorrow to our house to fix it AGAIN> I think it is time for legal ACTION>

EZ Lube and Your Manager at Store #10 Danny Ramirez should be ashamed!! I brought a small GMC Sonoma truck in for an oil change. While performing the oil Change they found the Serpentine belt should be replaced and the air filter should be replaced. They advised me and I said ok. They day after we had this work done, some weird noises started coming from under the hood. I told my daughter to stop driving it and that when her dad came home from work up north, he will look at it. When he came home that weekend, we opened the hood and found the fan in front of the belt had come off and melted to the belt. We drove it back to EZ Lube and asked Danny Ramirez the store manager to check it out. He opened the hood and without even really looking at it, Said there is "no way we did this"... My husband got upset with him and Danny still wouldn't even take it into consideration that they might have done something to cause this. We left. I drove back a little latter and spoke to Danny again, explaining that when I cam in for the oil change and they suggested I have those other repairs done, that I had them done in the Good Faith that they needed to be done, and that since this situation had happened all I was asking for was the same thing, that he look at the problem in Good Faith, that maybe by accident or something they could have cause the fan to come off. He said no. He said if we want to get a mechanic to look at it and if the mechanic says its ez lubes fault, he would take care of it... Now, my husband had to go back up North for work so I am left have to get the truck towed (cause I am afraid to drive in the condition its in) to a mechanic and towed back to me or ez lube possibly and incur these costs... I asked Danny if they would reimburse if it ended up being ez lubes fault, he said he would have to get an ok, that i had to call him on Monday (today)... I just cant believe he thinks all of this is good customer service. I will not recommend this company to anyone! In fact I will let my friends know how I was treated here! I was not looking for Blame, just for him to simply check it out and then explain the work they did and how it could not possibly be their fault. He said all is on video too, that he could look into it and that I could even get a copy of the video. Believe you me, I will be requesting one! This id probably the worst customer service I have ever had!

My daughters car has a dented passenger door due to being hit by a car. She came into an EZ lube #63 for an oil change. While she was there - for some inexplicable reason- they chose to open the window of the dented door, but were unable to close it, making it impossible to park the car anywhere because anyone could get in (as well as the weather.) She is going to have to rent a car until the window can be closed. The EZLube response was that it was not their fault because no one told them not to open the window (although they were told not to mess with the dented door). They xould not explain why the window was opened at all--few oil changes need am open window. the manager refused to take any responsibility other than saying he would call corporate headquarters on Monday (this is Saturday) to determine their policy. He never apologized and charged her for the oil change!

Stay away from ez lube. I took my 06 Chevy silverado for radiator flush, the truck has forty thousand miles on it. The did the flush and their inspection. The next morning my radiator drained on my driveway I looked underneath and noticed the leak coming from my waterpump. I took it back to them and they had me fill out a report to submit after 10 days I finally heard back from them. They told me it was a pre existing problem. In other words I was trying to screw them.. that really upsets me to be called a liar .. so now I have to take them to small claims court ... please please stay away from ez lube huntington beach. They're not an honest business....

On August 22, 2011, I went in to have the oil changed in my 2006 Toyota at the 1701 Pacific Coast Hwy Service Location #68. I was asked the type of car I had, mentioned the year and I was given a price with the type of oil was recommended. There were several customers ahead of me so I went to a local eatery instead of waiting in the crowded waiting room. I returned 20 minutes later and was asked to sign a paper stating that the oil was ok that EZLube put in my car and the check points were done. Well, if I was given wrong or incomplete information, I should have been called before a change was made to a different oil weight. No one asked for my number so I could not ok anything. Therefore, no work should have been done without my permission. Having me sign both pages creates an appearance that the transaction 1082200028300 Inv#28300 was performed with my full knowledge which was not the case. Furthermore, when I questioned Dora "How do I know you put the right oil in since there are two paper?" Her reply was "because it was on the paper that I signed". I would like an explanation of acceptable procedures before reporting to the BBB and the Harbor City Chamber of Commerce. Please refer the store documentation for a response. Thank you

My 17 year old daughter and I took her Jeep Wrangler to EZ Lube in Huntington Beach, for their "19 point" check and oil change. Only a few minutes went by, when one of the technicians came into the waiting room to advise they did not have the filter to replace mine. He told me to go to Auto Zone and get one to bring back so they could do the work. We left, again daughter driving (speed was just under 30 mph), about a block away the hood flew up, shattered the front windshield, dented the hood all the way across, and dented in the center top of the window frame. Of course it was rush hour traffic. I immediately phoned EZ Lube, absolutely livid, spoke to the technician who sent us on our way. He immediately admitted he realized what happened and assured me they would take care of it fully. We went back to fill out a report for corporate to review. It's been over a week with NO RESPONSE FROM CORPORATE...still waiting...

Is it your policy that a customer can not pay until the work is complete? Where is that policy disclosed?

Watch out when they ask to change your air filter at the Pasadena foothill branch, they asked me to walk over and look at the air filter and to see how bad it was, (when I looked at it was a very dirty white one), they said it can be changed for $49, I told them I barley have the $$ for the oil change, I told them I will change my own air filter, when I got home,(20min pulling it out) I looked at it, (the color was orange) not even the same one they showed me, not even the same shape, BTW mine was clean and still in a good condition, liars and cheats is the norm nowadays, watch out..... I guess they get a bonus the more they sell you

EZ LUBE changed my life! My husband and I would take our vehicles regularly to EZ Lube. Most of the time my husband would get his oil changes because he would drive long distance for work. We were very happy with the service. My husband especially , turns out he was going once a week for an oil change, thats when I found out he started to screw around with one of the clerk ez lube girls and devastated my life. Her name is Ivonna, not sure of the spelling and she knew very well he was married. What kind of place are these people running? I didn't know EZLUBE promoted fraternization with the customers. My life has been changed and devastated and I hope this employee no longer is employed at the Moreno Valley or Fontana facilities.

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