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Duke sucks

Duke power is one of the worst utility companies I had to work with in my 50 some years and customers need to speak up and work on getting another company where we can choose. Lets put them out of business.

They came to trim my tree and now I have been left with a tree that looks like a hurricane or tornado hit me and they won't do anything to fix it. I now have to pay to get the rest of it cut off !!!

residential customer complaint

On 6/3/2014 without my consent or knowledge Duke Power authorized a subcontractor to butcher my trees planted by me 30 years ago that were not affecting your power lines. The cutting looks like a tornado just came through. I would like an explanation why I was not notified before the butchering? Ed Byrnes 2007 Hamilton Drive Sanford, N.C. 27330 (919 774 4902)


this company has stolen hundreds of dollars from me And I now have proof via my bank statements and now they refuse to let me speak to a supervisor I want a meeting face to face! I will be contacting the state and also the news if they are doing this to me they are doing it to others!!!

worst ever!!

This company disgusts me! They do not have any idea what customer service is. Their representatives lie, and they use other people's billing issues against you. I am so unbelievably fed up. They be to be shut down.

cutting off service to elderl;y and handicapp

insensitive and arrogant in dealing with billing mistakes that they make

Give and Get

Duke Energy seems to give charitable gifts but takes from its customers much more from the lives of its customers. The rates keep expanding. Has your cooperation had poor planning or no profits from which to draw? I believe Duke Energy has had bad planning issues and is experiencing coorperate greed.

energy study

Duke energy asked to do energy study on my freezer and pay $30.00 by visa gift card in return. The energy study took 2 weeks. It has been more than 8 weeks and I have not received the visa gift card. Noe if that was me eho was late on paying paying the bill, They would be disconnecting my electricity. I wrote and contacted them many time, I have not heard from them. I like to let the people who read this do not trust them. Smetimes I wonder if they really cheat on our meter reading. I wouldnt be able to tell.


Won't they stop the greedy approach towards NC citizens. Requests for fee increases. Now the CEO announces plans to attempt to get NC laws changed to buy solar capacity. It would be better for all of us to purchase our own solar power so we could generate our electricity and no longer need to deal with Duke Energy.


Duke Energy of NC needs improvement and starting with customer service. Why so mean? I might not pay my electric bill on time each month, but with 400.00 a month electric bills what poor family could. The payment agreement policies for six months extension are never given out as a choice. We are told to take the agreement or electric will be shut off, We have Only five to seven days to make the first installment of the agreement. That doesn't help anyone that can't pay their bill. If anything it almost guarantees the electric will be shut off because if they don't have the money when the payment agreement is made up Then what makes you think they will have the money in seven days? Why are we not offered the six months agreement like you guys have written.


Duke energy is the most greedy company with the most rude customer service I or anyone I know has to cummunicate with , and that we HAVE to give our money to. Your company is a monopoly.. you can't get power through any other company. And you charge anything you want cause you can... who else we gonna get it from?? I own 4 properties in north Carolina and are planning to go thermal and solar just so we no longer have to associate with your company.. I am not alone your company has the worst reputation of hundreds of companies.

Poor Customer Service

We have been with Duke Energy for over 30 years. I realize they have the monopoly on energy, but this customer service is ridiculous. I talked my husband into going on the EPP payment plan to budget money last year. I just received a bill for 3 times the regular bill at the end of the EPP year period! I called customer service and all they stated was, "There should have been some communication with you at the six month mark of the EPP period". I apologize, but you need to pay the full amount! Terrible customer service!

I'm not please at all with the service I am receiving from Duke Energy. I have made a payment every month although it's a little late. With the economy the way it is, you would think Duke power would just be happy getting a late fee. But that's not enough. You tacked on a deposit of 1,000 DOLLARS this time...and yet you tell us we were given ample time to do this. It just showed up on the last bill! I'm sick of your monopoly on power and I intend to put a bad report on everything I can and I will be sending letters to all my representives and congressmen. We have been in business since 1962 here at Jack Smith Transmissions and paid you every month! Thanks a lot! Signed, sickened by monopolies!

I agree with Teresa Russell. This is absolutely without a doubt the poorest of the poorest of customer service in the Corporate world. The Duke Energy tech turned in an erroneous meter reading because they couldn't get in my fence and they were no longer able to read my meter with their electric device so I have been billed a monthly bill in addition to what they estimated. Now, I can't get anybody to understand this. I have lived in this house for 5 years and my bill has never been this much. What good id bill comparison when Duke can't even use it themselves. Their customer service people are idiots and I hope the courts disallow Duke to raise their rates. If they couldn't afford the new fancy offices, they should have stayed where they were! The residential people shouldn't have to pay for their idiotic decisions in this economy.

Customer Service

Duke Energy's telephone customer service is the poorest in the corporate world. You can never get to a problem solver. They put you on hold for 2 hrs. and keep hoping that you'll give up. I've tried for a week to get a billing problem solved and have yet to get a supervisor over the dept to return my call after numerous messages to request a return call both via email and telephone!!!

I wonder if Duke will give customers in my area a reate/discount since we were without energy at least 6 full hours 9/11/12?

the power people come cut off my power and said that I could not make payments for my power that I had to pay the full amount for them to keep my power on so I need to make payments for my bill so they will come cut my power back on please help me

I am a duke energy customer not by choice.I get home and their was a disconnection notice on my door saying that my services were turned off for non payment which is bs because i made a payment on 9/14 then i had to goto my brothers house to use there phone my whole refrigeritor went bad i have no phone no internet no nothing i am having a hard time and struggeling my balance is like 200 they fucking turned me off for 200 i called to try to make payment arrangements and get no where same old story everytime.need help here this is a multi billion dollar company and there fucking me for a 200 balance.Its something that they paid the former ceo like 100 million when duke energy merged with that other company.cooporate greeeeeeeeeeeed

Ripped off by Duke for more than $1000. Paid it all and service was reconnected then disconnected again three days later for no reason at all. They said I had to contact energy protection office before I could have service reconnected for the second time in less than a week. I contacted the protection office and they said that I would have to have a city inspector check our meter and breaker box before we could have power restored. It just happened ro be the friday before labor day weekend. The inspector could not make the inspection until the following tuesday. No power for at least 4 days! Everything in the fridge went bad because i had no where else to store the food. After the inspection Duke informed me that i needed to pay an additional $450 in fees for having power restored illegally!!!! What is going on here? I never had the power restored by anyone other than Duke. I payed all of the outrageouse fees and penalties for something that I didn't do. Customer service at both Duke and the energy protection office could help me solve the problem. I feel like the only option I have left is to hire an attorney and take legal action against Duke to get the money that they stold from me back. The only problem is I don't have the money to pay for an attorney because All my extra money went to Duke. I'm stuck!

I have been lied to over and over by duke energy. been told so many lies, talked to ip dept, so far I have pd 1400. they turned off my service becacuse they failed to keep the payment arrang. made. They closed my acct. even after giving them money owed. They keep fibding new reasons to cg me more money. Now there trying to lie and say I owe a bill from 4 yrs ago. which I pd. I have a diff house now, before I could get service here I had to pay that bal of what they came up w 1000. they say they can't show proof I even owe this. Anyways after talking to 6 diff. ppl w 6 diff amounts they want me to pay. Monica from ip dept. says and assures me promses that if if I pay 500.00 it will b restored. I dobt owe this money but what choice do I have but to pay. well of course my power is not on. I call duke and its sat. ip dept closed. all they can say is my acct. has been closed again but supervisors can't tell me why ,they know nothing. trying to get one on the phone takes 10 min of argu. w the rep. I am going to call channel 4 a lawyer and get true stories out there about how corrupt duke energy is. They lie to get your money say whatever it takes then they break agreements to get more money. I have given them my payck. for the wk. thinking power would b on today. I have a preg wife 3 lil kids and now I am utterly fed up. I work 50 hrs a wk. and have epilespsy. . its summer and will be 90 today. heat brings on my siezures. I can't let these evil ppl win this. I am fighting this. don't trust what duke says. I live in sc going to see if I can find anyone else to join me in the fight against a corrupt corp.

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