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Closing store

Dots is the worst place to work, and shop. I am appalled by the lack of professionalism at the corporate office, they are very unorganized, and unaware of the events( i.e store closing) happening in their stores. Not to mention in have not received my last week check help ing them close their store. Unless I'm volunteering or interning I do not work for free.

very dissapointed

I am very displeased with dots customer service. First the sales women at Latham NY store sold us a gift card and said we can use it online which is not true. We immediately contacted dots customer service for a refund we live 200 miles away and cannot get to the not only have we not got our refund it has not even been processed to be mailed.Dots was our favorite store.

Carolee Barker

Needs to learn email Etiquette, when someone is applying for a position in the company. It is rude and simply unprofessional to be unpleasant in a rejection letter. Is that what they teach at Kellogg Community College? If this is the kind of employees you have employed, I’m glad I wasn’t hired. Just an FYI, it’s only a retail job! I’m employed currently (plus a college student), and was looking for career change, thanks for letting me know not to apply nor shop at your stores in the future.

not enough hours

ive been working at dots from the middle of july til the end i am an sales associate part-time in Chicago IL. i heard im suppose to work 20 hours a week. my first paycheck was $20 not even enough to buy my son pampers. i feel like i dont even have a job because they always put me on "on call" which half of the time they dont need me. plus my assistant managers takes all the hours and slack off


I am an on going customer of dots for the past 13 years. I am working for the past 5 years for a National Commercial Janitorial Company. In the past year I have seen the poor quality of the carpet and tile floor throughout many of the stores. I spoke with the manager at the one store I frequent and asked few questions regarding the up keep of the flooring. she referred me to the corporate number and then from there I was sent to a voice message for vender application. I left my information in hopes I will be contacted. I love shopping at Dots and the customer service I receive has been nothing but up and up. I would really like to become a vender for the flooring and hope this email/review will lead me to the contact person or persons I need to speak with. In advance, thanks Jud Sweet

Idiot employee

I highly doubt that it company requirement to keep a larger fitting room vacant in case mothers with strollers arrive while there is current waiting customers who would like to make use of this open fitting room. If so, whoever created that requirement is an idiot as well. This Dots in Alexandria, Va. I have been stopping by there at least twice a month for years. As I was stood there waiting for a an occupied fitting room to open up while glaring at a vacant one steps away, I decided never to shop here again. You're employees have always been ghetto friendly, but this supposed "policy" is just ignorant.

Horrible Employee

I am writing this because I had a horrible experience with a sales girl named Meesha in Lancaster,Pa. at the Rockvale outlets. She was cursing and talking badly about fellow employees , Several customers besides myself left the store because of her. I called to complain to the store manager Marilyn I think she said her name was and she too became confrontational. SOOO unprofessional and I won't ever shop at DOTS again!!!!

store clerk

I am writing this because I believe this person deserves recognition. I don't know her name but she works at the Manchester nh store. She has spiky short red hair, and I have to say she is the most bubbly friendly helpful clerk I have ever encountered...what a wonderful experience. She deserves to be recognized. She should be employee of the year. I will shop there often just to see my favorite clerk.

rude clerks

I went to Dots - in Houston at Westhimer and Hillcoft 3/24/13 at 4pm. tried on a sweater - wanted a larger size - couldn't find the rack I got it front - clerk started to look in clearance - told her didn't come from clearance - clerk argued with me and kept looking through clearance and would not help me locate sweaters to get another size to buy - I found them - they were not clearance - there was a large size - but I not longer had any interested in buying it from Dots - I went two stores down and bought a better sweater from Ross

this is for the people who went shopping at the dots in the store in rockwall texas: May of 2012. I say report them to the BBB believe me they will take care of it.

Ask the district office to train the Dots employees on customer relations. By focusing on retaining customers. No matter what we represent America.

If I could rate the Asst. Mgr. in the Rockwall, Texas store any lower I Would. I will never enter another one of the Dots stores. My daughter and I went shopping in the Rockwall store in May of 2012. The next week my daughter was being accused of being a thief by Miss Lacy Colgrove, the Asst. Manager. While we were in the store and women claimed she had lost her wallet. Never at anytime were we asked if we had seen a wallet. In my opinion, this young lady had no evidence to suggest that my daughter had any part in stealing. Has she had the training to spot thieves by their body language? In my opinion, Dots should do better back ground checks on their employees. She (Ms. Colgrove) has caused my daughter huge financial distress, defamation of character, and loss of wages. Also, Ms.Colgrove gave her opinion that my daughter and I were in this bogist act together. I am very offended and to make a long story short the complaintant walked out with her wallet in the first place. We had to hire a forensics person to examine the security video.

Its sad when you look for a review site for the Dots stores and most of them have the same low rating all over the country. I have been shopping at the Philadelphia branches for at least the last six years and over time they have failed at improvement. The people that they hire are moody and don't attempt to help, the selection is dwindling unless you want to look like everyone else in the surrounding area and they force you to sign your card and when its signed right in front of them they don't ask for id to check the signature. I worked in retail that's why they make you sign your card and ask for id. I think dot needs to make an attempt at revamping all its stores .

Personally I think that it is allot like you already potiend out. Once people have been in a serious relationship for a while they just let themselves go health and looks wise. No need to look good anymore since they are already in a relationship. The other side of the coin is that (if they are married and have kids) they might simply just not have the time to look after themselves as they would have when single. It has nothing to do with virginity at all, look at me, I'm still the handsome beast I was 10 years ago

Brandie - Adorable Elle! She is always dessred to the nines! Love her red accessories!!! Great Business name! And I am sure the business owner loves working with you..such a fun loving artist yourself!

Apparently professionalism & courteous customer service is NOT a prerequisite to maintain employment @ DOTS. After making a quick stop @ DOTS lcoated in Speedway, IN and reviewing my recipt once arriving home (more than 45 minutes away) I realized that the sandals I purchased were not charged @ the listed sale price. The top I purchased was too small and I knew I would have to exchange it. I called the store that evening and spoke to the Manager who assured me they would take the price adjustment if I simply brought my receipt back in. With shirt and receipt in tow, I returned to the store, and was even goin to purchase two additional items. The RUDE cashier stated she was going to issue the credit to my debit card but after she rang the exchange, then the additional purchase I realized she never gave me the discount as promised. When I questioned her, her response was so ridiculous I wanted to reach over that counter slap the STUPID right out of her. " Well, It's not like it was htat much money". "I thought I put it back ion your card". I was so irritated with her based on her response, I asked her "and if it was YOUR money"? and she just laughed. Needless to say each & every item, including the shoes I have already worn are going stright back to the store with receipts for a full refund. I am so pisse doff I may just file a complaint with the BBB.

The Manager of the dots store in jax fla I think her name was caroline. What a pleasure it was to shop in her store. It was. So clean! She new her customers by by name and she turned my bad day into a good day. She was sing and dancing and you don't get that so much these days. I love that store.

Our Dots store in St. Louis, Mo. (Telegraph location) is wonderful. The girls are friendly, and helpful. They sometimes need a little probing! My question is this: are Dots stores a franchise, or are they independently owned?

if you guys think that is bad for customers, imagine how it is for the employees that work at Dots. Imagine going to work almost every day thinking if you still have a job. I know an employee at Dots and what she goes thru every day is nothing good. Anything they do is never good enough, they are always trying their best to help the customers out and make them happy that they dont have the time to do anything else. I understand that as a paying customer you will like some good customer service and all the attention for you and only you but its impossible for these girls to do it especially if they dont have the staff and the hours to do it. The other day i went Dots to get some close and there was a cashiers and the manager on the sales floor alone while the other one is busy ringing and has al big line and the manager was on the floor by herself trying to take care of her fitting rooms and getting stuff down for the customer through out the store. this is the reason why customers get angry because when they go out shopping they dont want to wait in line for anything all they want to do is shop n go... How is it possible when its only two people working and being busy how they were that day. People are going to complain no matter what the reason is and trust me there are people out there that complain about stupid thing just to get a free gift card from the home office or they just come in the store and be so rude to the employee just to get them fired... I know because it has happened...So trust me when i say that the employee has it worse than the customers.

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