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183 graham in Brooklyn terrible

We waited for hours no one called, they advertise that your not going to wait for a long time very unprofessional staff, 183 graham Brooklyn NY STAY AWAY...... No one did anything at all 183 graham in Brooklyn NYC terrible!!!

The Domino's on grand caillou Rd in Houma la, are so unorganized,the managers don't pay attention to their staff. This isn't the first time my order isn't right. This time they forgot my 2 liter of sprite.

Poor Service!

Took an hour for my food to arrive, called and spoke to a manager and he was useless. Foods, somewhat cold and not up to par, very disappointed at the outcome of my order, not sure if I'll choose dominos again.

horrible service and poor pizza presentation!!!

Dominos on merrick Blvd in queens new York there ph#(718)723.3000 are horrible!!! They sent incomplete orders not once or twice but four times..and everytime it happened they said they would send missing order that never came. The driver's have no regard for preserving the pizza quality because it always looked like he was driving a hundred miles an hour. Needles to say the pizza arrived in shambles.I would never order from this place again!!! I love dominos pizza but this location gives dominos a bad name and if corporate cared about how dominos the name is being represent then this location or service attributes will not exist in there organization..I hope someone in the dominos organization who cares about the name will read this and do something about it..


the store offer 50percent off any pizza and they no due

Rude Drivers

I did not even order a pizza but was verbally assaulted by a bypassing delivery driver. After contacting the local store, 8141 Mesa Dr Austin TX 78759, My husband talked to a Zachary Brooks. He was apparently the manager of the store. As he could not resolve the problem my husband was given the name Shawn Kelly but forewarned that although Shawn is the GM, he is young and at a concert in Houston!?!? And unable to be contacted. I honestly believe that corporate should be involved and new management/respectful staff should be introduced to this chain

You guys should bring back the hoggie it was great Ioved it and was good love your bbq wings best then all the other pizza company's out there

Henderson TX-It never opens on time

I would like to know what time the Henderson TX Dominos Pizza is suppose to open. I like to call my order in at 11:00 so it is ready when I get there, but multiple times a week, they are not opened. Today I drove up there at 11:15 to see if I could place and order on site, and they weren't open at 11:15.. Have the hours changed?? One day the Coca Cola truck was waiting for them to deliver the drinks, we both got tired of waiting and left. That would explain why when you walk in the building, most times they don't even have drinks in the cooler. Then yesterday I went to pick up my order and the smell was horrible. Corporate might want to make an unannounced stop in there.. Someones just simply is not taking care of your busines..

Dominos in Ashland

Complaint about this dominos in Ashland Ohio 44805 I have called and this Mel guy is very rude twice when I called he's not very good costumer service. I work in costumer service he curses,costumes come first! he always thinks that I'm trying to scam him when I have proof that they owe soda to me when forgetting it on a delivery! He is a rude individual and don't think he knows how to run a store. He also told me to never call back again!

Raw cheesy bread

The girl that took my order was very rude. Our Artisian pizza was okay but the cook at the 880 Aliamanu Dr location is very inconsistant. The cheesey bread dough was raw. When I called the location to report it the manager offered me a credit or to resend another cheesy bread. She didn't apologize.

Just Terrible

Domino's Pizza 2606 Jefferson Davis Highway Stafford, VA 22554(540) 657-5858 Your Food at this location is just terrible. Just nasty. It made 2 of us sick in our office. Please send somebody out to look at the operations of this location.

Dominoes App

I ove Dominoes I'm loyal its the best but the app has one thing I need revamped. There isn't an option to order the thin crusts cut like a pie instead of squares. Make that change please

Corporate Greed

I was just informed that Dominos is now going to be open 365 days a year, Easter, Thanksgivng, & Christmas! This is so disgusting that it's almost beyond any nice words for me. You've finally gotten the Devil's greediness and your employees are the one who will suffer! May God have mercy on your souls!

Make the customer happy

I love dominos pizza and I especially like that you offer a white sauce option. However, I find it ridiculous that I cannot get it only half and tomato on the other. The people are always rude and act as if it would be a huge inconvenience. Delivery time is also poor as it takes almost double the estimated time every time I order.

uppity phone answerer

I use this store all the time. Tonight they said "there was no line on" there was, they also said they call my number which, well, it didn't ring. They were nasty and disrespectful and absolutely refuse to deliver to my house.


I do not have a complaint or review except I worked at dominos years ago and it was great then I lost my eye sight now I am a minister of JTHammond Ministries and soon will not even have that because of lack of funding,We help those that the federal and state gov. can not or will not help.we are very small and struggling can anyone help with this only God knows?

exposing himself in frazer 19355

There was some sort of altercation at the domino's pizza located in frazer pa. on Tuesday around six pm. one of YOUR employees actually took off his shirt and ran around yelling THEN exposed himself. He literally pulled his genitals out of his pants which he unzippered, exposing himself to many persons. I work in the general vicinity and myself as well as patrons at my establishment witnessed this atrocity. The most awful part. This same young man was not reprimanded and was BACK AT WORK this evening. I saw him get into a black automobile and it was there again today. Is this the way you run your business? this is AWFUL!

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service at the Dominoes on fremont blvd. I call an they give me no type of customer service everytime I call her the store manager is not available when I try and talk to the superviors they tell me they are to busy to do anything. I request they have copra te go into this place and see how the employees treat is customers.

Cold food/bad service

When my order had not arrived in 45 minutes, I called the store to inquire about my wings and spinach cheesy bread. Hector said to give it a few more minutes and then call him back for a discount. My online order read 15 - 20 minutes. The food arrived at minute 47, and it was cold. The driver told me they had given her the wrong order, so she had to go back to the store. I stopped using this store for more than a year, and decided to give them another chance. Never again! Remember, you have strong competitors out there: Pizza Hut, Papa John's and Vince's Pasta. My family is done with Dominos, and we have been good customers.


Last night we ordered online for carry out at our regular store #5232 in River Ridge Louisiana and our pizza was given to someone else. Accidents happen, and we have no complaint about that, but after speaking to the manager about having the charges reversed (our bank account was still charged for the pizza never received) we felt that an apology would have been nice to hear. Most places even offer a coupon for the next order, but an apology would have been suffient. Disappointing!

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