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there workers needs to wear plastic gloves period! I took pix of them not wear gloves while works on foods on pizza that gross!

Frustrated Customer

Your store in Cincinnati Store #2434 977 Hawthorne Ave Cincinnati, OH 45205 Is a complete disgrace.. they never have drivers and when they do there is always some excuse the order is late or isnt right. The last three times Ive ordered from this store there has been some calamity. So the guy asks me "Can you just come pick it up?" and Im Like "Um no; that's why I chose the delivery Option" He was very cavalier and nonchalant. Their wings are soft rubbery and gross with thick barbeque sauce slapped across them,. its the only domino's I can order from so if I want domino's which is slowly becoming so not that case. I have to use this store. You all need to send someone in there to see what the problem is. Their service is ridiculously BAD..


I would NEVER allow my daughters to work at a domino! I will NEVER buy pizza or food from a domino!

Crapy, Cheap wings

I just recently ordered 2 orders of you boneless chicken wings and what I received was completely disappointing. What I received was reheated chicken nuggets. These are the same chicken nuggets I can buy from the store and stick in my microwave. And the sauce I asked for wasn't even put on the chicken, I was given dipping sauce to use with my nuggets! The order cost me $26 and I only got 28 pieces of chicken, I can get 40 pieces of the same quality food from McDonalds for $9. I don't know what you guys will do after reading this, but I am never ordering from Dominoes again after this.


I called with a coupon that was mailed out in a flyer that week, they didn't know what I was talking about, decided to order an extra large anyway, with 1/4 mushroom, they could not accommodate because 1/4 was not a measurement in their computer. So I ordered from PIZZA HUT and had a delicious lunch!

Excellent Service

We ordered a pizza, wings and soda from the Dominos Pizza at 9799 W. Florissant Ave St Louis Mo 63136. It was late, the store closed at 12pm. I called at 11pm..3 times as my kids didn't know quite what to order. It was my grandson's birthday and his mother was just getting off from work! Each time, the associate who took my order was so patient and courteous. My order was delivered within 1/2 hour and I was so gratiful. She even was able to smile and was polite despite of the late hour. I pray for their safety and that Dominos will prosper even the more! The food was delicous! Thank you Dominos!!

Insane Drivers

The drivers are insane and unsafe. I was leaving a parking lot and a driver nearly TBoned me. He kept driving right through a stop sign doing about 40 and nearly hit a jogger. After nearly killing a women, he came up to another stop sign and took a right hand turn so fast that it looked as if he would come off the road. He continued down a street for half a block to a major intersection. The light was red and there was NO on coming traffic so the idiot goes ahead and turns left right through the light. In the space of 2 minutes this guy nearly killed me and my nephew and a jogger. This guy needs to be fired.

Several from work ordered lunch from Domino's to be delivered. Took an hr. to get here. While I was at lunch (had to go before it was delivered..took to long) food was delivered. My food was burnt and looked like it was from the day before. When I called to complain, Betsy says well, there were so many orders ahead of you I can't do anything about that. She was very rude. I will never order from there again!!!!

No steak in the Philly steak sandwich

Please note that we ordered your Philly cheese steak sandwich and there was more cheese and more onions than anything, the beef strips were quarter sized and only 4 pieces. I also ordered a bread bowl...the chicken Alfredo I will say was decent but my bread bowl was raw on the inside!!!! I spent 25.00 on this dinner, VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! Fort Wort, TX


I live in neffs ohio. right at the top of dixon hill. I called the closest store which is in bellaire ohio. I was told that a delivery could not be made to my house because of the store being strict on time. I was told it could be brought to the quik stop at the bottom of my hill. it was very upsetting that I couldnt have my favorite pizza because of where I lived. my littlw brothers who I was baby sitting was very upset. another pizza store that was further delivered. this needs chamged. now.

Terrible customer service

I have called dominoes pizza 6 times in a row now and have gotten hung up on each time. 1st time they answered and I asked to speak with a manger never got a response. This isn't the 1st time the customer service has been terrible at the arlington Texas mayfield location..

Ordered online, w/additional toppings such as extra cheese etc. pizza got here lacked everything.. Looked as if this was an holiday experiment w/grandma and her grand kids. No cheese, no sauces and the pizza looked anything but like their "famous pan pizza". This is far from the 1st time. This is a common thing w/this store on N. hwy 6. In Houston, tx. It took 7mins for someone to pick up the phone.. The team is extremely rude as well..


Delivery guy stops in the middle of the street, blocks exit, and takes his sweet time. Then when he returns, takes even longer to leave. Nice training Dominos!

Inflexible Policies

I am a Senior citizen. tried to order an artisan pizza at half off online at Caroline St store in Milton Fl. Called store to ask for help. When I arrived to pu my pizza I was told that I had to pay full price because I didnt press the discount button online. Mgr or whoever said he had no authority to offer the discount. Corporate trust its personnel? Will never consider ordering again!

Should have stayed closed for good

The worst pizza in the city. I have ordered several times thinking that they were just having a bad day. Each time worst than the first. Last time went to pick it up and it was burned. complained to management. Their reply was."That's the setting we have on the oven all our pizzas look like that. So if you ever come to Henderson NC order your pizza elsewhere unless you like it well done and slightly charbroiled with nasty attitude on the side.

no pizza

I ordered a pizza and never got it. When I called I was told to call back in the morning to talk to a manager. This is stealing since I paid for the pizza online!


Domino Pizza Holt-ordered a pizza ONLINE, picked it up had the wrong pizza, went back after calling GOT THE WRONG PIZZA AGAIN. This time I looked before I left. Had to wait for a THIRD pizza, this one had the toppings I requested but was very doughy (not completely cooked). Was told that they did not pass corporate inspection and will be closing the store soon NOW SURPRISE HERE!


My wife just pull a blonde hair out of her mouth from the pizza we order. We called the manager and told him about it. The manager denied it and say that all his employee doesn't has hair. Im thinking the girl I order in the pizza is bold and the guy deliver the pizza must be wearing a wig. No refund back. Im never ordering pizza from there ever again.

Terrible customer service

I ordered 2 cheesy breads from store number 2078 in Milwaukee, WI for delivery. With the breads we ordered 3 different sauces which were told by the driver that they'd be included. After he sped off, we noticed the missing sauces and called him immediately. Since he didn't answer, we called the store to let them know. The woman said she'd have a manager send someone out right away. 25 minutes had passes and still no one showed. We called back again to be put on hold and then told that they were too busy to send them but instead they'd send a coupon in the mail. At that point, I had enough disrespect and took the cheesebreads back for a refund. what grossed me out the most is that they took the bread back to give to another customer, even after it had been in my possession for more than an hour. As a restuarant, that's a big NO! And because of that they have permanently lost a valuable customer.

Poor Service

I gave dominos a negative star rating because we order pizza to get it delivered!

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