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Terrible customer service

I ordered 2 cheesy breads from store number 2078 in Milwaukee, WI for delivery. With the breads we ordered 3 different sauces which were told by the driver that they'd be included. After he sped off, we noticed the missing sauces and called him immediately. Since he didn't answer, we called the store to let them know. The woman said she'd have a manager send someone out right away. 25 minutes had passes and still no one showed. We called back again to be put on hold and then told that they were too busy to send them but instead they'd send a coupon in the mail. At that point, I had enough disrespect and took the cheesebreads back for a refund. what grossed me out the most is that they took the bread back to give to another customer, even after it had been in my possession for more than an hour. As a restuarant, that's a big NO! And because of that they have permanently lost a valuable customer.

Poor Service

I gave dominos a negative star rating because we order pizza to get it delivered!


I ordered pizza called them back after an hours for them to tell me I didn't order after explaining to him ( the assistant manager)my conversation I had with the one taking my order I tell him I will re order! He tells me it'll take another 45- 50 min no exceptions! I ask to talk to the manager he hangs up on me I call back they hang up again!! My family (two kids )where starving

Delivery Issues

We have been ordering from Oceanside Blvd store in Oceanside, CA every week for a couple years and last week began to have a difficult time having Dominos deliver to our church. Oceanside Blvd said they wouldnt deliver to us anymore even though we are one mile away. They sent us to the Marron Road store in Carlsbad, CA. They also said they would not deliver to us. I was directed to call 1-800-Dominos and get the correct location. They told me to call the one on Thunder Drive in Oceanside, CA. They also said they don't deliver to us. I insisted that they need to (we were ordering 15 large pizzas) and they said they would this time. We order from Dominos every week, although we may change after this experience. Please advise.

maryland heights missouri store 1506

where to start well for starters the managment sucks customer service is ok but the thing i wanna talk about is how their staff in that store has not been fired i ordered a pizza and for carryout and walk into the store and one guy is walking around with a beer in his hand how messed up is that

False advertisement

How can you advertise a gluten free pizza when the only thing gluten free is crust and still even that can contain gluten because your employees aren't careful when they mess with the gluten free and have just touched the regular crust don't wash hands then touch the gluten free crust they have just contaminated the crust. My daughter loves pizza and this is the only place that has gluten free crust but she still can't have it because the topping even just the cheese topping is not gluten free. I know most cheeses are gluten free but asked the employee if y'all was and was told it was not so technically your " gluten free" pizza is not so gluten free and you guys are probably making people sick.

Buggy Box

If anyone would like to have bugs in their pizza then by all means please order from Domino's in Keokuk, IA, where the pizza is as bad as the manager's customer service skills. As the manager was calling us out on having bugs in our pizza, he opens up a box and, what do you know, out falls a bug right on him. Please, continue to argue with us John, we will be more than happy to prove you wrong again. ID GIVE IT A NEGATIVE START BUT IT WONT

Employee Harassment

I will be watching you closely Dominos, your store in Kankakee,IL has a manager who likes to get in the personal space of his female employees and an area supervisor who demeans her employees and rather than lead/teach/meantor by example. You have employees who work very hard to deliver product as ordered to company standards for your customers for minium wage. They deserve to be treated with respect and should be comfortable and free from harassment of any kind.

Bad service

I order Domino pizza. I waited an hour. I called Domino they hung up on me so I called again finally answer. I ordered 7:30 PM finally pizza arrived at 9 pm. I have my vistors stayed my house for the night.

The dominos from spring valley New York air conditioner is out of order how do you have your employees working in 100degrees that neglect to your workers seriously how do you even keep the food cold you are going to lose a lot of customers and your workers please do something about this this is not right

Dominos has really went bad

I went to dominos in Jesup ga there yesterday the employees and managers playing around if Mrs Betsy was there that never would have happened my crust on my pizza was hard barely any topping I was really sad my wings had a nasty taste and plus I seen roaches crawling

Disappointed in Pizza

We are good customers of the Domino Pizza in Kingsville TX. Tonight we ordered a large, thick crust pizza with DOUBLE cheese and 1/2 pepperoni. We also ordered an order of wings. The cost was $21.00 + When the order was delivered the pizza was all crust with very little cheese (we had ordered DOUBLE cheese) way too much sauce and not up to the standard that we normally experience.


I have had this happen to me twice, I order pizza, pay with my debit card and then the card is charge more to take out for a tip, when I pay the tip in cash. THey give me no receipt I sign nothing and then it takes it out of my account, this is in siler city in nc. I cannot help that dominos do not pay you enough for being a delivery person, but it is not my fault, I pay and give a tip, so do not take more out of my debit. Not the first time and the order was even wrong. Very Bad CUstomer sevice and the company in general....

Horrible management

The dominos in Moyock NC has some ridiculous employees. Especially the management. They are unprofessional and down right rude. There was an employee who decided to harass another employee in front of everyone at the job site as well as the customers in the lobby. Foul language and racial slurs were used and this individual got a slap on the wrist. She should have been fired!!! Get your company under control!! Fix this issue.

hate dominos. never again

Worst food ever. Messed up my order. I asked for bbq boneless wings and got buffalo wings bone in and they were all skin and fat. The chicken bacon ranch sandwich had no chicken on it. So nasty. Wasted $20. When I called to tell them the manager margerie was very rude.


i recently called a dominos, and they imediantyl hung up on me because of my accent. i call back od course, and they call me a liar and prank call. i just want to order pizza and they hurt my feelings and make fun of my race. they tell me if i call back with that number they contact athority.i am offended and am suing dominos company. do not order dominos pizza. they have dropped my pizza when i order it many times. i call domnos manager many times, but he say i can not be unerstood, then curses at me and hang up phone.


I love your new commercial with the lady that decides to try something new if the Domino's employee does. The guy that goes on the theme park ride is great! The entire commercial is enjoyable to watch. Thank you!

terrible tv ad & service

I ordered a large cheese pizza (simple?), and received a supreme. The store ans was to say I should be satisfied with this pizza at no extra charge. Also, your tv ad shows the store owner upset (same attitude) as the store that so-called help me. YOU need to rethink your ad and over all attitude. Meanwhile, I will use be using other pizza companies

the worst customer service in Philadelphia, Pa.

The location at 4438 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, pa. 19104 is the worse store you have, the food is not done the way you ask them to dothe employees there has a very nasty and stinking attitude the delivery driver is the worse. You call to put an order in they put you hold for bout 10 minutes, that's right 10 minutes three different people answers the and please hold, I've order from this place on several occasions this happens constantly. The employees are very unprofessional. Corporate office needs to do a undercover boss move on this location or put your employees back in training.

New Idea for a pizza

I really enjoy your pizzas but wish that when it is made use wheat dough instead of white dough. I prefer the wheat better, plus if you think about it more people are turning to wheat bread for their health and nutrition reasons. Physicians would also recommend that their patients eat more wheat bread than white. So why not add a wheat crust pizza to your menu. Also might want to add a vegetarian pizza as well. With a wheat crust and a vegetable pizza you are sure to make a major dent in the pizza world. Because no other pizza maker is doing either one. Sincerely, J.W. Walker

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