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Dominoes App

I ove Dominoes I'm loyal its the best but the app has one thing I need revamped. There isn't an option to order the thin crusts cut like a pie instead of squares. Make that change please

Corporate Greed

I was just informed that Dominos is now going to be open 365 days a year, Easter, Thanksgivng, & Christmas! This is so disgusting that it's almost beyond any nice words for me. You've finally gotten the Devil's greediness and your employees are the one who will suffer! May God have mercy on your souls!

Make the customer happy

I love dominos pizza and I especially like that you offer a white sauce option. However, I find it ridiculous that I cannot get it only half and tomato on the other. The people are always rude and act as if it would be a huge inconvenience. Delivery time is also poor as it takes almost double the estimated time every time I order.

uppity phone answerer

I use this store all the time. Tonight they said "there was no line on" there was, they also said they call my number which, well, it didn't ring. They were nasty and disrespectful and absolutely refuse to deliver to my house.


I do not have a complaint or review except I worked at dominos years ago and it was great then I lost my eye sight now I am a minister of JTHammond Ministries and soon will not even have that because of lack of funding,We help those that the federal and state gov. can not or will not help.we are very small and struggling can anyone help with this only God knows?

exposing himself in frazer 19355

There was some sort of altercation at the domino's pizza located in frazer pa. on Tuesday around six pm. one of YOUR employees actually took off his shirt and ran around yelling THEN exposed himself. He literally pulled his genitals out of his pants which he unzippered, exposing himself to many persons. I work in the general vicinity and myself as well as patrons at my establishment witnessed this atrocity. The most awful part. This same young man was not reprimanded and was BACK AT WORK this evening. I saw him get into a black automobile and it was there again today. Is this the way you run your business? this is AWFUL!

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service at the Dominoes on fremont blvd. I call an they give me no type of customer service everytime I call her the store manager is not available when I try and talk to the superviors they tell me they are to busy to do anything. I request they have copra te go into this place and see how the employees treat is customers.

Cold food/bad service

When my order had not arrived in 45 minutes, I called the store to inquire about my wings and spinach cheesy bread. Hector said to give it a few more minutes and then call him back for a discount. My online order read 15 - 20 minutes. The food arrived at minute 47, and it was cold. The driver told me they had given her the wrong order, so she had to go back to the store. I stopped using this store for more than a year, and decided to give them another chance. Never again! Remember, you have strong competitors out there: Pizza Hut, Papa John's and Vince's Pasta. My family is done with Dominos, and we have been good customers.


Last night we ordered online for carry out at our regular store #5232 in River Ridge Louisiana and our pizza was given to someone else. Accidents happen, and we have no complaint about that, but after speaking to the manager about having the charges reversed (our bank account was still charged for the pizza never received) we felt that an apology would have been nice to hear. Most places even offer a coupon for the next order, but an apology would have been suffient. Disappointing!

half raw wings

i usually get to family 2 large pizzas and a14 piece as and half raw hotwing--this time i got 2 good pizzas and 14 half raw wings.i live 15 miles away <30 > miles to pickup stuff.after getting home i called and wast told they were done<cooked> then was told next time tell the mto keep under heat until done!!! It will not be a next time.28.00 for half cooked meal plus gas---thanks dominos

Re: Store 6793

Re: Store 6793 Today at approximately 12:35pm 10/12/13 myself and mom was at Domino’s Pizza 1500 E Mulberry St, Angleton TX 77515 (store number 6793). I was in the store waiting for cashier to take my order of two pizzas no one came then a chubby driver came in and I was about to say something but he closed the door to the pizza making tables. So I figured he would have said something to staff but no one came, ever! At approximately 12:55pm 10/12/13 I left the inside very pissed and another driver showed up and I told her they lost 2 pizza orders if they even cared. She said she was sorry.

St martinville la

Had really good pizza when they first opened. Bad pizza now. Charge .15 for every pack of cheese or peppers. What's the deal?

Added Money for Delivery

Something that I don't understand, and don't agree with. I have been ordering Pizza from Dominos for a great long time, I do not understand why the store charges a delivery fee. When a driver delivers Pizza, to an address, his rate of pay changes, to almost nothing, he or she has to rely on tips, but yet the store charges a fee, and the driver does not get that money. This is, in my opinion, robbing the driver of what he or she is entitled to. Why should the store get it? This is not right. Make the change or start losing some customers.

Please change your sauce

When I was at Michigan State 40 years ago, I ate Domino's at least three times a week. Today was my first time eating Domino's since College because my daughter always told me that it lacked flavor. Well she was right. I order two large pizzas and no one ate it except my 5 years old grandson. What happened? The sauce had no flavor.

okeechobee florida. 17 teen and 26yo

Emerald reed is a 17 year employee in okeechobee florida living with a 26 year old driver. Charges are filed. Emerald is using a false address. She is not who she apparently is. I understand she now has a missing persons report filed and still works there. You never know what can show up at your door.


Placed an order online and the pizza never arrived. After an hour and a half I called and they said the driver came to my house and no one was home. He knocked, called...etc and no response. His manger even had the nerve to say he called me too with no response. Funny because I was sitting on my front porch the entire time waiting with my wife. I will NEVER do any buisness with this company agian.

Pizza time of delivery

We live Gardendale ala we had a 45to 50 minute delivery. It was over an hour. When the driver got here there was no explanation On why he was late. He had us sign the credit card slip but it was a paper that had all his deliveries. We had the first order but we where the last ones delivered to. I need to tell you I would rather get papa Johns but my son wanted yours. I am not happy with the delivery time we should have been delivered to first. I know where I will prefer to get my next pizza from and it's not dominos. Thanks for your time

there workers needs to wear plastic gloves period! I took pix of them not wear gloves while works on foods on pizza that gross!

Frustrated Customer

Your store in Cincinnati Store #2434 977 Hawthorne Ave Cincinnati, OH 45205 Is a complete disgrace.. they never have drivers and when they do there is always some excuse the order is late or isnt right. The last three times Ive ordered from this store there has been some calamity. So the guy asks me "Can you just come pick it up?" and Im Like "Um no; that's why I chose the delivery Option" He was very cavalier and nonchalant. Their wings are soft rubbery and gross with thick barbeque sauce slapped across them,. its the only domino's I can order from so if I want domino's which is slowly becoming so not that case. I have to use this store. You all need to send someone in there to see what the problem is. Their service is ridiculously BAD..


I would NEVER allow my daughters to work at a domino! I will NEVER buy pizza or food from a domino!

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