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Dirty New store

A new dollar general store has opened up in our neighborhood and it is appalling that the manager would allow trash all around the store located on college avenue in Elberton, Ga. This needs immediate attention. As a customer and a citizen it pains me to see such clutter when our neighborhood works so hard to keep it clean.

Summerfield Fl

I am a shopper and a supporter of the name and it pains me to walk into a trash filled low rate store like this I find it messy I found it really cramped and the rats are just plane out gross I will never shop in this store again you should do the same

I feel it is compeletly disrespectful for this company to hang up on ppl. And apparantly there was a cut off date for w2s and old employes are supposed to be aware of this. And was told I can do it online. Cool whatever. But don't tell me I can't have one mailed to me. Tgat is so unperfisonal of them. On top of being rude. No wonder why ppl hate your company managers are rude and corpperate is as well. They can shove that company where the sun does not shine! And this is a nagitive 30 stars!


this was my first time in this store there was man a casher his name was Art very very nice asked if we needed help with enty thing took us to what we wanted then we went on and shoped more we got what we needed on the way out he said thank you and come back again my my DG where did you get a man like that he was Great #11668

Rip offs

I bought a movie at the Dollar Store in Salem Missouri and when I got home there was no receipt. I tried to play the movie and it wouldn't play. Now the crooks won't replace the movie. I hate WalMart but I'll go there from now on. They've lost my business permanently.

horrible experience with dollar general

The dollar general on north westbroad st. Murfreesboro tn Closes early every night it says 9 but every day i go cause i work nights i get there at 850 in there closed so last night. Went at 8:52 n the doors was already locked so i called in the manager said 10 mins before closing they lock the doors only customers in the store already canbe in there i work retail we csnt lock doors until our tume on the door not 10 mims early every night


The store in McCamey, Texas is disgusting! it is dirty and messy, the shelves are in disarray, there are many bare shelves. there are clothes and hangers on the floor I avoid it most of the time because it is so difficult to find anything. Someone needs to come in and "CLEAN HOUSE"!!!!!!!!

Assistant manager

The assistant manager in the Auburn Ne store is a very great manager. She is always energetic and willing to help out all the time. Keep up the good work there

Bad Customer Service

The Dollar General corporation needs to seriously consider hiring more competent and customer-friendly employees! Your staff is among the worst I've ever experienced in customer service! Train your employees on your coupon policy and get rid of those who refuse to abide by it! Utterly ridiculous! This is why I hate shopping at Dollar General!

Terrible Customer Service

I love Dollar General's items and prices, but refuse to shop there any longer because of terrible customer service and poor leadership by managers. After shopping for years at different Dollar General stores and interactions with both sales associates and managers, I will no longer do business there. Bad behavior, terrible attitude and no service standards is not acceptable anywhere. If possible I would give a negative rating.

customer service

Hello I am writing because I am interested in a job in mosspoint at the new store . I am ready to keep dollar General growing.

Store In Columbus Ohio With NO HEAT

Dollar General Store #8184 in Columbus Ohio and since winter had begin have not had heat. Multiple people have came out and looked at it and said that it is broke and someone else would have to come out and fix it. Yesterday they were open with no heat and the weather outside was below freezing! Seems like no one is helping and workers and customers have reported this multiple times. When will this be fixed? Ever?

dollar general on nogalitos in san antonio tx, 78125

That dollar general is just so ridiculous I have had it with all the workers rude comments just because thieves go into the store and still does not mean I or my fiance will asking me if they can check my purse and telling my fiance to take off his hoodie on a cold day no I don't think so saying it was company policy and you can not complain to the manager because he is just as rude something needs to be done about this store,

Linesville, Pa

The Linesville, Pa store is downright RUDE!!! There store manager Glenda,and all of her associates are some of the rudest ppl I have ever met. Any time you walk in there their prices on their products are always wrong! Then you ask them for any type of assistance and they always like your bothering them. One of the rudest stores I have ever encountered!!! They NEED to do something with this store.

Linesville, Pa

And its a shame that your forced to give these stores atleast a 1 star rating to submit your complaint. I wouldn't even give the Linesville, Pa store a star at all.

no customer service

called to find out why the prices were different at different stores. waited on hold and then they hung up on me. This is only company that really dosent care about anything Ive seen how they treat the customers and the employees how can any company get away with treating people.

Charles city,ia. dg needs more cashiers as the new one that start a few weeks ago!!!!

dont give a crap store manager

the store manager of dollar general in potosi mo is the worst, she dont give two cents about her employees or the store. she stands around on her phone all day. when there is a snowy day instead of her going in she makes her employees go in, and doesnt make sure there are two employees working. there is sometimes on snowy days just one employee in the store by there self. when shes at the store working she will stand around and talk and text on her phone.

Lost Everything pets & furniture, building

I am so sad even to write this I lost 9 t-cups top line champions Pomeraians, maltese, and yorke's because of a Industrial Extension Cord which defaulted and set my house and my pet cabin on fire and burned my 9 pets alive, the cabin and where I live. Fire Marshall, states plainly it was nothing except the extension cord shorting out it was one week in use. I have found out 5 other houses have burned down because of the same extension cord bought from Dollar General & wall-mart, was shipped from Korea. I am angry and have file complaints and have not heard nothing except but lies. I will continue to fight for my pets.

Unacceptable customer service

I went to the Columbia Illinois store and stood in line while the lady in front of me was visiting with the customer. Another person came up and was immediately checked out. The service was unacceptable. that is the last time I will waste my time trying to shop in that store.

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