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Bad for business

Walked into store while customer service was outside..asked a question about help with finding an item and I (african american) was completely ignored as he turned around and addressed another cumer (Caucasian ). I felt very disappointed considering I am/was a very loyal customer.


Seriously! You take the Powerades out and put in beer! The Dollar General in Grimesland, NC is supported by families and many of them with kids that play ball. It's a normal stop for everyone to pick up supplies for games! I'm appalled that corporate made the decision to put beer in place of Powerades. It'll turn into another hangout that families and supporters of the community will not support.


I am sick of standing in line at check out with one lane open!! I have been a loyal customer for decades but tonight was my breaking pt. Eight people in front of me and by the time I checked out 8 more behind me!!Moving on to other stores. Even if I have to pay more it will be worth it.

The manager is sloppy. She smokes outside the door so you walk in secondhand smoke to enter the store. She stays on the phone while checking out customers. The manager has an employee (her pet) that is rude. They are unprofessional, never say the total and never say thank you. Until this store gets a new manager, I will not shop there again.

EverPet Killed My Cat

I purchased three cans of Dollar Generals EverPet salmon classic pate dinner for cats. I fed my cat one can. She got sick,went completely blind and died in less than twenty-fouir hours! I still have two unopened cans for proof.

Help us

Stores are great in Tifton Ga. ,but we want a Dollar General Market. We are tired of being forced to shop at 3 or 4 major grocery stores. There are millions to be made by the next grocery carrier coming to Tifton Ga.

Dollar General Elk City Ok

Both D G here u walk in they Stink, they're filthy they are not being taken care off. I've never seen a more filthy stores ten these two dollar generals. You people better get on the ball. I along with others that has told me as we'll ' I refuse to shop at these stores'.


Can you please tell me why you have not allowed the manager of the Hebron, Ne store to hire more people to put inventory away. I have now on 3 occasions be in the store and could not get to the item I needed due to the fact that the inventory is just sitting in the isle. Can you please allow the managers to hire additional staff to clean up your stores. If not, I will have to do my business elsewhere.

common sense

obviously employees at dollar general don.t have common sense..when you card a 62 year old man to buy tobacco.you just don't know how stupid it make you look.i will never go to dollars general store again.

Dollar General does not promote their employees as promised even when they meet the necessary requirements. They do not promote from within either. They hire from the outside and bring people in that know nothing about DG. This makes the employees have to do more of the work to help cover their DM.


The manager at The Dothan Alabama store here in Dothan Alabama is incompetant and seems to never be in the store. From personal experince ... I can never seem toi catch her in the store when I have gone in to talk to her.

Dollar General employes are rude, incompentent and liars. Beaufort NC

y are you not poating reviews what you dont want people to see how bad your running your stores

dollar general Adams,WI & Mauston, WI

I have contacted corporate about this location before and it is still dirty , unorganized, you can't even get to people down aisles, employees spend more time outside smoking or on phones then stocking shelves with products on carts, they just put the carts in aisles in everybody's way. They should go to veiw a clean store and see how it should actually look.


I have put in applications for the dollar general store and they have hired at least 7 different people and everytime I go in and inquire about a job I get put off.

the store at 201 Ruritan Rd Harriman tn does not have enough cashiers the line are horrible and the stock is not rotated I bought yogurt that was already out of date!


I absolutely Love our DOLLAR GENERAL store in Fenton. The staff are very friendly, and has everything I need, EXCEPT DG flavored coffee in larg size. get that, and I will be so HAPPY !


Why is it that she can stand right put her frint door and smoke us a consumer have to walk thru iy to get in her store why and how is thst fair.

Very rude

I will never go back. Fruitland park Florida The cashier was very rude and insulting

I will never again patronize the store in Paola, ks, some of the girls are rude, and make you wait in line till they are done talking and even pulls out a magazine to show a lady something. of course no name tag so I cant give a name .....they keep firing all the nice girls...never going back walmart will get my money

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