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Dollar general Robert, la

The store manager at the store by the campground I work at has the WORST STORE MANAGER I have ever met! Nearly ever time I go in there she has this woe is me attitude. It's always how much she hates her job, or how her boss is a horses behind, or dollar general is so bad to work for. If you don't like your job so much, GO FIND A BETTER ONE! We as customers don't care how bad your job is. It's so bad I highly recommend to our patrons they go to the supermarket if at all possible.

Insider Info

Bill Shofner, it is the store's policy to ask for ID for beer, wine, and alcohol sales. They will card you each and every time. A customer does not HAVE to buy those things at DG. If you do, then, be prepared to show an ID each and every time. It's not the clerk's doing this to you. He/she has to comply with the company rules. DG is usually cheaper than other stores, and I can guarantee you that your boycotting of the store won't change a thing. After all, all the other customers are getting carded AND not raising a fuss. Have a great day, bud.


The floors in this store are almost black! Do the employee's in this store ever clean the floor? Food on the floor, boxes crowing the floor, and cans with no labels sitting on the shelf for sell. I just don't understand, clean up this store! I will spread the word on social media and keep people out of this store! You will get SICK if you shop at this Dollar General.

Why did the store in lafayette la on ridge rd go from being a clean nice store with nice employees to a getto nasty store. The music they play in there I had to cover my kids ears. The male cashier had his pants down so you could see his underwear. The store is so dirty the manager has the worst attitude. All the workers are black. When you go in the lines are so long ppl are putting things back and leaving. WHAT HAPPENED....... I will go to another and not there anymore.


You should hire Hannah and Kaylee to advertise for your company. They have the best ads for your stores on You Tube! Love them and look forward to their next video. They mention Dollar Genteral in all their videos!

display shelves not stocked

this store has changed GM's and DM's since its inception, without improvement of its inventory availability. We as customers cannot find items that are susposed to be stocked, many customers have to drive to nearby towns(some 40 mile roundtrip to get products.) frozen foods,dogfood,many shelves are completely barren. Friends have stated:"Why dont they close this store if they cant keep it stocked" this store is a mess regarding stocking., i thought changing DM and GM would improve the problem, but has not as of yet. thank you


I've been trying to get a job at the Dollar General since I graduated in 2011. The Dollar General in Paw Paw, WV 25434 All I need now is an assessment copy, saying if I past the test or not. So I can start my job chore.

Store in Lowell NC is always messy you can't get to the products you are trying to buy. The manager is rude and indifferent. Also they have a handicap sticker at the register because the cashier is a special needs individual. I find that degrading and plan to take it to social media.

How can a nice clean store go from clean fully stocked with the nicest employees to a dirty nasty store. The new employees are horrible. They are not nice and are the rudest pol around. Why would you like to shop where you can't walk down the aisle and have to see the cashiers draws because he is swagging. The store on ridge Rd in Lafayette la

more item

dollar general need more frozen food

n a

Dollar general Florence ky told my wife that her job as a beholder is more important then her family that job comes first.so with that said she is leaving a job that she loved


I am all for equality and am supportive of all people regardless of any differences between them and myself. I do however, think it is rude and unnecessary to see my manager and assistant manager kissing and fondling each other anytime they are out of view of the cameras.


the dollar general store at 4483 nw 50th in okc is never open at 8.00 it's like the management does'nt care what time it's open we run a busness in the same stripmall an buy alot of our products from them, i have instructed my employee's not to go there any more that we will find a store that cares P.S. it's 9:00am an people r standing out side now waiting an when was the last time they used a mop in there it's nasty in there

No caring for employees

I work at dg in Texas and am expected to live on 10-20 hrs a week and that's rediculious since I am a single mom with two teenage daughters... Got an opportunity to get a full time job with better pay and benefits and asked the manager if she would work with me on schedule so I could work both jobs till notice was complete..she refused and that is very wrong. Y'all should want ur employees to succeed not fail!!!! Needless to say I quit..

1 sales clerk not friendly

Most unfriendly sales clerk ever!

they put an ad in the paper Sunday June 29, 2014 advertising Pampers Swaddlers $9.50 SALE Pampers Swaddlers Diapers all counts and sizes, they have none in the stores and said they do not even carry the larger sizes

Not Satisfied/Horrible Service

Recently I concluded my rental contract early because of the support and attempt to overcharge and terrible road side assistance. This agency will get my service ever again and I strongly recommend another rental agency. L0378719

DG Survey

This request is concerning the shoppers survey asking the age. It would be really great if that could be changed to ask for the "range" or category of age [i.e.: 18-28; 29-38; 39-48... ].

Bad for business

Walked into store while customer service was outside..asked a question about help with finding an item and I (african american) was completely ignored as he turned around and addressed another cumer (Caucasian ). I felt very disappointed considering I am/was a very loyal customer.


Seriously! You take the Powerades out and put in beer! The Dollar General in Grimesland, NC is supported by families and many of them with kids that play ball. It's a normal stop for everyone to pick up supplies for games! I'm appalled that corporate made the decision to put beer in place of Powerades. It'll turn into another hangout that families and supporters of the community will not support.

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