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On two different occasions, I have been to the store in my hometown of henryetta Oklahoma I have over heard management team using profound language with children being close by unacceptable.

After looking at reviews

I guess I'm not alone about nasty, cluttered, Hazardous, looking on empty shelves,and other things. My flip- flops stuck to the floor in Moore , Ok!!! Did I mention NASTY!!

Bad store Beattyville ky

I would give it 0 stars, store is nasty, boxes and junk all over, cashiers all out smoking in front of store not waiting on customers, no customer service, shelves are bare

Dollar General Mineola Texas

I have left messages for years about the store in Mineola, TX. It's filthy and crowded. When I and another customer were taking dog food bags off the shelf, one of the bags was open, apparently due to mice since there were droppings on the shelf. I will never buy anything in there again, unless it's canned or refrigerated. This store needs a manager who cares.

Open the store on time!

Still sitting outside of dollar general (15mins now) and it was suppose to be at 8am!! Teutopolis, IL DG is a joke!


they are the worst stores in the world make venders stock shelves when products are in back storage area and shelfs are emptie


Ive been shopping in the Dollar General store number08189 106 west landis ave vineland, nj and one of your cashier is the nuicest person u would ever meet!!!!!! she is so friendly every time i come in and she gave me some bad news today saying that her manager is trying to get rid of her!!!!!! this is crazy, she is a wonderful person and so helpful and friendly!! her name is cathy, please check in to this, please keep her working at this store or i will never shop there again!!! thank u for your time

Lynchburg Tn store needs HELP

I am a former employee of DG market for over 6 years and was in upper management, so I know what I am talking about. The store in Lynchburg Tn (the only one) is having some serious issues. Poorly trained employees, newly hired associates promoted to key holder that are clearly not ready for the position, awful stocking proceedures. I could list more, but I have other things to concern myself with. I believe the actual store manager is out on medical leave, but a District Manager might need to spend some of his/her time in this store. Sales have to be trending down. It's so poorly stocked at this time that I couldn't purchase 1/3 of what I usually buy there. I usually spend over $100 a week in this store and if something doesn't change and quickly, my hard earned money will go elsewhere. I try to support my local Dg but they also need to support themselves! By the way I am not a disgruntled former employee, I left on good terms in a professional manner. Please someone take charge and fix this store.

Seen in the weeds?

The Dollar General in our town sits among the weeds at the edge of town. No one cleans up the garbage in the parking lot, cuts the grass, or cleans up the cigarette butts. Dollar General passes the buck as to whose responsibility it is to take care of the property. I prefer the field of corn to this eyesore at the edge of town. The employees need to be customer trained.


one of the best cashers i have seen in a long time , he works at D.G. store 11668 management took his hours away from him and gave them to a new lady that she just hired back she wont tell him y she took his hours away she just talks about every one that shes more worryed about the gossip she can get on her employees , she cant say a good thing about enty one of them she just complains and treats all of her people like dirt , D.G.what has happen to our manager she is very ugly to us as a customer thank you

Dirty Store

Huge bins of broke down boxes/trash in the isles. You couldnt walk down the isles to even shop. Trash all over the floors, and half the shelves were empty. I look like a bomb exploded in the store.

how dirty the store is in evansdale iowa

i have been in dollar general twice in the past week and that store is very dirty and you cant get down some of the isle garbag laying around boxes all over i cant beleave its still open you go to the other dollar general in waterloo iowa they are clean and not a mess i know alot of people that will not go back in to the one in evansdale iowa tell they get it cleaned up and things put away and we shop there alot the whole store is nasty tell you they need a manager there that cares and get things on the right track like the waterloo stores, its a health issue in evansdale iowa


I am an disabled vet and I went to the store #14007 and was disrespected by the short Mexican woman that works there I got in the disabled spot and she was in a no parking spot and then I got out joking and moved here mirror and put it back with here watching and she gave me a attitude and also told me I can be banned from there permitly and I asked if she wanted my business and I also informed her she was not in a parking spot she said she was unloading but wasn't just joking with the rest of the employs and I think this was wrong if she was done she should have moved and not have been in a non parking spot


rapid city mi store has stuff in the isles , many things are not priced and i was refused tobacco without id. i am 70 yrs old. wont be back

of all the reviews I have read there are management problems or cluttered stores that are unshoppable. Customer count and crediability is based on clean, instock, staffed stores to service the needs of the communities where these stores exist.

Dollar general Robert, la

The store manager at the store by the campground I work at has the WORST STORE MANAGER I have ever met! Nearly ever time I go in there she has this woe is me attitude. It's always how much she hates her job, or how her boss is a horses behind, or dollar general is so bad to work for. If you don't like your job so much, GO FIND A BETTER ONE! We as customers don't care how bad your job is. It's so bad I highly recommend to our patrons they go to the supermarket if at all possible.

Insider Info

Bill Shofner, it is the store's policy to ask for ID for beer, wine, and alcohol sales. They will card you each and every time. A customer does not HAVE to buy those things at DG. If you do, then, be prepared to show an ID each and every time. It's not the clerk's doing this to you. He/she has to comply with the company rules. DG is usually cheaper than other stores, and I can guarantee you that your boycotting of the store won't change a thing. After all, all the other customers are getting carded AND not raising a fuss. Have a great day, bud.


The floors in this store are almost black! Do the employee's in this store ever clean the floor? Food on the floor, boxes crowing the floor, and cans with no labels sitting on the shelf for sell. I just don't understand, clean up this store! I will spread the word on social media and keep people out of this store! You will get SICK if you shop at this Dollar General.

Why did the store in lafayette la on ridge rd go from being a clean nice store with nice employees to a getto nasty store. The music they play in there I had to cover my kids ears. The male cashier had his pants down so you could see his underwear. The store is so dirty the manager has the worst attitude. All the workers are black. When you go in the lines are so long ppl are putting things back and leaving. WHAT HAPPENED....... I will go to another and not there anymore.


You should hire Hannah and Kaylee to advertise for your company. They have the best ads for your stores on You Tube! Love them and look forward to their next video. They mention Dollar Genteral in all their videos!

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