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new store

there is a real bad need of a dollar general at this a ddress the land is there and apartment complex and it is a well travel road of truck and cars and people needing everyday living things it would be worth your time this is the place Grauwyler /Union Bower, Irving,Tx 75061


Walbridge, Ohio store needs attention asap! No managers no astute my or gm! I've shoppe here for years and this has been an ongoing problem for a year or more! Having cashiers and key holders play management for no pay raise and double shifts ! Get it together !

They are hiring people that lies on their apps. This. Lady just got fired from another store. She does not tell them. Makes you wonder what kind of people they have working for them. People that will cheap you or usr your information for their good. They need to check better . This is in Texas stores. Check your mail.

Lima OH store Cable Road

The store was quite helpful to me the other day, and the gentleman and woman at the store were very nice. Stopped in for necessities as I will not utilize Walmart for anything. Most stores are not as clean as this one was. Thank you.


The Luling ,Tx. Store is so nasty. It is the worst store I have ever been in. Junk every where. The floors are filthy. The whole place is a disgrace to Dollar General stores everywhere.

Oconto,Wi Store

The Dollar General store in Oconto,Wi is such a mess things are just strewn on the shelves in no order. You can't get a cart down some of the aisles because there are boxes and product all over the floor. I don,t even go there very often anymore I go to the Family Dollar instead.

dollar general in hawkins tx

the dollar general in Hawkins tx is very nasty cluttered and it smells like rats it has in the past and it got better but now its very bad its so bad that my husband left the store

i just quit there today cause of a manager

I just quit the dollar general in altus cause of your manager she doesn't care about others she makes comments that are out of hand an very offinceive to others an cusses employees in front of customers an then when you tell her she was out of line she cuts ur hours for telling her she was out of hand with a comment custmers have argeed when hearing her say things out of hand.

The Dollar General in York SC is poorly managed. They can't keep employees because of poor management. If DM's or Corporate management could see the daily operation of how the manager is and acts then the store would perform better.


I just read all the complaints on this corps stores Is anyone actually doing anything. I do hope a $ tree moves in the $ stores old location.The customer service I've experienced is great and employees seem to like their jobs.

whats up in mukwonago.?

went to the dollar general in Mukwonago,Wisconsin. What is Up their..? where is the Clerk..? who's in Charge their.? like a "Study-Hall"..In High School..free for all.....

Administrative Assistant

Bad on hiring Managers that have on people skills, very rude. Do not care about pleasing the customer.

Your website for the $1000.00 SWEEPSTATES GIVEAWAY is being hacked. when I clicked on one of the survey sites, a $2500.00 sweepstakes survey popped up. my soft ware alerted me not to open.

Very mad!!!

I'm writing this review in your parking lot. I pulled up at 9:48 and the doors were already locked when it clearly says you close at 10. I'm highly upset because if it says 10 you don't close before that time. My work doesn't do it, so you should not! I've also gone in there several times and the store is a mess and the customer service is HORRIBLE. I will be calling your corporate office tomorrow.

Mother and concerned shopper

I think it was very wrong for Dawn Thompson to be relieved of her job during the time of her sons illness. I as a mother would not want to leave my sick chiild in the hospital either even though i needed my job as so she did. I don't believe it is fair that she had to choose between her job and her child. VERY UNFAIR!!

Store need to be brought up to code

Spencer Indiana dollar General is in horrible condition. Both doors are broken. It's cold in there. They never have what I need they are always sold out of everything. The shelves are bare. I always have to holler to get someone to check me out

messing store

Since the middle of January I've gone to the store in Clewiston Florida. The store is a MESS I dont understand how a store can look that way. Not only a mess but some of boxes all over and unsafe. Management need to hire a new crew with pride to be there. I tried to speak to a so called manager she was rude and unprofessional. So with that said im glad dollar tree came to town. I will no longer shop at that store until I see some major changes.

Concerned Customer

I received a text message about a promotion for Budweiser and Bud Light beer. I attempted to make a purchase at store # 03998 in Livingston, Ala. The display was in place with $ a price of 7.99 for 12 cans. The register wouldn't honor the promotion. I drove 12 miles to make the purchase, so I bought at the $ 10.99 price. I thought I would receive the difference when I spoke with the manager, He wouldn't give the difference. This promotion was advertised until 6 Feb. Please explain. Thanks in advance.

I went to the smyrna dg store. The one in the kmart shopping center. I ask the "new" manager if he could possibly give me 2 tens for a $20. He was very rude and said NO. I spend money in your store daily and WILL NEVER go back cause of him.


to not buy vanilla visa cards at dollar general store in Houston Mississippi they are no good lost $200.00 because it would not activate at store. They will not even check their electrical journal which the visa office said they could. the manager of store said he could not. I bought 2 days before Christman for gift. useless waste of money. the good thing is that I almost bought 5, but he lady could not get machine to work. I should Have known then they did not know what they were trying to do.

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