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Halls Tennessee

I have been in the Dollar Store in Halls Tenn. and the operation and customer satisfaction is terrible. You have the manager checking himself out while you have customers in line and only one register open. They never have the supplies put up, they are just sitting on the carts. It is poorly managed and someone needs to check into this.

Store a mess

The Immokalee Dollar General is a total mess. Shelves were empty, stock boxes everywhere. Could not find anything that was needed.

Freezing down south

Out of curiosity, why would you make employees in a region that rarely sees temps. Below 35 and are seeing temps. In the teens and lower, go into work when the roads are iced over and are being told,if possible, to stay off of roads?

new store look old

EeWhy do you build a new store and not keep it clean. Lights out junk in store, floorsddd47 need clean. good side is nice employees. Get some one to clean and re lamp the store. A1A St. AUGUSTINE, FL.

danger in parking lot

I go every few days to pick up items at dollar general in Buena Vista, GA. The parking lot is littered with trash and there is a big whole in the cement. Today when I went there I saw huge chunks of rock in the hole. Someone is going to damage their vehicle. People spend a lot of money at this store, I believe they can afford to have more cement poured to repair the hole that is there.


Will never shop at dollar general again. Have not been paid for 4 weeks now by the company, was not scheduled any hours for 3 weeks. worse company on the planet. will be hearing from my lawyer. Dont shop here ! Would give -5 star rating

DG needs to hire security

We live in the Huntsville, AL area. We love Dollar General but we think everyone should start boycotting their stores until they start putting security guards in their stores. At the very least in the evenings to protect their employed and customers. These stores get robbed nightly and have been this way for years. DG reported over 12 billion in profits in 2012. It's time they proect their employees and customers. It's time they gave their employees a raise too like President Obama requested employers to do this week. Please post your feelings on this.

Ranson WV store .

rude employees and managers to cold or to hot in there never take down sale signs and only half the time put them up disgusted and not shopping there again.


We as a community with a strong school and growing rapidly would like to see a DG in our hometown of Washington,OK 73093. Thank You for the LOOK!!!

Nice and Easy

On 1-20-2014 I stopped at store #9832 to use the restroom and shop. I was so surprised to find the restroom clean, neat, and smelling fresh. This was a refreshing change compared to other stores I've visited. Also, the checker (Blanche) was extremely courteous and helpful. I wish more stores would take pride in their facility and themselves like this store and checker does!

need store in manchester area

please put a store in our area. man. , ballwin mo. 63011. we have to go 30 miles to a store. i gave 5 star rating. we need one. thank you

Rude employees

i don't even want to give this store one star... the employees at the Rimrock AZ store are very rude, can't even hand you your receipt. i stopped shopping there once and am not shopping there again. i will go the two blocks down the road and shop and family dollar where i am treated right.


The Dollar General in Desert Hot Springs is terrible. It opened here recently and I don't think shelves have been re-stocked since they opened. Every time I go in to get something the shelf is bare. Guess they don't want my business!!! From reading other reviews it's obvious that this company won't be around for long. There are plenty of other $ stores that will get my business but not this one.

firing manager for being robbed

I understand that one of your employees was fired because he was robbed! At gunpoint no less...I am disgusted by DGs policy and I hope the company can be sued. I intend to inform all I can of your pathetic, inhuman, and unsympathetic policy. You owe this employee an apology, a job, and a raise!


The Store Manager at the Dollar General in New Carlisle is rude and disrespectful, spends way to much time on the phone, is very cocky when asked a question, and treats customers as if they dont matter, I spend alot of my hard earned money in that store and believe you should have good customer service, at least A smile on your face and act like you care about your job.

Please put a Dollar General Store in Oppelo, Arkansas, there is nothing for at least 10 miles. We really need a store there.

Cocky ass manager

Homestead, PA - store manager named Bob - thinks he knows better than everybody. Fake, phony, fraud.

If you want to shop in a clean, beautiful and friendly Dollar General. You should check out #566 in Elizabethtown,KY. They have some of the best customer service representatives ever! Way to go!

slipped and fell in a puddle of pine sol

I slipped and fell in a puddle of pin-sol at the dollar general store in cantabury station in Gadsden Alabama . The manager made a report and said that someone would contact me . Needless to say that never happened . I called them and they gave me a ' nurses line ' to call . I called and they also said they would call me back and never did . What should I do . I would like to settle this without a lawyer but I will get one if need be .

Need a store

Gunnison, Mississippi is in need of a Dollar General Store. There are a lot of residents there as well as it being a large farming community. Further, there are 2 hunting clubs close by and there is a need for a Dollar General in Gunnison to keep from driving to Rosedale for groceries/supplies. Thanks.

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