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I will never go back to any Doctors Care

I am at the Newberry SC location. Only one other patient in the lobby and I have been sitting here for over and hour. What a horrible experience. I will update this back once I see the doctor or just leave.

blood work ad girls at front

went to drs care week before Christmas serere pain . got shots dr took blood. said it would be a few days for blood work. Well hete it is Jan. 6, 2014. have not heard a word. The girls that sit in frnt talk about all the patients. they are rude. I stood at window for over five minures while the girls talked about how they are slow ad how they help out. finally I said is someone going to help me. the hirls at front said wait a few minutes. I said the least you could do is acknowledge I was ever the girl said whatever. yhat is so rude...

Worst experience ever

Called at 9:30 nurse said come in at 11:30 and now I've been waiting for over 3 hours in the lobby this is a waste of time and I'm never going to another one again and I will advise anyone that reads this and friends not to go to a doctors care.

Went in for a physical for a new Job; I brought my own forms in to be completed. payed before I was seen. They insisted that there forms was what I needed to use.The also insisted that I give urine. My forms did not indicate that I needed a urine test, anyway i gave urine. They found out I had a UTI - Urinary Tract infection. So I ask for a prescription. the doctor said she could not write a prescription because I was there for a physical. She said that i needed to check in again for a regular visit pay more money to be treated for a UTI and then she could write me out a prescription. How Dumb is that! I would like to find out who i can talk to about this.

I have gone to Drs. Care in Rock Hill and received good care from Dr. Campo but not from the other Dr. I was given a prescription for Prednisone and told to pick up diaper creme because I have cystistis. I am now in alot of pain, had to go to another dr., miss work and I have had to pay money out I can not afford for dr. visits and meds. I have called Kelly Sturkey several times that is supposedly the ONLY one that can handle this kind of problems....no phone call has been returned yet. I would not reccommend them to anyone. It is such a shame that a good Dr. like Dr.Campo works for a place like this.

Awful and unprofessional

I went to the doctors care on congaree road in Greenville sc and was not checked just given whatever the doctors decided they wanted to give I called back with my complaint and the lady on the phone called me a liar and told me to just take Tylenol and get over it. She or he or it was very rude to me her name was June" like the month". I will not go back to a doctors care and will not recommend them to anyone

Terrible Service

On Saturday, 11/17/12 I called the Doctors Care in Sumter, SC because my daughter was having problems with her ears. The office told me to bring her in. This was about 2:40 pm. They told me to bring her in. I arrived about 3:00 pm and I tried to check in and was told that they were not taking any patients because they would have to stay past 5:00 pm and they close at 5. For a medical institution this is really unacceptable.

I have been having medical problems lately, and i tried to contact the manager numerous time in the Bluffton office, but she has yet to try and contact me about a matter. I had a headache for a week and i decided to get a check up after calling my insurance and finding out that they were an in-network facility. I go in to the office and the tell me that they can not give me medical treatment because of a bill that i had on file that was not paid from when i was 17 years old, Note i was still in high school and under my parent insurance. She stated that it doesnt matter that now im responsible for a bill from when i was a minor and still in school. So basically denied me treatment and told me that i can go to a hospital but i dont want to pay a hospital fee, for a simple check-up. I think that it is simply ridiculous. And i will be calling corporate an letting them know about this matter. I should not be help accountable for my parents misdoings or mistakes. I should not be denied medical care.

Billing is terrible. My daughter went to the Doctors Care in Easley for stomach pains. The did not xrays and found nothing. I paid my copay and thought that was it. Well turned out they billed me for a 2nd doctor not a xray reader (unsure what that title would be) for the next day. Well the way they continue to bill my insurance is like I was there that day. So my insurance is paying it like a copay visit. I have HMO insurance and xrays are covered. I have called several times and they have resubmitted it but evidently not right or it's a scam to have a regular doctor view the same xray that a doctor viewed the night before. I was even told by a Wendy at the office in columbia that it was normal practice for them to bill that way with the date on the next day. Sorry but I was not in the office on that date. I was also told I could have requested my xray before leaving and they would not have then checked it and billed me for additional money. What a double dipping rip off of a company. I pay for good HMO insurance so I don't get secondary bills but if I don't pay this it will be reported sooner or later to my credit I'm sure.

My daughter went to Doctor's Care to have a TB test. Dr. Nicolette did NOT read her test properly. In fact, he did not even feel her arm at all to see if there was an inderation. When I went back with her to have him look at it again, he came to the front desk and again only looked at her from at least a 6 foot distance and told her it is positive. I recommend he check out the CDC recommendations as he is out of touch! I myself have been a medical professional for a matter of decades and found his rude and condescedning behavior to be a poor reflection of himself. Furthermore, his outragious behavior occured at the front desk (he did not even have the courtesy to honor our patient privacy) that the patient's who were waiting to see him were given an example of what to expect from him.

Dr. Jawahar Swaminathan, MD is a horrible doctor. He shows no compassion and he loves to give you negative feedback but can't stand it when someone shows him he is wrong about coming off negative. i have met some rude doctors but none have been like this. I came in sick the last thing i want to do is have an argument with a doctor about him telling me this will be the last time he sees me because i need to go to my primary care doctor. Well hello i wouldn't be here if i was able to see my own doctor. He is a poor excuse of a doctor and he should be written up or fired. Because this is how businesses fail. Get your staff and most of all the doctors together and let them know that his or her job is on the line. Becaue if not people do have voices and its a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Worse experience ever! The Doctor's Care on Congaree in Greenville, SC is horrible. I went there last Monday at the onset of a migraine. If I don't get meds with-in a certain amount of time the migraine becomes unbearable and lasts for days. This location and several other of their locations that I MADE the Dr. call and check had no migraine medication on hand. They took my $25 co-pay and Lord only knows how much the insurance company will pay them for absolutely nothing. I then had to go to another urgent care facility, this one run by Greenville Hospital System to get the necessary medication, but by this time that window had passed and my migraine has lasted the entire week. In addition to being woefully understocked, the facility was dirty, the staff uncaring and Dr. Flemming was completely worthless.

Worst experience ever.... People extremely rude. Just sat in waiting room an hour only to be told they would not treat my child because they failed to file my ins last time he was there. Really i pay the premium every month and its my fault ur staff couldnt do there job correctly.

I have a 3 year old niece who has a severe eye infection it was so bad that her eye had puss coming out of it. I took her to Doctor's Care in Conway, SC (1113 Church St) and they actually turned her around they said that it was because I did not have her medicaid card on me even though I explained to them that it had been misplaced. I even asked to speak to a manager to see if she could just pull her medicaid number up by computer and they refused to do it. Then the lady responded by telling me well you need to go to the E.R. and I would but I don't have any transportation or money I just want her to get better. She said that, that was not her problem. I would never advise anyone to visit there they are not caring people at all how can you turn down a visibly sick child.

I went to Doctors Care on Congaree Road in Greenville, SC for an eye lid rash one week ago and was given prescription eye drops. The problem appears to be skin related and the medicine was for pink eye. After seven days, the drops failed to make any improvement and I called to request a referal to a dermatologist. I spoke with someone named June in the nurses office and she didn't return my call until 5 minutes before closing. June said that I would have to come in for a re-evaluate. They just want more money and have no interest in curing the painful rash. I won't be returning to Doctors Care and June can go to ... DO NOT VISIT DOCTORS CARE. Find an alternative for your extended hours health care needs.

i have been going to doctors care for two years,yesterday january 5 i went to doctors to get my prescription renewed for gout because if i don.t take my medication,i will have another attack,and i will start forming fat on my elbows,plus i ate some chocolate and my toes were inflamed,i wanted to be tested for diabetes too" he looked at my feet saying it was a fungus,i haven,t had that kind of thing never,this doctor gave me no medications,and i need my gout medication,he didn,t give me medication for my other ailment,he got my records for two years whats the probelm. DR. DANI BOULATTOUF MD CHARLESTON SOUTH CAROLINA ON SAM RITTENBURG STREET DOCTORS CAR

A female by the name of Elizabeth was so rude to my family. We have called the BBB and Consumer Affairs to file a complaint with this young lady. Her customer service skills are deplorable !!!! Very disappointed !!!!! Pt. of 25 years !!!! Seven Oaks Doctor's Care Will NO LONGER be a pt. of ANY offices !!!!

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