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Forced Password Change

Forced password change. I do not appreciate being forced to change my working password-that I've had for 15 years, to a longer, cumbersome password. You can mail me everything by snail mail from this point forward. I am not changing my password, so won't be visiting your online website any more.

Exellent Service

I have been a highly satisfied customer of Discover Card since 1992 and always found them very customer oriented, efficient and friendly. I always pay in full my balance and am never later or short. I have many other credit cards. The only suggestion I have the Card should have the picture of the card holder to counter fraud. Some one made up a fake card and I was charged purchases and cash outs six times in the last two weeks. Discover Card covered my losses immediately and were very apologetic. Good service I would recommend them any time.

I'm so upset with discover. I've been with you for 13 years and if you don't stop your new procedure immediately, I will close my account. When making phone payment, you use to give just last four numbers of checking. Now you give the routing number and entire account number. Shame on you. Ever hear of identity theft???? You sure are not protecting me and think every little of my personal information


Discover Inc are a bunch of thieves, the will deceive you into thinking yourre responsible for a debt after a relative dies and issue a card in your name. once you find out that you're not responsible they will threaten to take your home

Cash Bonus Reward

I guess this is the latest ploy by DiscoverCard: sending the amount accumulated in one's Cash Bonus Rewards to Amazon.com and God knows who else. I consider this private information. It's like one's bank savings account interest being shared with the world. I probably be sending back the card after Discover making money on it for 14 years.

Credit Card

In reading these reviews I cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would every consider using Discover Cards. We have refused their cards in the past and boy am I glad we did.

Violation of Privacy

I had a zero balance on my Discover Card and was using other credit cards for purchases. I had previously transferred a $1,000 balance from Discover to another card that was giving me a promotional rate. Discover contacted me and said they were lowering my limit from $11,000 to $500. When I inquired as to why, they asked where I got the money to pay the $1,000 and wanted to know what I was purchasing with my other credit cards. They were not satisfied with my answer with regard to what I was purchasing on other cards and kept harassing me for specific information as to what I was purchasing with my other credit cards. I closed the account!


Discover would not accept an payment arrangement from my nephew and currently has sent it to lawyers, the lawyers are charging my nephew fees on top of what is owed and will not make a payment arrangement either. The credit union Addison DBA First Tech Federal stated they did not have to let my nephew know that a levy was put on. I have placed a call to the CU Corporate office to Discover and the CU. We will contact the lawyers via mail as they do no give out their e-mail address. What has the world come to. Greed and a terrible thing. Discover Card and the First Tech Federal Credit Union. We are also advising the attorney General Office of Georgia.

I just received a Discover application mailed to a man who lived at my address in the past and whodied over 20 years ago. How utterly incompetent!

Discover Card has been calling me every day (614-283-2018) since I had to close my 20-year old business due to our governments failed stimulus package. I am not alone. Thousands upon thousands of businesses have gone under all over the country, as well as record high unemployment. The failed stimulus which sent BILLIONS of dollars overseas, left many middle class Americans short-changed and worse off than ever. When I asked the collector what is one to do when they have lost everything and have NO INCOME?... they had no answer. Once we get rid of this idiot in the White House and things turn around, I told them I would gladly pay them as I AM NOT a crook. But, as one would expect, they don't get it... and continue to call. You cannot get blood from a turnip, and I do not have a money tree!

I am absolutely disgusted with Discovercard. For months I have been making payments above the minimum and am feeling absolutely no impact on my balance. I made a $340.00 payment last month and I was charged a $402.79 fee, simply because I contacted them asking for no interest for a year. So, apparently, when they claim they're trying to help they actually charge you more. I have spoken with many, many representatives and each of them have had to refer me to a supervisor. The supervisor then needs to talk to THEIR supervisor, and another, etc. I am getting no where. I am not sure what to do. I want to close the card, but I have been told by my bank that closing a card may actually hurt your credit score. I do not know what to do. The balance would be significantly lower if they had lowered or eliminated interest rates to help their customers, even if it's only for a short period of time. Who can I contact? What can I do? I feel like I'll be paying them forever.

I just thought you might think about scooping Master Card and Visa. If you didn't know they both charge an extra $5.75 or 5 7/5 % on a $100 gift card that is sold from a merchants gift card rack. Where as no other company has a charge for their gift cards. IF DISCOVER CARD WOULD OFFER THEIR GIFT CARD ON THESE MERCHANTS RACK WITH NO OTHER CHARGE THAN WHAT THE FACE VALUE OF CARD STATED, YOU WOULD SELL ALL THE CARDS AND GET SO FAR AHEAD OF MASTER CARD, VISA THEY WOULD HAVE A BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING NEXT DAY TO COUNTER YOU. BUT YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRST AND GAIN THE CUSTOMER LOYALITY. Charles Bardsley

Problems: 1) I do not sign my name as above. 2) I have NOT nor do I request a damn credit card at this or any other time. 3) IF you inquired into my credit without my consent or knowledge then: the A/G of the United States, the A/G of Delaware and the BBB's everywhere will here from me!!! Donald W. Matthews

just found out i no longer had a credit card with discover, much to my surprise went to check on a purchase date of an item and it stated in big bold letters this account had been closed no phone call not emails nothing this was four days after i made a one thousand dollar payment. i took credit watch they offered at fourteen dollars a month to protect this card from being used by anyone else, after a time became sick of paying for nothing and went to that department from the discover website and asked they cancel this account, they cancelled my card instead of the credit watch when i called they curtly stated I UNDERSTAND BUT YOU ASKED YOUR ACCOUNT BE CLOSED AND ONCE CLOSED WE CAN NOT RE OPEN IT NO MATTER WHAT AND TOLD ME THE CREDIT WATCH WAS NOT PART OF THE DISCOVER CARD NETWORK IT WAS A SECOND PARTY ADVERTISEMENT YET THEY HAVE IT ON THEIR SITE WHICH LEADS YOU TO BELIEVE ITS WITH THEM so if its not part of them how did they decide it was the card i wanted to cancel? they offered me no other options at that time i became very angry as i have had the card for quite some time with a very high limit which i worked very hard to get never late never missed payment so i just went and applied for a NEW CARD which cs never offered as an option i might add and got it but took a ten thousand dollar reduction in credit line. THAT IS HOW THEY REPAY A GOOD CUSTOMER I WAS HUNG OUT TO DRY FOR TRYING TO PROTECT THEM FROM LOSS. THE CS DEPARTMENT ARE PEOPLE WHO GOT FIRED FROM MCDONALDS AND NO ONE ELSE WOULD HIRE THEM. NO PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITY THERE. It doesnt matter to them your just another sucker and when your gone another one will take your place and they will continue no matter what so live and learn and never give a sucker and even break i wish i could find an email for the higher ups instead of just venting here but thats tighter than the whitehouse lol all credit card comp are the same just have different names GOOD BY DISCOVER

I received a letter inviting me to apply for a credit card. I filled out the application, and mailed it. 4 days later, I got another letter stating they needed verification of address and social security number. I made phot copy of my drivers license and social security card, then the horror began. 4 days in a row, i received letters from Discover stating they still needed the same information. Yesterday 5/24/2012, I decided to call and find out if infact my information had been received. i spoke to several different spokes people, and finally reached a man named Alan, who told me that my information had been received, but that it appeared my social security card was frauduulent. He told me several people had checked it and it was a general consesus that it was fraudulent. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that this would not happen for 24 to 48 mhours. I said, No, I want to hear from someone within the hour. well, nedless to say, this did not happen. This morning, I decided to call again, and was told the same thing. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told I would have to wait again and that infact my card had to be a fraud. IThe person to whom I was speaking told me that there was not a copy of my information that I sent in was not in my file so she could not check it. she said this information was not placed in the file How can this be? Who makes the decision a document is a fraud. as I have told everyone that I have spoken to that this is my original social security card and it has been in my wallet since I was 16 and I have never lost my wallet or had my card stolen or borrowed by anyone. I am very very disappointed, as my significant other has a discover card and is very pleased with it.

I just wanted to post this because tomorrow i will be calling Discover those crooks Just a few months ago i gave rave reviews, what was i thinking Didn't take them long to get on the crooked band wagon with the rest of the sleezy credit card companies. I just got off the phone with them speaking to some representative who was laughing as i was upset with discover and i am so glad that freaking moron thought the situation was funny that they took my online payment i made last week and are withholing it from being credited to my credit line. The first time i called because all their figures did not jive i was told it was a programming error, now i am being told that i made 1000.00 payment and a 500.00 payment 3 days of each other, which by the way came out of my checking account and because the payment of 500.00 was within a short period of the 1000 they are holding the payment 500.00. When it already came out of my checking account? Are these crooks serious? That idiot supervisor says they can hold you money without applying to your account for up to 8 days? Is that total moron serious. Well i pay all of my credit cards in full each month and although i took a promotion to do some remodeling it will be paid off by 6/8 and they can take the card and shove it up their crooked A###s. They will not be satisfied until they lose all their customers who pay them promptly. No wonder a lot of businesses do not take their card Well after this today i am not using it IT WILL BE CLOSED

It took a wk. to recieve a distribution from my Ira-CD, and would have taken an additonal wk. if I hadn't become extremely agitated and told them I was going to file a complaint with the Corp. office, that's when they got busy and did what they formerly said could not be done. They are very prompt and speedy when they accept you money and use it for practically nothing, but try to withdraw a few dollars and it's an ORDEAL! They sent the funds to the wrong acct. number, etc. BEWARE OF DISCOVER BANK!

Buyer Purchase Protection is a joke. It's secondary to your home owner's insurance. Post home owner's insurance you have to jump through more hoops than a lion in a circus. That is if the home owner's insurance come through within 90 days - which is a whole different story. So long story short, instead of Discover Card now being number 1, it's now number 3 in the credit cards I use. And all of their offers, whether free or with a cost, are now suspect. The proof is in the pudding and in this case Discover Card doesn't warrant a place in the kitchen.

I would like to say that if Discover Card was the last card on earth , I would not have one of these. I found out that my name was on a Discover Card as an authorized user. I was told by Discover that I was not responsible for any debt, but they went ahead and reported it to the credit reporters and my credit score went down the tubes. I am in the middle of trying to refinance my house and cannot proceed until I get a letter from them stating that I have been taken off the account,however the department that I need to speak with is closed by the time I get off work. DISCOVER WAS ABSOLUTLEY NO HELP!!!!!!! I am three weeks trying to get one letter and still nothing. Thanks Discover,you @#%*@!!!!

I am dealing with the issue of Power of Attorney for my mother in which I have sent to Discover to handle her account because they won't speak to me without it only to find out that they added on a protection plan in 2009 in which she did not authorize because she had a stroke in 2001 and her speach was impaired because of it. Now I can't seem to be sent to the right department and she is being billed for this plan come to find out there is a law suit against them in Minnesota for fraudulent and unauthorized charges to their credit cards because of the same thing. And will not return the funds to their accounts knowing they did wrong. Its funny how you have to have a verbel authorization in order to take this plan out. I would sure like to know who they spoke to if she can't talk. WOW Discover!!!

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