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How can anyone not say Discount Tire is the #1 place to purchase tires?! They are the friendliest, nicest, cleanest, cheapest, & easiest place to deal with, not to mention their free rotation & fixing flats! In my 40+ years of driving, they are the only place I will buy my tires from with complete confidence. I have no idea why anyone would see it any other way! Thanks Discount Tire for being the Best!!

If I'm buying tires, the only place I'm buying them from is DISCOUNT TIRE! Simply put, they are the BEST, LOWEST PRICED, tire retailer I have ever dealt with in my 42 years of buying tires.

My husband and I went into discount tires on January 13th. I was was quoted a price of 387.00 for a set of four from a different store( discount tire also) but they did not want to match the price but wanted to charge me $468; I declined. They informed me that I did not need four tire but only two for $249; I declined and told them that I would rather buy a set then purchase 2.. The sale rep told me that he'd buy the 2 for $32 and I told him NO because we needed a spare tire needless to say Discount tires replaced my tire and STOLE/sold my 2 good tires.. I curious to see how corporate deals with this!! They better fix this problem because they should've stole/ sold my property!!

I have been a loyal Discount Tire customer for almost 20 years, I laugh when people say they have bought 7 sets over last four years, altough it may be alot to them, over the last 20 years I've purchased that many sets, and more, in a year, plus wheels averaging $1700-$2500 per set. When last counted by one of your managers well over $200,000. 00 over that span. I'm not blowing my horn, but I am upset, I live in Indianapolis, and have been buying most everything at the US 31 South, Greenwood, store. It seems that a new disrict manager took over about 2 1/2 years ago, and since, your sales people, managers, and assistant managers, are either removed, moved, or end up quiting. Every time I would go into the store, I knew no one, prior to that, I knew everyone's name, and they knew me, and that I tell you from a customer's point a view is what makes me want to come back. I am well aware of company politics, but just because, there are differences of personalities, doesn't mean that someone should be able to move people around, every 3-4 months. I know this company is built on the idea of building relationships, how on earth can that happen when you buy a set of tires, or wheels , and come back in to get your tires balanced, 2500-3000 miles later, and the entire sales staff is different ?????? When you spend time with an sales person , you build an understanding, and he knows what your needs are, but then you go back in to see that same person, and he is GONE !!!!! Moved for really no reason given, just moved !!!! I have been traveling to several other Indianapolis stores , just to find people I know and trust, which is a complete inconvenience for me, but that is how much relationships mean to me !!!!!!!! I would like to say, I will continue to travel to other stores if necessary, but I should not have to do that, because of your less than customer friendly practices of moving your employees (sales staff) around every time the wind changes direction. I understand some staff members may need help in some areas, if they do, pull them in and train them more, quit the practice of moving the problem around to other stores, there by disturbing the harmony of a well functioning store. You are not helping the customer or your staff, by disturbing the relationships that have been made !!!!!!!! THAT IS WHAT THIS COMPANY BELIEVES IN , ISN'T IT ???? RELATIONSHIPS !!!!!!!!!!

I went to my local Discount Tire dealership to have my routine tire rotation done and was informed that 2 of the 4 tires I had previously purchased 2 years ago for almost $600 were in need of replacement because they were badly worn. When I questioned why they would be so badly worn after such a short time of normal driving conditions and were warrantied for 70,000 miles although I had only driven 32,000, I was told it was probably due to the alignment of my car. The salesman quoted me a price of almost $300 to replace the 2 tires which to me was outrageous since I had not driven the 70,000 miles on my current tires. I refused and left the dealership and returned a couple of days later to speak to a manager. The manager was no help either he offered me a deal of $153 for 2 new tires and said that he had prorated to cost of the 2 worn tires since I did not receive the 70,000 miles on them. I told him I didn't feel like I should pay anything because I had not received the 70,000 miles on the tires. He informed me there were cheaper tires I could purchase that were warrnatied for 30,000 miles which I told him was all that I was getting from the more expensive tire anyway and that if I knew I wasn't going to get 70,000 miles out of them I would not have purchased the more expensive tire. I will never ever purchase tires from Discount Tire again although I have done so for the past several years as well as members in my family. I feel their advertising is very deceptive and the quality of their tires is poor.

I am now 32. I started coming to discount for my tires when I turned 16. That's 16 years of tires! The company was top notch up until the last few years. The last set of tires I bought for my car where Goodyear assurance triple tread. Great tire. But I had to bring my car back in 3 separate times for them to get the balance right. Just bought a set of rims for my truck and am now back in for balance issues a week later. They must think everyone has tons of time to keep coming back and waiting for hours! Not only that, but the manager I talked to acts like he doesn't care and wasn't even friendly. Kind of had the "Not another problem" attitude. Anyways if this is what I can expect after 16 years of being a loyal customer, I think me, my family, and friends will be going someplace else for tires next time!

I have been a loyal customer for Discount Tire. I have several vehicles which I have bought new tiresvia Discount Tires including the protection plan. Needless to say I was screwed by their standard policy crap "Due to Wear and Tear" on 12,000 miles...Tires wear all warn out down to the thread.Their tires are basic poor quality...

I also went to Discount Tire, well that was a big mistake, I went in with E rated tires, and they sold me D rated tires and told me when I ask about the differences, that is was fine, that's what they put on the Hummer SUV????? I thought to myself SO! The web site clearly states for my Dodge 4x4 2500 requires a E rated tire. I am not clear or sure if the the tires they sold are okay, BF GOODRICH LT315/70R17 ALL TERRAIN T/A.It states on all the tires 50Max air pressure and Discount Tires placed 80psi in the rear and 55psi in the front. It didn't make sense to me so I asked if this was correct, because it is also on my paper work from Discount as well. I was told it was correct??????? Why do I have to go back to Discount 5 times and I went to other Discounts because they couldn't get the tires balanced, I was told that the machine was off a little and might need to be adjusted. After 5 different times and visits the balanced was corrected, 1. with gas prices $4.00 a gal and going up why should I have to drive around so many times to correct this when it should have been the first time, I wrote to BF GOODRICH about the tires pressure of 80 lbs August 5,2011 and still have not gotten an e mail back addressing the psi difference, 30lbs over MAX limit. DISCOUNT gets a F on the report card from me, shop somewhere else!

There was a roofing nail in the sidewall of the tire that lost 2psi. in two weeks. Discount Tire in Jackson, MI would not patch or plug the tire. The mgr. wanted to sell me a new tire for $220.00. Since I was driving a 2010 E350 Mercedes, I feel that I was taken advantage of. My husband and I have been buying tires from this location since the mid 1970's and tires for three sons since the 1980's. Never again will we purchase from Discount Tire.

I have purchased 7 SETS of tire over the four or so year,spent lots of money, well last week I needed to replace a tire due to running over a tone of screws and asked them to check all tires thoroughly well when I arrived to pick the truck up,they told me it was finished and everything looks good,well walk up to the truck and a screw is starring me In the face,went back in and told them,they insisted that everything is fine,I had to tell them to go look at it again,from the start Josh had a bad attitude ,well they started to patch it,I told them the tire needs to be replaced being that the screw is real close to side wall about a QTR INCH,well they replaced the tire with a free attitude,went home thinking everything thing is ok,,I went back the next day and told them that the steering does not feel write,when I change lanes,I asked them if they are good tires for a 10 thousand pound truck,his reply was my dad just put these tires on his truck,that's what they all. say,his dad having them on his truck did not fix my truck,well left again,returned the next day with one of my old tires on rear with a side wall issue,I can put four fingers in the side wall,now remember they check out all my tire and everything is good,they get in in the ship and replace under warranty, so I purchased a left rear so they would all be the same,all good to go,went home,drives worse than before,I look at the tire,they are the wrong size,I now have 265 onto the from and 285 on the back

Fuck discount tire. The only thing you get from this place is an inferior, out of date tire. I will bash this company till the day I die.

today I went to Discount Tire on Aldine Westtfield in Spring,Texas. They opened before 800 am because people we waiting, greeted each and every person with a good morning, and most of all KSBJ was playing on the radio. Can not say enough about the excellent customer sevice that I received. They are amazing, to be greeted with such wonderful service just made made my day. Thanks

My husband purchased a set of tires on April 27th, 2011, this was our second set of tires this year along. During the process of paying for the tires using our debit card, the system at the Discount Tire store located on Woodruff Road in Greenville, SC. froze. We were then asked to let them run our debit card a second time which my husband refused to do. Thanks goodness he did. We then used our Discont Tire credit card to finalize the purchase. It has now been two weeks and 1 day and they have not credited back to our checking account the $1,142.78 and we now are financially responsible and liable for a charge to the credit card for $1,142.78. This has been the most terrible experience and I WILL NEVER EVER purchase tires from Discount Tire again and I wil make sure to never recommend them to ANYONE. They have the worst customer service and will not help me to resolve this situation.

Up until last year I hadn't tried your tire store. When it was time for tires I decided to give it a try, now with much regret I can tell you I will never buy tires from you again. I bought 4 new tires a year ago with normal driving over 6the last year. Last month 3/2011 the side wall developed a bubble, I took it to your store in Redding Ca. I was told that it was from an impact hit, I have a Honda Accord so no off road driving, if it was an impact I didn't feel it. I was charged $48.00 and told I was given a discount. The tires new only cost $55. I paid and went on my way, now 1 month later the same thing happened to one of the other tires, taking it back to the same store I was told the same thing and paid the same amount. I don't know if your tires are inferior to your competitors or not I just know that I've never had that happen to me on any other tires than yours. Two bad tires out of 4 is not a good ratio. I suspect with the track record I've had with your tires the other 2 should be failing soon, and when then do someone eles's tires will take their place. As I said before I will never buy your tires again paying for 2 new tires after 1 year is ridiculous. I shouldn't have had to pay again for tires that didn't last. I know your going to tell me the same line of bull, that's why I'm going to slap this all over face book and the internet. An unsatisfied customer, Mitch Manina mitch@cruisingsailors.com

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