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problem with warranty

their is a store located on bay area blvd and I45 in webster texas I bought tires from their 80000 mile warranty two months later tires were making weird nosie Itook my car again to the location firstly they said its not our warranty thats tire company warranty who manufactor it then they offered me to prorate those tire and sale me another tire which I dicline than they said yhen finally after half hour argument they said will give four tires with forty thousand warranty I said okay but today after driving 30000 thousand when I went their to balance my tire they dont want to balance it manager again want to sale another tire to make money but refused to balance my tire which I paid for the life of tire so please when you go to this location make they give you every thing in writting

The Only Tire place

We have 3 vehicles with Discount Tire and I can't say enough good about them. I use 4 locations - Ft. Collins has 2, then Loveland and Longmont, Colorado. All go out of their way to take care of our cars. I put 80,000 on Michelin LtX and it still had treat - 89 Jeep Cherokee. I now have Michelin LTX 2's on my Grand Cherokee.

Stupid Policy

I guess tire Manufacturers are behind this new "policy" of placing new tires on the back of the car! Stupid! What tires were worn out on my car? The FRONT ones! Where did I HAVE to install new tires? On the Rear! If I have a blow out on the freeway and it's on one of the old, front tires I will most likely crash and have a bad wreck!

Tire Safety

What is the source document used to derive the Company policy of never mounting a new tire on the front. Even when all the other tires on the vehicle are obviously in very good condition, if not new.

Horrible Company

Buyer Beware I purchased tires and warranties from company. THey refused service because they didnt want to work on rims. I sued them for breech of contract and they still refuse to work on my tires. I nor anyone else i know will not buy from this company


I went into DT located at 10331 Broadway St in Pearland TX to have a nail removed from a tire that I'd purchased at an earlier time, I left very displeased with this location. My factory rim on my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer was damaged in the process and I was boldly told by an employee that there was nothing going to be done about it. After being a long time customer you would think this big cooperation would take better care of their customers. My wife contacted the local regional office to complain and they told her; we'll get back with you. Waitng for that call. meanwhile I have a damaged rim.


Pulled into Discount Tire in Corinth Texas to get air in my Suburban. I waited for 10 minutes, in the first bay, while workers walked past without bothering to help. Finally, I got out of my car and asked 2 employees to put air in my tires. Ryan Thale was extremely rude and said they to busy to do that. They were slammed and people were waitin 2 hr for tires. I understand being busy but rude?

I bought a set of Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread tires from Discount Tires in Minnesota in July. On a cross country trip from Minnesota to Arizona in late October, we noted that the front tire had developed a bulge in the side wall. We were in remote Colorado, about two hours north of Santa Fe. We arrived at the store in Santa Fe 15 minutes before closing. They did not have the same tire in stock, but could get it the next day. I explained that we were passing through and needed to be in the Phoenix area the next day. They put a new "loaner" tire on the car, a different brand but the proper size and speed rating. We were back on the road in 20 minutes, and continued our trip. Upon our arrival at our destination we went to the local Discount Tire, and they ordered and installed a new Goodyear Assurance Triple Tire, all at no charge. The service provided was outstanding, and I well be a Discount Tire customer for life.

My daughter just bought a used car and spent everything she had on it. Her old car died and she needed a car to get to and from work/college. One of the tires was loosing air and looked rough. She took it in to be replaced only to find that all four tires needed replaced. She called me and I spoke to Luke. I let him know that there was only money for one tire. After putting the car on the rack and looking at the tires they put four new tires on and charged for one. He said we could pay for the others whenever we could or just refer him business. They felt it was the right thing to do to keep my daughter safe. We have gone to this store for years because of their prices and service. We will go there now because we know they care about their customers. Thank you Luke and staff at the Holcomb Bridge, Alpharetta, Georgia Discount Tire!

DT has a nice new tire rotation policy/scam. As a customer of DT for the past 20 years on all 4 of my vehicles, this is really disappointing: 1) "Best tires ALWAYS have to be in the REAR" 2) Since front tires, (on my FWD vehicles) wear fastest, DT will no longer rotate my tires. Saves them $'s and time. 3) Front tires wear out really quickly, since they're not rotated 4) DT can even claim that I violated the mileage warranty since they weren't rotated. (So far 1-3 have happened to me, but they have pulled #4 on me yet. However it seems others are getting this final offense from DT). What happened to this company? They used to treat customers right.

I purchased a set of 17" wheels and Nitto tires from discount tires on Monroe St in Toledo Ohio. The wheel set is for summer use only and are removed in October of each year and remounted in April. Having,currently,the summer set on I noticed the chrome peeling off the rims. There was also "pitting" on the wheels. (The wheels are waxed and cleaned on a regular basis) I complained to the BBB but they said the warranty period was over. I told them the wheels have not been on the truck for a full year but they were interested only in monthly time. I have owned many wheels for trucks and cars over my 60 plus years and contend that they were poorly made and of very low quality and cannot recommend the purchase of wheels from discount tire

Awful experience at Discount Tire in Taylor, Michigan. On my husband's way to pick up our grandchildren, he had a flat tire due to a nail puncture. He was only one block from Discount Tire. Unbelievable, this is first thing in the morning. He waited a half hour for them to even look at the tire at which time the manager refused to fix the tire stating the tires were original and too old and that my husband needed to buy a new tire. Upon my husband explaining that the tires were never put on the vehicle until one year ago and had been stored inside, the manager still refused. Of course being very annoyed at this situation, my husband asked to just put air in it so he could leave, at which time the manager refused to even put air in the tire and asked my husband to leave. He basically left my husband stranded there! This is awful customer service. I will be contacting Discount Tire Corporate Office.

I have been purchasing Tires from Discount Tire since the mid 1990's and until recently have been very satisfied with their customer service. I own several vehicles for a business along with personal vehicles, in the last two years my experiance with Discount Tire has gone from what a great company to I can't stand to go to their stores. I recently purchased tires for one of the vehicles from a store in Chandler Arizona, a week later wanted to purchase more of the same tires, this time from a store on Bell road, I was told they would not honor the price I paid from the store in Chandler by the sales staff. I spent the better part os 15 minutes with this person before finally receiving the same price, I would just like some consistancy from the Company. I called regional and spoke with someone by the name of Jeff Stevens this gentleman tells me the stores are not allowed to negotiate the price of tires sold, I have been negotiating prices since the mid 1990's. Jeff also says that the reason for the diffrence in pricing is because they shop prices from Costco and Sam Club so this must be the reason for the diffrence, again this is not true, I checked the prices for Sams Club prior to purchasing these tires and if they gave me the $70.00 rebate for the tires they would have been cheaper to purchase from them, but being the loyal customer I am I purchased them from Discount. This I promise will never happen again as I will take my business to Sams Club from this point forward. Sincerely; Jim

605 Washington Blvd,Ogden ,UT Its been 8 days since I ORDERED ATV tires from this store. I finally had to call to find out what was up! 2 at the shop the other 2 are traveling around town on the delivery truck? Employee Garrett Bitter salesman was very professional.I know his hands are tied when it comes to deliveries ...but really 8 days???? Your company says most tires in stock or 3-4 day to get them in....And I had NO choices on which tires I could purchase! You folks very readly took my money.... But no follow up on status of my purchase...Ordering of product and customer service are very poor...

I have been going to Discount Tire since 1998 Trinity Mills Road location in Dallas, Texas. I have ALWAYS had a great experience there. From managers in charge, to the guys who do the work, my experiences have always reflected a FIVE STAR RATING.

i recently purchased 2 tires for the rear of my truck a 2005 toyota tacoma.a couple of days hod lapsed and i noticed my front passenger was flat. i removed the spare tire and put it on the front and took my tire to have repaired.whe they repaired my flat and installed the tire back on they took the spare and put it back underneath were it came from. a couple weeks later i was towing my boat back from the lake and the spare tire came off the hanger causing damage to my boat and trailer. i reported the incident to discount. they denied the claim saying the tire should have fallen sooner.good job discount. when i seen the tire flying onto the freeway and traffic coming to a complete stop i could have killed someone.the sad part is i didn't realize it was my spare until i got home.

Recently I went to Discount Tire to buy two new tires to replace the tires on the rear of my vehicle. The front tires had very good tread on them but were showing signs of wear and needed to be rotated to the rear. Discount Tire service person would not rotate my front tires to the rear and put the new tires on the front. He didn't even look at the tires but stated that it was corporate policy to put a two tire purchase on the rear of the vehicle. I have over 1.5 million miles and 40 years of driving experience. To be told by a tire dealer that I can't do what I feel is safest for my vehicle, or my driving skills, is ludicrous. By Discount Tire taking this stance, they are potentially placing themselves at risk of a lawsuit should a hydroplaning on a straight roadway or a front tire blow out cause a crash. That's because they are deeming that their actions are the safest decision for the vehicle and its driver. Discount Tire could at least offer a waiver on its tire purchasing form to allow drivers to opt out of this ridiculous and non-government required policy.

My family and I have been discount tire customers for years. We have recommended family and friends to the store for services that are offered. Imagine the delight when my 18 yr old son, a high school senior, decided to become a part of the discount tire family. Now, granted, this was not a career path for him, however it would prove beneficial, as a stepping stone, for his personal career interests. My son, an honor student, superior rated in regional automotive projects, second year automotive tech student and very active in other school organizations, took the ASVAB and is now enlisted with the United States Marine. Hoo-rah !!! I believe. I am new at this, yet I have embraced, as my son has, his endeavor to protect this great country. Our family's military history goes back to WWII where both my grandfather and an uncle (still living at 80) served. We have uncles that served in Vietnam and Korea, at times, 3 of my dad's brothers at once. I was proud of him before he enlisted and more so, now. I ponder what innate evil would have prompted his supervisor, or acting manager, to fire him because he had to attend PTs. One increment of a day for a young man who has decided to protect the country that this man lives in. No offerings of support. No compromise. No understanding. I was livid and appalled. But, guess what? God sits high and He looks low. He's already taken care of it. From my point of view, my son has done an exceptional job at discount tire. There is no excuse for being insensitive to the requirements of the USMC, Army, Navy or Air Force. This is an educated household and we endorse higher education. My son could have easily opted to attend college. He is a proud young man and this farce encourages me to continue to express to him that sometimes people in positions of authority are not always the smartest people on the job. Yes, he's 18 and considered an adult, but until he leaves my care and support, I reserve the right to express how I feel these old adult people are conducting themselves. (I have lost respect for discount tire for having in a position of authority someone so insensitive. I intentionally did not utilize appropriate conventions of grammar when typing the company's name.)

My girlfriend and I each bought a Living Social deal for $30 for $100 Discount Tire certificate. It stated 1 per person, must buy 2 tires minimum. So we decided I'd take it in and pay for rears then she would take it in for fronts when she had money. I called Discount Tire on Federal in Lemon Grove, CA and spoke with the manager. He said corporate emailed them stating the certificates could not be combined and used on the same vehicle. He also stated that even if we took it to 2 different stores they would catch us through their computer system. So I called corporate. I ended up speaking with the Regional Manager Gil. While he never apologized for the trouble he did, in the end, make it right. Apparently Living Social neglected to add the 1 per vehicle terms to the original offer but told Discount Tire they did. Whoever was at fault, Discount Tire should have honored the certificate as printed. To have to go through 2 days of drama when the terms were clearly written in black and white is unacceptable. I would consider shopping with them again as the end result was that I now have some amazing tires on my modified Mustang that I got for a decent price. I simply feel they should have treated a guy who was dropping nearly $1k on tires a little better. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?

On 1/25/12 I called around to get prices on 4 tire rotations and balancing in Macon, Ga. I realized that 3I of my tires needs replacing. The manager told me he had just taken over the store as the new manager and that he wanted to earn my business. The salesman who was helping me started to put the new tire on the rear when I wanted it on front. He explained to me that a new tire on the rear would give me better traction,but I wanted.it on the front. The manager, Neal, overheard my concern so he inspects my front tire for himself. He told me that my earth was first and foremost and that he couldn't let me drive away with such a bad tire. He GAVE me a new tire for the front FREE so I would be SAGE!!!!! Safety was what he was concerned about, NOT a sale. It has impressed me more than I have ever been before. Its management like Neal that will make Discount tire #1. Thank You Neal! You better believe that I will brag about the service I received at Discount Tire!!!!

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