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Missing check

Money was sent to direct express from ssi should of been received my check on the first its the fifth now.


have been trying to get back the money that was taken from my account for 2 weeks,no one can tell me anything,now I can't even get thru to anyone-this comp.is worthless

horrible service

dont use direct express very poor service u get fraud on card very very poor service again dont enroll with direct express

quit deleting my posts

poor service on fraud disputes dont keep their card poor service

horriable customer service

they place you on hold ever answer and then hang up when and while having you on hold for 30-45 minutes sad and horrible service

The address I'm guessing is routed through other addresses cause when I sent something to it was sent back. And all I'm trying do is get some money back into the account I did all the foot work per say.

The Worst company Ever

I am a victim of theft on my account and the company Direct Express Has no security policy that helps the customer. However It secures the thief, the company claims they sent a detailed statement of my transactions so that i can investigate it my self though they were to incompetent or refuse to do so. This is truly the worst experience that Ive had with any agency ever now I am homeless and I suffer from cancer. I had my whole retirement fund in this account, my whole life was stolen and the only thing the company can say is I'm sorry for your loss, but would you like to open another account?

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