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yes, we have lot's of experience trienlavg with children. We went on the first long and far away trip when our youngest was 1,5 years old. They love extended trips a lot too, it's fantastic to enjoy nature with the family and work at the same time:-)If you have specific questions it will be my pleasure to share .GreetingsGabiPs we have a family blog also, but it's in German. But the pictures are multulingual:-)[]antonia Reply:July 13th, 2010 at 9:55 pmGabi, I mentioned your family in this post: Thanks for pointing me to your blog lots of great stuff there!PS Interested in doing an interview about trienlavg with kids? I'll send you an email []

Regarding the mono-nono.com article, and it's reefrence to Microsoft's codecs," and they will only be licensed for use with Moonlight on a web browser "Which makes it pretty useless for video editing and such. But an odd thought crossed my mind. What if your OS is the browser? I know, it doesn't sound like it makes much sense. But when I watched the demo of Chrome OS, that's what the OS is your browser. (Yes, I know Linux is the basis, but what the user sees is a machine that is a browser.) I suspect the world is about to change in a way Microsoft won't be pleased with.Ever notice how everything is designed to limit your options? Microsoft is willing to let you use Silverlight ONLY according to their terms. The MPAA/RIAA will only let you use their Movies/Music according to their terms. The aim is to force you to pay more. If you want to watch Star Trek on your IPod, you can't rip the files from DVD (if you live in the US anyway) because doing so would mean defeating the DRM on the DVD. Instead they want you to buy a digital copy for your IPod. And another, incompatible copy for your Zune. Tinkle, tinkle.But if the terms aren't what the consumer wants, change can happen. Eventually the RIAA member companies were forced to ship DRM free music. Eventually the MPAA will be forced to ship DRM free Movies (unless they can get ACTA implemented and a significant number of countries to sign on to the treaty). And eventually Microsoft will be forced to license Silverlight under more liberal terms, just as Adobe was forced by the market to license Flash under more liberal terms (in part in reaction to HTML5).Another minor detail. Chrome will run Flash, and I believe the ARM processor. But so far, the only Linux Microsoft is working on porting Silverlight to is Intel's Moblin. Microsoft is working very hard to exclude themselves from a significant market share.Um, who cares? With HTML5 you don't need flash. The IPhone has proved that quite nicely. Adobe and Microsoft aren't happy. They wanted to control 'Content', and with HTML5 they won't be able to. Apple doesn't care. They want to sell hardware. Control of 'Content' isn't in their interest, unless they control it. Anyone else controlling 'Content" is a danger to them. As long as Apple doesn't control the Codecs, they will be on the side of freedom.What really gripes me is content that is only available in Silverlight.Complain. That's what I do. If the 'Content' provider gets enough complaints, Silverlight will be dumped. It's already happened in several cases. The next big problem is the Winter Olympics. I wonder how many IPhone owners will end up screaming at the organizers?Another part to follow I hate Blogger's comment editor!

Articles like this are an example of quick, helpful anwsres.

Ya learn something new eevryady. It's true I guess!

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