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Manhattan store 6th ave

The staff is great. Knowledgable, and willing to help but are not too intrusive. However, their security guard stalks you and seems to have a power trip against male Asian customers. Makes you feel special.

blicks air brush demonstration, allentown,pa

When I bought my air brush from them 3 WKS AGO,they said their air brush professional wasn't there. Today I went again we were told their pro wasn't there and their stand-in (pro) told us he learned it it three hours.REALLY. Half of us left and discussed air brushes among ourselves. I DOUBT if they have an air brush professional period!! I won't waste another $10 next year.

Price gouging....

Dick Blick evidently changes thier prices daily on the website. That's fine, but some of us use the catalog and they will give you the price if you CALL the catalog, but won't honor it on the website OR with the discount code....even if you call. Why is customer service so low a priority these days? I probably spend about $2000 to $3000 a year there easily. You would think that would matter. It doesn't.

I was wondering how a town can have a Dick Blick art store open, I am a full time ART student at the University of Southern Mississippi and it has been impossible getting art supplies for the many classes that are offered at USM. The two art/craft stores that are in the area are Michaels ( very over Priced ) and Hobby Lobby more craft less art supplies. The University does not offer it's students any outside company discounts so we pay what the consumer pays. It would just be so nice to have an actually art store in the area to get art supplies. As a student at USM please be aware that we are all being trained on Apple computers using Adobe software, and we have to purchase these supplies to do any of the assignments. Secondly we offer everything from sculpture in Clay, wood, metal, glass, wire, painting, drawing, print making, photography, typography, illustration, even dance and theatre and so many more classes that require real art supplies and not products from craft stores. If we had a Dick Blick store in our town I could guarantee lots of student and general public traffic. As we are also an art town full of local artist, we are also two hours from the Gulf Coast which is full of local talent as well that would travel North to shop at the store. It would be nice!!! I can start a signature campaign to get folks involved but I would just love to start my next semester or so shopping at a Dick Blick and not ordering on line and waiting for the arrival of my supplies. If we had a store in the area you could also hire many of the students including myself as an employee of the store. Being a college town we need the art store so very badly and I can not express how disappointing it is not to be able to find the right supplies for your class when you need it. We actually travel 2-3 hours to different towns to get simple things like clay and wire for our sculpting classes. So what do we need to do. I m soooooo tired of seeing art stores open in other states, what is wrong with Mississippi? why not here? The first time i attended college was in Philadelphia, PA at the Art Institute they have Utrech's there is a big difference between an art and craft store.

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