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I have a complaint of a DR refusing to let me in Mtn Home dialysis clinic. I had a dispute with this DR 3 yrs ago,regaurding his treatment and filed with Medacare etc. There was follow ups from mecare and from Washington. I had phone comversations with several people about DR Valch. They investagated him and checked his recoreds for mevacare abuse,they called me back and said the refused to turn them over. Then he did and she said they are going over them and their not done with him yet. I'm not going to stop till I find out what is going on. He is is charge of the Mtn Home dialysis and can say who is treated etc.There have been othwer Dr's that came in and he keeps all the patiants and they end up leaving. Hountain home. Thank you in advance Allen Moog 870 431 7070 . e mail puttster@suddenlink.net

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