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I visit the Denny's in Latrobe, Pa. at least once a week. I think that a team from corporate should spend a week at the restaurant and have a retraining program. Some of the servers are rude and have a sloppy appearance. The cooks have no pride in their products and the servers do not check to be sure that you get what you order, and if it isn't the way that you ordered it they ask if it is okay. The cooks use entirely too much grease in their cooking, in these days of eating more healthy this Denny's is not with it. I eat out a lot, at local eateries(Valley Dairy, Touchdown Club, Asia Buffet, Geo's, Ground Round, Dino's, Gino's, Eat n' Park, just to name a few) and I must say that this Denny's is the worst of all the places that I visit.

The Denny's in Brownsville, Texas off of Hwy 77/83 has poor service. Tonight, there were 2 school-age children selling candy in the restaurant. From observing their interaction, I think they were the Hostess' kids. I go into a restaurant to eat in peace and CERTAINLY NOT to be hit up for money. If that were my employee, I would fire her

I was just in ur Tye tx location at the Flying J truckstop. I guess I'm to young to be able to find my own seat I didnt see the wait to be seated sign as I'm sure no one else has ever done. So I guess you have to be seated by someone to get noticed by the servers.

Went to Denny's in New Port Richey, FL on 9/18/2012. Was the worst experience I have ever had. Ordered iced tea, it had a bad taste, took 15 minutes to even order it. Took almost 20 minutes to place our order. Then after waiting another 35 minutes, only partial order was brought, had to wait another 10 minutes for the rest. The rest was not even what I had ordered. Waitress says she heard a slugger, when I had asked for a lumberjack slam. ????? Then to add insult to injury, the eggs were cold, the hashbrowns were over cooked, and the toast was burnt black. I have eaten at a lot of Denny's in a lot of states, but I am doubtful if I will try another one.

We've lived in Fredericksburg,Tx for 10 years+. The restaurant needs a complete renovation. It smells dirty when you walk in. The booths lseat cushion are torn and you cave in when you sit . The bathroom which are my first criteria for a good place are awful. The wallpaper is peeling off the walls...water damage on the ceilings and mold. The awnings outside are either missing or covered with mold. The food is ok but the smell in the place ruins the experience. We used to go there once a week . Now maybe once every 2 months. Then I'm reminded why I don't want to eat there. Y'all really need to fix it.

Went to the dennys in jeffersonville ohio tonight, with family, food was undercooked, my sister in law had hair in her food, service sucked, and the manager on duty act like he didnt give a dam, we only got 1 drink the entire time, and even had to find the manager ourselves to complain, who was out of the resteruant talking to someone and playing on his phone. Worst service ever, was total bs, still had to dam near pay full price for service worse than I get at a mcdonalds in the hood. No excuse for this. I am calling the DM in the morning, atleast I got his name.

The Dennys is troy has fired the best servers they had. These two servers I have always seen them working pulling doubles one had a second job so she would stay late and the go to her second job. I feel like the servers they have now need more training from what they get. They have servers that cuse out the consumers and yell at them plus she is also like that to her coworkers. I feel that dennys in troy mo need to get their workers together and stop hiring peoe that they fired for a good reason like drinking on the job. That place is a joke. I have to go somewhere else because the serverz are so disrespective towards people.

at the tuscola illinois dennys our food and service were great! When we went to pay, the register was down. We waited at least 15 minutes and then the manager told us to write our debit/credit card number and info down for him and he would run it later...HELLO! Why the heck would a manager even suggest that? So we could be suprised when the card statement came and the card had been used for other purchases?

im upset that they didnt ask me and other in employees about our boss! 3 workers in beaver dam sign and said our boss was rasit she was not she was a great boss ! she was good hired people as long they work not callin. don t blame tracy at all she done her job. cant understand why they didnt ask everyone about that matter but just three of them and ask and they sign on it ! not fair it wrong do people like that!

Osceola Parkway Denny's is awesome but the Manager David is not a manager. He was not on the floor at all while the restaurant is busy and Anna Perez is busting her butt. She'll call him to come out and help and he doesn't come out. Some nights, he will sit a table with 2 women and talk and talk and talk. I Was also wondering what happened with Dash Matthews. He was a great server right along with Alisa, Nick, And Anna! I am a regular that comes in regularly and I don't wanna stop going to this store because I love this store. But David needs to be retrained. Anna Perez Is a great server and needs to get a raise. She works very hard.

Denny's in Ogden Utah on 21st used to be a fun friendly place until they hired this manager named Pam. Now it seems no one is happy. She has her favorites that dong do much at all when I am there but others get the blame for not doing their work. I have not been going thereuch anymore due to the unhappy environment. She has chewed employees out in front of customers for stupid things. This is not good management practices. I used to go to this Denny's every day at least twice a day, I struggle with going in on her shift anymore because of her rude attitude toward employees and customers. I have Been a long te customer but have started taking my business elsewhere because of her. Sorry Denny's just reporting the truth and if you want my business back you need to take care of the issues going on in this establishment. I used to spend minimum of $300.00+ a month plus what my friends and coworkers spent. If your sales are dropping at this location you should probably look into this as being the problem. Thanks for all the good years I had there.

Denny's in Wharton tx is horrible. Service, food and the whole staff sucked it up. Sat there forever. Got the wrong god and was under cooked. Do not go there! Monkeys could do a better job. Now I feel sick to my stomach from that crap I had to eat.

Denny's in Norwich NY has the worst management ever....even Denny's corperate asked for this drug dealing person who has been caught doing drugs on property, and whom the police have been watching can be hidden from your corperation upon your arrival and in which you even asked to have him removed.....he is back working at the front...WOW....maybe you should consider drug testing employee's i will NEVER return to this location again and I will make sure to tell everyone i know the same as i am a local of over 30yrs and it is just a shame that this continues.....

My husband wanted onion rings and I wanted cheese sticks, waitress Zerium? recommended we order the sampler plate. When it was brought to us it did not contain chicken strips. I asked her if we would would be charged the same amount for the complete sampler plate price, she said yes, so I in turn asked her to bring the chicken strips since it would be included in the price. She seemed upset and stated that we only ordered onion rings and cheese sticks, I explained that I did not know it would be the same price. She then ensued in a long personal conversation with the other waitresses and cook for 10 minutes before she put in the order for the chicken strips. We could over hear her saying that that the customer had complained and wanted the chicken strips and responded by stating "WHATEVER". After another 10 minutes when she brought the chicken strips we heard giggling and gasps and conversation from the chicken asking"ARE THEY EATING IT YET" "HAVE THEY TOUCHED IT YET?" to which we can only assume that our food was tampered with. We chose not to tempt fate and eat the chicken strips. On top of the whole experience, the carpets were soiled and full of trash. We will never eat at this establishment again and do not appreciate the SO CALLED SERVICE we received.

This has been the absolute most horrible experience at a dennys resturant. I was so excitec when our town got a dennys and was excited to eat at one. I am literally sitting inside the dennys as I am typing this. When we arrived it took them even 10 min to seat us (oh and side note not busy at all). 2 managers were just standing around, finally got seated. Took them 15 minutes to even come take our drink order and then another 30 minutes to get our food. Horrible horrible experience

The Levittown, New York, restaurant is filthy! My friend and I ate there last Friday and became very ill one hour after leaving the restaurant. It is over 48 hours later, and I am still sick. I will be reporting this to the Nassau County Department of Health. This is a dangerous place to eat if you are pregnant or in a fragile state of health.

I've been to the Denny's in Kennewick, WA on Kennewick Avenue and Highway 395 and all of the experiences I've had with them have been pretty good, the food and the service is consistent and you get a good amount of food for your money, sure it's not gourmet food but it's not the worst food I've ever had either.

Currently at Dennys in Barstow CA. Service was awesome, food was quick , hot and good.... I am dissapointed.... went to check in for Dennys 50 state challenge and its saying im not in a Dennys.... wondering if the game is rigged?????

I work for the tomball location. I wasn't going to go into work since I had a note from a doctor due to having strep throat and was very contageous. My manager called me and said he didn't care if I had a note that if I didn't come in I would be fired. Him worrying more about having 1 more person on staff shouldn't come before the health of the public.

We went to dennys in myrtlebeach,s.c. great manger Tom we love him,.but on this occasion there was a female Latino manager there very loud in the kitchen, screaming in Spanish, she said in Spanish she wish she could get rid of all the.black employees that work there, I guess she thought black people in the restaurant didn't speak Spanish, thought that was disgusting, we got up an left something needs to done.or your.going to lose more black customers this incident will be post to my Facebook an to your myrtlebeach Dennys website ,this type of manager shouldn't be in your.restaurant,we will only eat if Tom there . THAT MANAGER NAME WAS TEA OR TITA JUST HORRIBLE. EX DENNYS CUSTOMER

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