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Cops w/guns

It is unbelievable that your moranic Manager would not allow officers to eat while they had thier guns. This Manager must be fired in order for me to ever return to a Denny's for any reason. Alsonote that everyone that I know feel thew same way I do. This Moron that you have as a manager wants this country to return to the dark ages. One of the things that makes this country great is our ability to protect ourselves and people around us. What does he want just the bad guy's to have guns. Again as I stated unless this person is FIRED at once, I and everyone I know will never enter a Denny;s AGAIN.


I was informed that you restaurant in Belleville Illinois asked Detectives that were there to eat while on duty to either lock their weapons in their car or leave. Being part of a police family I am appalled by your restaurants actions. I am boycotting all your restaurants, and am encouraging all my friends, family and police family to do the same! Shame on you!


The Denny's at lake Point Ut. In all respects the service the food the wait even thou there were very few customers the over all impression was that in all aspects this place is really in dire need of new management on done its time to clean house.

Buy Local

Your Franchisee in Florida wants to add 5% to everyone's bill to "cover" the cost of the ACA. What an outrage, especially when we see how much $$ he is making from his various franchises he owns. today is American Expresses' "but Local, which encourages everyone to shop locally, and stay away from chains, which, your franchisee's statments didn't take much to encourage me to seek out a locally oned diner in my neighborhood, who hires local people, buys local produce, is within the same walking distance of the local Dennys, and doesn't have an issue with the ACA. Guess which one will be getting my business from now on?

Horrible Service

I went to the Idaho Falls,Idaho location at approximately 11:00 this morning after a 30 minute wait after taking my order.I hear the waitress ask the cook if he could get my order out,all orders since mine have been takin' out.I got my order shortly after that....runny eggs,under cooked sausage and bacon with check in hand. I couldn't begin to eat it.as I got up to leave the waitress asked if I needed a "to go" box for that,I calmly replied "after waiting 30 minutes for that...no thank you,you keep it!" I figured it was a result of poor management,I won't be back!

B-fast at Denny's

My wife and I went to the Denny's new location in FAYETTEVILLE NC 29304. Store number 8801. It was a big disappointment. The silverware looked looked dirty or rusted and that was on both of our ware. Also there were no one at the front desk. People standing In line 10min or more to pay bill. Thank you Charles S Wagner 910-964-0442


Denny's policies

Will never eat at Denny's again. How can you treat your employees so poorly. You won't provide insurance through the affordable care act and to make matters worse you're penalizing customers with surcharges and suggesting they just give your underpaid servers a smaller tip? I suggest you read the bible story of the rich man who wouldn't give the beggar the crumbs off his table. Is there no limit to your greed?

food vs prices

I have been going to Denny's for the past 30 years. I have found it to be good food for a fair price. Now that is all changed, the food is poor at best, and the prices are extremely high compared to IHOP for example. I brought my wife and kids to Denny's last night in East Dundee, IL and my skillet was barely edible, only one out of five kids liked there food and It cost me almost $70 dollars! Please, wake up Denny's management. I noticed most of the tables were empty also. If food quality doesn't get better and the prices come down, I will become a patron of IHOP from now on. I never paid that much forfood, and the food at IHOP was much better!!! Wake up call!!


I hope your corporate people are aware of the brand damage that is being inflicted upon your company. Didn't you just get over the racial image problems Geez who you got running the place General Petrais?

My wife and I have often eaten at Denny's, but will never do so in the future due to their policy to have a surcharge due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obomacare).

veteran's day

my husband and i went to denny's restaurant #1059 on nov 12, 2012 for the all you can eat pancakes free for the veterans. my husband was in the navy and i served in the air force. eloisa r. our server asked for our id and i gave her both of our dd214 - discharge papers as form of identification. she said her manager requires it. but when we got the bill we were charged $8.00 for our pancakes. i believed if denny's is offering free pancakes and id were provided, i don't need to bring it to their attn what you have offered me for free was actually not free. it cheapens the occasion especially coming from a veteran to complain. the discipline has to stay professional at all times in all matters. i do thank you though for all the other good things that denny's has done for the other veterans that were served well. i am hopeful that not all veterans were treated like us on this special day. i remain, rosario lubbe.

this Monroe Michigan store has gone to hell, get a good cook who can cook! turkey dinners should look like picture not come dried up from the grill like shoe leather! Stop letting the managers cook! They are always making excuses and you have to ask them to refix thing all the time, people want it right the first time, last visit was 2 hours for them to get a party of five correct and dinner came out one here and then one in 5 minutes later and then one was sent back ,then 2 more came out, it was a not so merri-go-round. this was been the norm for a while now, please pay good cooks not just anybody off the street. Iam a mom of 8, why go out I could have made these from frozen in this time, Really!

I walked into Denny's Restaurant in Mission Viejo, California on a non-descript Sunday night early November '12 - asked if I could seat myself to which there was no immediate response. YThen, realizing the side of the restaurant I was aiming to sit inb was crowded so I said I was going to sit on the other - less-crowded side. was met with a sterile, somewhat impudent statement by the cleasrly jaded host that he "closed" that side. It was evident that the only one really being accomodated by this arbitrary action was, yes, the jaded host. I will not patronize an establishment where itnis clear that the customer must read a manual beforehand so as to accomodatre the pompous, tedious, and now dismissed staff.

The dennys in countryside florida by clearwater is filthy the insine all the walls are falling apart crackinhg the pictures are dusty so much the employees look filthy this is the worse dennys I ever be the most inportant thin I s the store is filthy please fix that beacase that dennys is in a good neighborhood rich

Kudos for you in updating your Taylor/Eureka location. The most important up-date you did though was to get better wait staff. My husband and I were there quite a few months ago and ended up walking out of there to right next door where the service is Always impeccable and clean. We decided to give you another try and were pleasantly surprised with what we experienced as far as the service goes. Now the only thing you need to do is work on the kitchen staff to make sure everything comes out more uniform. My sandwich was full on 1 side and lacking on the other side. But with the wait staff being upgraded, we will be back again. Thank you.

Horrible managers. The servers and host were all welcoming and the managers were too but I had even been there five minutes when I saw a manager belittle an employee in front of a group of customer.one of the customers even left the store. wow I will never be returning

I ate here yesterday and became violently ill in a matter of hours. I had to be hospitalized. I reported the incident to the assistant manager yesterday upon my release from the hospital and have yet to hear back.

San jose california tully rd. First they got the order wrong. We ordered the banana pancake puppies but ended up getting the regular ones. We had also specifically told our waitresss, Margarita, to bring it out towards the end of our meal, but she served it to us about the same time as everything else because it A dessert. We had also ordered a cesar salad which only had maybe a drops of dressing with 5 pieces of cheese. While eating we had no visits from the waitress to check on us or refill our drinks. After we were ready to check out Claudia was very rude. She did not seem happy what so ever and even rolled her eyes several times because noticed and informed her that our bill was incorrect. They had charged us for some items we didnt even order. I would never come back here. This is the worse service ever. Lastly Yari, the hostess, was very improper and rude as well. She didnt respond when we tried to call her to switch out our unsanitary utensils with coffee stains and dried up eggs on it. During the time we were there, she was conversing with a friend the entire time and only worked as people entered. This specific Dennys on Tully rd just really needs to hire the right people to work there. Someone more professional and who understands and speaks fluent english that way orders would not be confused. In addtion, some one more experience, proper, professional and mature. There are many other dissatisfied customers that were there as well. I have had bad experiences prior to this visit. Workers should be given a customer service skills class. Its time that an action takes place.I will not come here nor will i reccomend people to come here any longer.

I had a really bad experience with your night staff last nite and when i got home I realized that one check instead getting split was charged completely on my card. When I called to clarify what had happended, the waitress who tended my friends and I was rude and short with me about tge miscommunication and boldly hung up on me. I called back and still no one was willing to provide a solution to the matter. I have to say that althought the meal itself was excelent, the service was truly poor and unsatisfying.

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