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re: Long Time Customer

What right do the people on the board have to change an entire system simply because they want more money for themselves. Artie T treats employees as humans. Arthur S wants to sell the company off and those lovely prices you enjoy, you won't get anymore. Enjoy that!


I can not believe the heads of this company are acting like little children. I love Market Basket but if Arthur T is not reinstated Back to Shaws for me their prices are coming down. The Milford NH store is the best ever I love to shop there. Please grow up and stop this ridiculous behavior. Arthur T has been doing the best job ever so why get rid of him. GROW UP !!!!!

bring back Arthur T

Family fueds should not be in the public eye. It does not look good for anyone. But to bring resentments to this level is shameful. Arthur T. Has done a fine job for customers and employees. Bring him back please. Threatening your employees for exercising theis right is equally shameful. Isnt this family rich enough?


I am a 30+ year customer of Market Basket. I refuse to shop there again until Arthur T. Is reinstated! I urge all shoppers to boycott Market Basket until this happens!

Reinstatement of Arthur T. Demoulas

Please reinstate Arthur T. Demoulas as CEO and let him continue the Market Basket tradition of excellent customer service and consumer value. Here in New Hampshire, we have a choice of several great supermarkets, and ATD's Market Basket was a very welcome addition to the mix. That said, we will return to shopping exclusively at Hanafords if ATD is not reinstated as CEO. Thanks!

bring back mr. demoulas

thumbs down to the board of directors at market basket. they replaced a well loved ceo with a family connection to the store and replaced with corporate raiders. old radio shack ceo and some small co ceo. i am not an employee just a previous shopper. old ceo is so loved that employees are risking jobs to support him. if any employees are fired for supporting the old ceo i will organize some sort of customer boycott.

Reinstate Arthur T. Demoulas

The employee morale as well as my customer loyalty has turned quickly to other stores such as Shaw's and Hannaford. I will never step foot in a Market Basket Store again, as this firing was uncalled for and not at all fair.

Don't Change

Please keep Market Basket running as usual. All this talk of change and the firing of Arthur DeMoulas is crazy. I love the stores the way they are and would hate to find another grocery store.

Calling for Boycott

News is out that Market Basket is now selectively firing people who vocally oppose the most recent ouster of CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. We're talking about people who have given the better part of their lives to the store. I really enjoy getting good deals by shopping at Market Basket. But I cannot support a lousy deal. I, for one, stand with the workers of Market Basket.

Bring Back Arthur T

Please listen to your company workers. There must be good reason they are so involved in this campaign.

I am appalled that employees who have worked for the company for over four decades were fired because they attended a rally for the former president of the company. The people responsible for the firing of these people are the sole reason I will not shop at Market Basket. I agree with the seventeen lawmakers that want people to boycott this supermarket chain. It really does pay to Stop and Shop.

The new CEO does not stand for the good of the people, only for profit

Market Basket will go completely downhill due to the firing of not only Arthur Demoulas but also his wonderful staff. Your stores will be boycotted if these people aren't brought back to there rightful positions. So I must ask what really was the point? Sure you have the company, and the money now...but in a few months if he's not back you'll lose more employees, more vendors, and mostly all of your dedicated customers. Still worth it?

Bring back Arthur!

I have shopped in your Portsmouth / Somersworth NH stores for years, but I will not buy one more thing until you bring Authur back. Shame on you.

firing employees

I will never shop here again until you hire back your employees

I support Market Basket employees

I fully support the actions of Market Basket employees in protesting the firing of Arthur T Demoulas and other employees. Yes, it is inconvenient and more expensive to shop elsewhere, but I will do so until the fired employees are reinstated. Many of my friends are doing the same thing.


I tried to call hd qrtrs to voice my concerns about employees but the "CHCKENS" closed the switchboard.Artie S. You can run but you cannot hide. Your store employees are Market Basket not you

Get rid of the Board of directors

This decision to ouster Arthur T could cost you the whole company. Is it worth it?? He built this company to what it his today, go build your own company and leave his company alone.

Not gonna shop

I will not shop at demoulas again. I support the employees. Firing people with 40 years of service shows that the entire board of directors needs to go

Do the next right thing

It so very sad to see what is happening to your company due to corparate and individual greed. Do the next right thing and MAN UP. Shame on all of YOU who sit in the seats of power and greed.

Bring Back Artie T

I just spent $350 at Shaws, money I used to spend at your store. I will not return to your store until all the employees that were fired and Artie T are brought back.

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