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Your organic section is very good

We enjoy shopping in the Market Basket in Warner, NH. The organic vegetable, fruit and grass fed meat sections are excellent. The people who work the are very helpful and friendly. We have one request, please don't carry Monsanto's Article Apple when it comes out. There are plenty of natural, healthy apples grown in New England and in the rest of the country. Natural apple trees have been doing very well for many, many years without Monsanto.

Great store wish one was closer

Hope you consider opening a store near Swansea or Somerset, MA. I have to drive to Raynham or New Bedford so I don't shop at Market Basket as often as I would if there were a closer store.

Hello I live in ossipee NH I love your store in Rochester nh I travel a hour just to shop there because I can't afford to shop at my local store Hannaford's are you building a store in ossipee NH or Conway NH because it would be grest

Waiting for the opening of the Revere store along with many other residents. What is wrong with the brothers/cousins or whomever is delaying the residents of Revere of having a store closer to home?

live in Tewksbury

I sent you a note last week about shopping from home, All of a sudden I see it in the newspaper, Whats the deal are you having this service.

Super market location maine

I have a potential site for a super market in Kittery Me. approx. 19ac zoned mixed use. For sale Thank You Jim Hadad York, Me.

coupon policies

I love MB but i feel as though every store is different with their coupons, every store really needs to get on the same page. It may help if the corporate office will make a set of policies and guidelines specific to coupons. or make sure everyone is properly trained on coupons

Thank you

I just want to say how refreshing it is that a major company has made such a difference in the lives of those on a very tight budget. I go to the Newington NH Market Basket and the prices are awesome. Thank you so much

Just love the new Market in W Bridgewater, the people are very friendly, the store is clean as is the parking lot. I have never had to wait more than five minutes in line, The food prices are so much better than Stop & Shop, and now you give the 4 % this is a real saving to any household. Thanks again Market Basket, keep up the good work.

Illegal workers in the store

This store hire illegal people with fake documents I know one of them his name is Carlos he is from Latin America I am going to report to Labor Department and Immigration department

Thank you Market Basket

I want to thank you for the additional 4% off that you are giving us for the entire year on top of your already competetive pricing! I struggle to pay my bills and this was definitely one of my best Christmas gifts this year! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


wow!!!! I am assuming i am writing about Market Basket. I moved from Georgia to Massachusetts and, like i say, wow. I just love everything about the stores. Prices are so very very fair, stores are well run, i.e., during busy times they open more registers, personnel are super friendly. Now the 4% off is incredible as i know super markets work on a very small margin. I love you Market Basket. You are the best. No other super market can compete, baring non. Keep it up and you will have the super market world 100%.

Chicken Wings

I was disappointed with Market Baskets choice of "Frozen Chicken Wings", going from the brand Pilgrim to Winter Creek. The Winter Creek are smaller in size and not nearly as good as the Pilgrim brand. I am a great supporter and promoter of Market Basket stores and wish they'd build a store in Middleboro. I have Hannafords and Truchi's within a mile of my house, but will always go to Raynham or W. Bridgewater for the savings!

Kudos for recognizing "Christmas"

Just got the weekly Market Basket flyer with the label "Merry Christmas". A big THANK YOU to Market Basket for not bowing to the pressure of the minority and using "Happy Holiday". They're willing to tell it like it is.

Raw Milk Issue

I have an issue with your stores. Every store sells natural foods, sugar in the raw, sugar and goats milk. However, I bring up the issue every now and then to Store Manager Peter and others of management (460 Elm Street; Manchester, NH 03103) to try and sell "raw milk". My husband and I purchase raw milk every week from a farm in Concord, NH named Bartlett Farms. They have contracts with different schools and stores. Raw milk is safe and for your customers that are lactose intolerant I think you will find that they will buy this item.

Excellence in Epping NH

I wanted corporate to know how special this store is I like other MB's but this store is fabulous. The bakery manager Anthony does beautiful work and no request is ever a bother. They are helpful and just extraordinary. The decorators are very special. I am just grateful for the staff and service and attitude. In the meat dept. as well. I just thought I should let the top people know some positive feedback they are top notch. Thank you

Give me a break

You people have to get your act together. You built a nice big market in Attleboro and the people there are waiting with baited breath to be able to shop there and what do they have, an empty store. Enough is enough, get it together and stop being such babies. You have a wonderful business going and you are going to ruin it. What a shame.

bad customer service

I was trying to purchase a pack of ribs that was marked for 2.99 and when I began to check out they said they were 2.99/lb. Is it really my fault they messed up they price display? I will no longer shop at the market basket on phelan Blvd in Beaumont Texas. I know from experience in retail that by law you must sale the item for the displayed price.

Purchasing Dept

I wish DeMoulas would look at the 1015 Texas Onion I can not describe how good they are. I bet if you tried them you would agree.

Happy Customer

I live in Andover and shopped at the Shawsheen Plaza store until the lease expired. I then went to the store on 114 in Lawrence. I love the atmosphere there and the positive attitude of clerks, assistant , and managers. I was disturbed with the latest new item about doing away with the profit sharing. In my mind profit sharing is available in a forward-leaning company, showing respect for employees. I thought if they disbanded this program I would have to switch to Hanniford's, where I've never shopped and triples the distance I'd have to drive. I was so elated when I heard that the profit-sharing will still be in effect. My friends agree with me and were going to switch to Hanniford's, too, if the profit sharing was discontinued. Congratulations on being a 21st century company.

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