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Your new Co-CEOs are doing a great job destroying a successful business. They have only held there jobs for weeks but feel it is ok to fire employees who have been there for 20 + years. I can't believe how ignorant and arrogant they have handled this whole situation. What they don't relies is the customer is always right. The customer can pick and choose where they shop!!! I see several employees that could loose there jobs on the news everyday while the new Co-CEOs hide behind a pen and paper with threatening letters they probably pay a lawyer a fortune to write for them.

Loyal Customer

Loyal Market Basket customer went to call the number above to give my feedback about how poorly this has been handled. Of course not available during business hours to avoid hearing your customers. Arthur S and the board tone deaf with regard to your customers and how you have treated your employees. Hellbent on driving this company into the ground. Total greed. Look at your empty parking lots. Not one more cent into your greedy bank accounts from me. Just disgusting how mismanaged your company is now.

I have been shopping MB for decades.....the present CEO's are snakes in the grass looking to shake up and ruin a growing, WELL RUN business. I have not shopped there in 3 weeks, and will NEVER shop there again as long as these 2 corporate flunkies leave the company and Author T reinstated as CEO.

Corporate Fallacy

You may fire all the employees and start with a fresh crew, that is within your right. However, that will not change the fact that the Market Basket customer base is loyal to the former employees and Arthur T. Do you really think that the existing employees will find no jobs? Beware...Whole Foods is moving in! Also, in addition to the daily financial losses, can the corporation survive the legal costs (state, civil),and unemployment? Wake up--you are hemorrhaging.


So I have a $25 gift card but there is no product in the stores to buy. Plus I also respect the employees that are protesting and can't buy so market basket costs me money too. Seems like market basket doesn't like customers either, not just loyal employees.

store boycotts

We have shopped at Market Basket stores for over 30 years. While we side with employees during this time we only hope that a compromise can be reached soon. Went to Stop & Shop and were hit with sticker shock and a total lack of any customer service that is so evident in Market Basket stores. We want to spend our money at Market Basket only for so many reasons.


I don't support this protest, I guess no one ever heard the phrase the show must go on. You all have jobs to do, do them like everyone else has to. Stop whining like babies and grow up.


I don't think you know what you've done. I've been a loyal customer since I was a kid, my mom always went to DeMoulas on Essex St. DeMoulaS in Methuen was my first ever job. Now over corporate greed the ship is sinking...just a terrible way to say "Thanks" to all the customers that "LOVED" shopping at Market Basket, the appearance, the prices, the well groomed and trained employees, now it's gone, if Market Basket can ever recover from this corporate blunder, it will be a long time. Hopefully Shaws of Hannaford will take advantage of this.

Do The Right Thing

People need to work. Customers need to shop. Contractors need to deliver. Can you tell us why Arthur T must go??? Hurting your employees will not sit well with customers and distributors. Compromise, Colaborate,..Communicate

current board

The current board and CEO do not care about their employees or customers. I do not blame the work force for not wanting to work for these clowns. This board has a lot in common with the administration at the Boston,brockton V.A.

Best Supermarket I've Shopped

I took a chance several months ago to travel from Harwich to Market Basket in Bourne. I'm in my mid-70s. I have been returning every few weeks because of price, employee courtesy and efficiency. Ask an Associate for a case of food and they're off and running; looking for something and they lead you to it; plenty of active checkouts all day long. The Associate and all the staff care; they take all suggestions. I can't wait for a store at our end of Cape Cod.

Very Rude, You Should Rehire

I do not like being treat rudely, nor do I like being looked at like I am in the wrong for shopping in the Rindge NH store. This is not the first time that this has happened, either. It is understandable that the employees are upset about what is happening right now, but it gives them no right to treat customers rudely. I am very disappointed and displeased.

Terminate intimidating employees

Recently visited the Salem Nh store on Thursday at approximately 3pm, the manager gave off some very intimidating glares and made it clear no shoppers were welcome. These type of intimidation tactics should never be tolerated...time for TERMINATION!

whats going on

I don't know too much that's going on, but i do think that cop orate should send in spies to see what some of these employees are doing in their stores.

re: Long Time Customer

What right do the people on the board have to change an entire system simply because they want more money for themselves. Artie T treats employees as humans. Arthur S wants to sell the company off and those lovely prices you enjoy, you won't get anymore. Enjoy that!


I can not believe the heads of this company are acting like little children. I love Market Basket but if Arthur T is not reinstated Back to Shaws for me their prices are coming down. The Milford NH store is the best ever I love to shop there. Please grow up and stop this ridiculous behavior. Arthur T has been doing the best job ever so why get rid of him. GROW UP !!!!!

bring back Arthur T

Family fueds should not be in the public eye. It does not look good for anyone. But to bring resentments to this level is shameful. Arthur T. Has done a fine job for customers and employees. Bring him back please. Threatening your employees for exercising theis right is equally shameful. Isnt this family rich enough?


I am a 30+ year customer of Market Basket. I refuse to shop there again until Arthur T. Is reinstated! I urge all shoppers to boycott Market Basket until this happens!

Reinstatement of Arthur T. Demoulas

Please reinstate Arthur T. Demoulas as CEO and let him continue the Market Basket tradition of excellent customer service and consumer value. Here in New Hampshire, we have a choice of several great supermarkets, and ATD's Market Basket was a very welcome addition to the mix. That said, we will return to shopping exclusively at Hanafords if ATD is not reinstated as CEO. Thanks!

bring back mr. demoulas

thumbs down to the board of directors at market basket. they replaced a well loved ceo with a family connection to the store and replaced with corporate raiders. old radio shack ceo and some small co ceo. i am not an employee just a previous shopper. old ceo is so loved that employees are risking jobs to support him. if any employees are fired for supporting the old ceo i will organize some sort of customer boycott.

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