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put my wife in danger by letting unwanted man check in and see what room we we're in.

I have been humiliated by the staff and have been put in danger by the management itself and now being without a room with the weather being heavy snow and winds because they filled up over night. making reservations for


The Days in in Arlington Texas Six Flags Mall need to be closed down. I expected more from Days Inn. You all need to close this hotel or remove you name off of it.

Stay at Days Inn

I stayed at Days Inn in Priceville,Alabama on aug 13, 2014. This was the worst hotel room ever. It smelled musty really bad, the toilet sounded like a train, the air conditioner was loud, and the room was dirty. I could hear the room next to me cleaning a razor threw the wall. Dont stay here! Rating of a negitive 9.

Bad service

Had a pleasant stay. The problem they needed a credit card on file just in case there was damage to the room. They locked up $86.15 out of my account. This seems like an odd amount. They never said they were going to take money out, just card on file. Talking to the hotel and to corporate office, these are the biggest idiots I have dealt with in a long time. No body knows anything, Nobody wants to know anything. Manager was suppose to call me back, have not herd from him in 8 hrs. He's already left for the day. Corporate is no better. No one can explain why $86.15, ( odd amount ) was taken out and they wont put it back.

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