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bought a rope bracelet with magnetic clasp. Waited 3 months after ordering the bracelet to come in. Wore the bracelet twice before it fell off and was lost due to the magnetic clasp. Now I'm told that a safety clasp could be put on the bracelet as a safeguard which they can do. So I'm buying another bracelet, (paying twice), and having them put on a safety clasp. Should'nt they have recognized this problem and advised their customers. They have lost me as a loyal customer of their merchandise.

Bought two rings. One in 2012 and the stone came out in october 2012. Paid 1000 for the ring. Another stone came out also. Will not buy another ring or any jewelry from him. Have bought cheaper rings and the stones are still in them. Check out reviews before you buy.

I am very disappointed with my experience with David Yurman. A ring I had ordered May 24th 2010 and told would be in 8 weeks has yet to arrive in the 12+ weeks. Many calls to the Corporate Office specifically to Ann Wallace have gone unanswered. I was able to speak to a real person at the Corporate Office in NY also but still was not able to get answer as to an expected date for the arrival of my husbands wedding band. We were married June 25th and hoping for it to arrive as promised. I called the store today and am now being told it should be in the first week in September which is pretty open to interpretation with no actual specific date. This has been our first and last purchase with David Yurman. If the date gets pushed back again we will be returning to the store to get a refund and just go to Tiffany's as originally planned.

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