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All they do is lie.

Gave my deposit in August, closed on the loan in first week of Dec and the only communications I have had with the sales person is only when I call or text him to get updates as to when they can possibly start construction on my home. I know they do not attempt to start work during the holiday season, but how about a courtesy call to keep us informed! You have my money!

DWH is the builder in our gated community and have been nothing but a pain since they started. Their so called general contractor does not know what his job is. He thinks he owns and rules a gated community, to the point of removing community property "gate modules" so that subcontractors and delivery of equipment can be made outside the legal times. Are they someone you would like building in your community ????

Not all of this is new (No i in team), but overall it is a much beettr, more in-depth, insightful, thus convincing brand presentation than „adidas is all in“, which I thought was rather uninspired, if not confusing. Congratulations and keep going.

Howdy!How are things going? It's good to know that you are still aronud this website. Did you had problems with Google during the last update? It seems that your blog is one of the strongest in the current SERP's! Hope you will maintain the quality, just don't forget about your friends C ya soon!

We did our homework and researched builders in the houston texas area and found good reviews for DWH. Unfortunately we did not do enough research. Since the very start we have had nothing but problems with DWH sales and construction people. Honesty is important, don't expect any truth from DWH. From the start I have kept a construction report, dates, meetings and findings. Today we are in the house and have found what DHW calls warranty issues. Well try to get a warranty taken care of, we are still waiting afer almost (3) months. My thought is that DWH may have started out good but like so many others end up bad. If you go with DWH, don't expect anything but problems during and after construction. We did the survey at the end once we moved into the home. With all the negative comments we supplied the surveyor you would expect a follow up from DWH. Three months and nothing. What a mistake I made going with DWH. If my report could be published to this site you would be reading now. If you go with DWH I wish you the best of luck and I will not say "I told you so".

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