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Scouting Team

The reason i love football is because how scouts bring impact player's to an organization. I would love to call Dallas nation my home. Willing to start from the bottom and learn from your team. If the coach of Miami Heat can start from the bottom, all i ask for is an opportunity. And keep an eye on Noter Dame LB #9 as he's in his first year. He is also from the same town as me. I've followed him as he has grown.

If the Dallas Cowboys had picked up Tim Tebow in 2013. God would have richly blessed them with a Super Bowl victory in 2014. Tim has strongly stood for his deep convictions for his belief in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Texas is a strong Bible state. Jerry Jones has been richly blessed by God with great success in business acumen. God would have used this platform to carry them on to victory!

greenbay game

First if you are having a successful running game you dont stop running alrtogether you have to mix it up im a 34year fan and as a fan we are disappointed mix it up we want to see a playoff birth


To whom this may concern, My name is Daniel Albert Ricketts, Petty Officer First Class Royal Canadian Navy. I've served in Afghanistan on rotation TFK 10. During this time I've lost many brother's and sister, worked along, fought along and seen your young soldier's excel. I will be par taking in your Monday Night event vs the Bear's. I'm a Royal Canadian Navy veteran of 25 years who volunteered to fight in the sand, proud to say we held the line, with your your outstanding support, all our men and woman took the brunt and stand of the Taliban for 2010 in Southern Afghanistan. We mourned many losses always shaking hands after a meal tap on the hat see you next time boy’s and yes some ladies in there. The entire campaign for Canada we lost one Sailor, many more hearts crossed. I was one of 4 sailors on the ground to lose a friend three day’s in. My bucket list has always been a game at Cowboy Stadium, my friend had several and as sailor’s we’ve filled a few. I would be deeply honoured if I could be part of your Colour Guard alongside your Force, I will be on annual leave if so honoured full dress uniform in tow, for the game, bucket list short sleeves black and white. I will be travailing to Fort Worth on 29th Sept 12, my dress in hand. For your considerations, Sir/Ma'am.

My Name is Dwayne C Jackson, and I am in very much need of the support of the Dallas Cowboys Organization, in supporting a US Marine a member of the US Olympic Boxing Team this support will prove to be a win win for all involved, Now I may be somewhat partial regarding the this considering I am Retired US Marine, so my loyalty to a fellow comrade a brother will always lean in that direction, After acknowledging that support was required in his behave is the intent and reasoning of this inquiry to the Dallas Cowboy Organization, I understand that this is not the affiliated office of the Cowboys but it is may hope that this message shall reach them. I myself am a long time fan and supporter of the Cowboys and it is my desire that a member of their office should find interest in this and would prompt the desire to contact me. So those who may view this if you have the resources and the means to establish communication with the Cowboys organization please do so; again this is not for me but for a member of the US Olympic Boxing Team. I can be reached at g4embarkmaster1@gmail.com, Thank you and have blessed day.

hi my name is leszek ropel iam living in poland and i am big fan of cowboys.In poland funs of american footbol started to play american footbol.In my city Sopot they organized team there are teams in 10 cities they started leauqe.There is more and more funs every month.Too support fan base i am opening fun club pub.Because we dont have any materials about footboll,posters picture used gears used tickets bolls helmets anyting about NFL teams any memoribilia.I like disply them on walls in ours club.If you can send me anything abouth NFL teams, players,stadiums,history .I willbe very gratefull.My adres leszek ropel woj pomorskie 81813 sopot al niepodleglosci755am1 poland thank you

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