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I don't think CVS should be open for the 4th of July. I mean its Independence Day. You should be closed.

CVS Salinas south main

I have called 7 different times today. The last time being 11::00pm placed on hold for 45 minutes all 7 times. Not one person answers the phone. Terrible customers service.

Won't go out of their way

They would not help me find medicine they did not have by calling other pharmacies in the neighborhood on my behalf corporate back them up

Rude pharmacy staff

Staff at Moody, Alabama are the most rude and inconsiderate pharmacists with whom I have ever done business. When I questioned why they did not fill one of three prescriptions for my wife, the reply was "it is our policy". They were apparently questioning the judgment and ability of her physician.

Store Will Not Fill Rx

Contacted my (very local) CVS, and was advised that they were unable to fill a desperately needed pain medication, due to an "audit", it would not be available until tomorrow! After ten years, I will be transferring all scrips to Rite Aide, and praying that further consolidation DOES NOT continue!

Mobility Carts

I would like to see Mobility Carts at my local CVS store - it's on Crenshaw Blvd and Coliseum Avenue It is needed. Lots of seniors and disabled in the area, I'm one of them Thank you

minute clinic

Good service , but not happy about the cost of TB test. Last year it cost 39 dollars and this year its 28 dollars to give it and 28 dollars to read it. The cost is up 44%. will take my business else where.

no smokes

This place claims to quit selling cigarettes for peoples health. Yet keeps selling alcohol that causes liver disorders and escalates other health problems! The real motive is the Mistry. Would like to know the real reason. It is not your health as they claim.

Pharmacy problems in Palmetto, FL

Now I will have to drive out of my way by several miles to find a pharmacy that I can depend on. I have had several issues with the pharmacy on 8th Ave. in Palmetto, FL. I have complained to the Manager's there with no change. Now that I did complain, the pharmacy tech's and pharmacist have made it harder for me. Taking longer to fill my scripts and also not texting me anymore to let me know my scripts are ready.

No help what so ever!!

I was calling to complain about a CVS Pharmacy on 8th Ave. in Palmetto, FL I have made several complaints to the Managers there and no change has come about. I have CVS Caremark Insurance and I will be sure NEVER to use them again!!!

Tobacco vs Alcohol

I commend you on your fight for tobacco free America, however, the CVS stores in my area seem to be promoting alcohol use. The first item seen when entering any CVS in my area is some type of alcoholic beverage. I find alcohol as offensive and dangerous to the user as well as others as tobacco. might want to rethink your stand on both topics. I am unable to rate this company


I think it is very commendable of you to remove cigarettes from you shelves, but when I see CVS employees standing outside the store smoking on their break, it kind of makes a mockery of what you are trying to do.

Thank you

Thank you so much for the corporate decision to stop the sale of cigarrettes in your stores. as a result of your responsible decision, me and my friends and relatives have decided to search out CVS for our patronage even when it is a little inconvenient. i.e. when a Walgreens or some other pharmacy is right across the street. We have always preferred CVS over the others anyway! I took a time out to write this review because I think it is important for you to know how much we appreciate your corporate attitude toward helping people with their health. You're the best! Jim L. & Kathy

Flu shot

Got flu shot at CVS-Dominion. Leon Springs.TX. Really hurt. By bedtime arm swollen, approx 4" bruise. Went back next day to show pharmacist. She winced upon viewing it and said "oh, I hit a vein" which explain blood running down arm after shot. She said try ice and watch for red streaks running down arm. Boy do I feel warm and fuzzy! Walgreens next year!


I wish to graduate your company for making the decision not to sell tobacco products in your stores, I have lost several family members to tobacco products, including my father. Thank you again for making this decision.

Annoying Telephone Calls

Please discontinue the annoying telephone calls! There is no way I can opt out...So the onus is on you to do. Do not let this automated system destroy the relationship that most of us have enjoyed with CVS. Read the reviews and acknowledge the dissatisfaction your customers are experiencing with this automated system.

phone calls

I am getting calls that my prescriptions are ready I confirm then get a to the pharmacy and they don't have a clue what I am talking about. I am then told the computer just does that and we can't help you fix the problem!! You can either be called when your prescriptions are not ready or not be called at all!! . I asked is there was a CVS number where I could call to fix the problem, I was give a phone number that was automated saying you can opt out (not fix the problem, they got the corporate office on line and got someone who told me yes, the calls that tell you your prescription are ready don't work very well, best t opt out!!!Someone at the top of CVS is making to much money and not doing a good job

I received horrible service from the CVS Pharmacy staff in Cleveland, Ohio on 8/7/14. It took them six hours to find my prescription, which they kept, telling me they did not have fax to them by my doctors office. My doctors offices e-scripted it and called it in and they still said they had not received it. Only then I called another CVS and complained and asked for help, did we get to the bottom of this. They all need to be retrained, and the pharmacist need to go back to school, as well as the assistants. I have transferred my profile out of the location because they are incompetent.


So i get a tooth pulled and am feeling bad...I push my 66 year old self to go to CVS to pick up my prescriptions....get there and they tell me...oh u can't pick up any NEW prescription when the pharmacist is out to lunch, it is the law...special,would be nice if this was posted somewhere or on the recording that calls me for a reminder to pick up meds....very inconvenient when I already felt awful, now I have to make another unnecessary trip there, not good! Chico ca cvs

Short filling Controlled Substances

Never Again will I do business with CVS - Not Ever

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