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Annoying Telephone Calls

Please discontinue the annoying telephone calls! There is no way I can opt out...So the onus is on you to do. Do not let this automated system destroy the relationship that most of us have enjoyed with CVS. Read the reviews and acknowledge the dissatisfaction your customers are experiencing with this automated system.

phone calls

I am getting calls that my prescriptions are ready I confirm then get a to the pharmacy and they don't have a clue what I am talking about. I am then told the computer just does that and we can't help you fix the problem!! You can either be called when your prescriptions are not ready or not be called at all!! . I asked is there was a CVS number where I could call to fix the problem, I was give a phone number that was automated saying you can opt out (not fix the problem, they got the corporate office on line and got someone who told me yes, the calls that tell you your prescription are ready don't work very well, best t opt out!!!Someone at the top of CVS is making to much money and not doing a good job

I received horrible service from the CVS Pharmacy staff in Cleveland, Ohio on 8/7/14. It took them six hours to find my prescription, which they kept, telling me they did not have fax to them by my doctors office. My doctors offices e-scripted it and called it in and they still said they had not received it. Only then I called another CVS and complained and asked for help, did we get to the bottom of this. They all need to be retrained, and the pharmacist need to go back to school, as well as the assistants. I have transferred my profile out of the location because they are incompetent.


So i get a tooth pulled and am feeling bad...I push my 66 year old self to go to CVS to pick up my prescriptions....get there and they tell me...oh u can't pick up any NEW prescription when the pharmacist is out to lunch, it is the law...special,would be nice if this was posted somewhere or on the recording that calls me for a reminder to pick up meds....very inconvenient when I already felt awful, now I have to make another unnecessary trip there, not good! Chico ca cvs

Short filling Controlled Substances

Never Again will I do business with CVS - Not Ever

Last Tues. I took my husband's morphine prescription to the CVS at Windmill and Spencer in Las Vegas for a refill. The woman looked it up on the computer and threw the prescription back at me and said they couldn't fill it . I asked her why since we have been filing it there for over a year. She would not give me an answer. I asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager. She was rude and nasty. We will never set foot in that store again.

cvs store at 15th and airdepot in midwest city okla

the cvs pharmacy at 15th and air depot st. in Midwest city okla . is the best pharmacy I have ever used. They are very helpful and courteous. they go out of their way to help you. I have changed all my prescriptions to them. every person that works there deservers a raise in pay.

Give me ,my money back

I paid for a money gram for $66.34 dollar I gave the cashier $100.00 bill. WE were talking about the money gram she gave me a pen I went back to the phone, she did not give me my change, I want the corporate office to pay me back please. I will call the number this was at the Detroit Michigan CVS # 8175 please hiring more people

photo department

I recently went to CVS in Wallingford, Connecticut to develop photos from my iphone. I did not have a clue as to how to do this. Two employees were invaluable in assisting me with this task. Lori and Courtney walked me through the procedure with courtesy and kindness and I could not have done it without them. They are outstanding with their customer service and expertise. CVS is very fortunate to have them and I am thankful they work in Wallingford. These two CVS employees are to be commended. Many thanks.

don't like it

I will not go there to send money or pick up money the employee are rude and hateful and a cashier took my hundred dollars and put it in there pocket and the manager didn't do anything but laught

A&d ointment

My wife bought a (small) size of A&D ointment and was charged the large price.of $11.99. At CVS 2138 Tustin Blvd. (Tustin @Katella). at 1:32P.m. on January 9, 2014. The price was later exchanged for the smaller price of $2.97. I fealt that there was scamming going on in this store!

Best customer care EVER!!!

Talk about care, no one (no pharmacy ANYWHERE,) has given me the absolute personal attention that was bestowed on me from Edmund and Cherry at the CVS pharmacy located in the Plaza Center store #9927. I thank you and hope your CEO will read this and realize what a DYNAMIC DUO the two of you are.

Infant child given another patients prescription

Not good!!! The only reason this was caught, in time, prior to giving to my infant child is because the other patient came to pick up their medication. Your pharmacy gave me someone else's medication. This could have been a fatal mistake! No room for error. These techs need in store testing as part of the hiring process, or something. As do the pharmacist. Do all prescriptions require approval my pharmacist prior patients puck up? I understand, people make mistakes. Each and everyone does it. But in some areas...there is no room for human error. Please....this should not occur, ever!!

Terrible customer service

I have never dealt with a company with such bad customer service. You get transferred...transferred...transferred..,transferred...disconnected....transferred. Then u finally give up. Wish my work would get a different drug company

Mahalo Long's Drug

just wanted to let corp know what a great person you have representing your Hawaiian chain. Craig in the new Waimea/Kamuela store on the Big Island, went the extra mile to help me even after being informed that I was a Kaiser Permanente participant not covered by your store yet. I won't forget the kindness when I shop in the area. Mahalo Craig!!!

Auto Pay Problems 5 Mo's Now!

I have my prescriptions through the CVS on Abby Lane in Palmyra, Va., and have for over 5 years. Over the past 6 months I continually have problems with my auto refill plan, and each month I get a different excuse every time...new employee's, it was the doctors fault, we've been busy, etc. They blow you off and don't act at all like they are concerned about the problem. I'm about ready to pull my hair out. This CVS is within 5 min. of my home; the next closest would be an hour round trip. This store needs to have a whole new staff hired and quit making excuses!

Hope you follow through with saying no ROLLING STONES magazine in store

I as a good customer wish to thank CVS for sticking up and canceling the Rolling Stones magazine showing the Boston Killer on front not to sell this magazine in their many American stores. The world is so mixed up and confused . So many poor folks in Boston are damaged now for life and Why praise a killer who received the kind aid from America and in return killed and damaged American lives Thank You CVS for your turn down of this simple act in not selling this magazine ROLLING STONES.!!!!


It's awful the way the pharmacy works on refills, every month I go thru the same procedure for a Dr. authorization for the same medication, In this place nobody do anything and whoever answer your call say that he/she will "call', make you wait for days just to find out nobody does and goes thru the same process all over, I simply HATE this insurance that for some damn reason I'm stuck to for at least a year, worst pharmacy ever. Lousy customer service, with no knowledge at all on how to proceed or perfoms their duties.

Bait and switch

My husband John has been getting his insulin and other meds thru CVS for ten years...I saw him dealing with this annoying phone service for many years.....but since this Silver Script has come on board, it has become a NIGHTMARE. So many phone calls, each one a run-a- round; many, many excuses; promises galore with NO outcome! ... More frustrating phone calls to CVS with no results. The latest ( after having to borrow Insulin from a relative!!! to go on a vacation,...CVS still giving us the run-a-round!) Is a bait & switch tactic of quoting us one price, we sent the money, and now, a month later, they want more!, and are still HOLDING his insulin. We are DONE with CVS, and we are in our 70's and don't need this aggravation in our lives

Need a bed to get service

If you go to the drive thru bring a mattress for you have to wait in line for 30 minutes and wait I called their customer relations line and they hung up great service.

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