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i was thinking of joining Curves again, but after reading these posts above. I will not. Not very good advertising for you. I belonged years ago when it first started up. Wow is all i can say.


i live in the mechanicsville virginia area and went to the location on bell creek rd which is very close to me, i went a couple of times but they always are playig christian music. is this a christian or church run organizartion? if so then it would not be for me. nor my firends who are of many backgrounds. if you are not a christian run religous group thei i do not think it is fair to play christian rock at your faciliities. we pay for our membership and should \not be forced to listen to christian music. if you are religously run then tell people before they pay!

Curves Brazil at Araraquara - Terrible

I want to complain about Curves from Brazil at Araraquara city, São Paulo state. The owner from this Cuves unit is totally not professional. She doesn´t know the meaning about treat customers. I think if you have people like this as owner of business that takes the name Curves you can be damaged. I complained to Curves Brazil too, but i want you to ask for more information’s about this case, because i got totally unhappy with the situation and i want explanations of all the levels of this company. I´m sure you will answer cause i believe you are more professional than the owner here at Araraquara

Curves Machines

After struggling for 5 years and putting money out of her own pocket into the Curves account just to keep it running my boss is closing our doors. What irks me is our previous owners, the Heavins, allowed Curves to donate machines to a nonprofit organization. Now my boss has to get her heart broken once more by taking these machines worth thousands of dollars to a junk yard where they will be destroyed!!! I believe she has paid for those machines over and over again in the past years with all the fees Curves charges to stay open and with her own money she's put into over the years. Shame on you Curves for wasting something that could continue to be used at a church where our ladies could continue to workout for free.

What is the point of having an e-mail website if it doesn't work?

belt and shorts

I am an Avon representative, I am a teacher and do this part time. I am apalled at how this company (Curves) has allowed Avon to make a bad name for them. Many clients are ordering these work out belts and shorts and such and the clients have to wait monts to either get them or not get them at all. I will be calling both companies and see who's fault is it that clients are thinking that it is the representatives not delivering.


Curves is not for just women as advertised I am very mad that I was lied to and misled to believe this and I will not be returning I will now go to Fit Works they offer more and if I have to work out with a bunch of men I may as well do it where the gym is better. You people lied to all of us women and you should be accountable for it. I will tell all my Silver Sneakers friends this and advise them to go elsewhere

What are you doing?!?!?!?

Why is the new corporate body changing so much of what makes Curves so inviting and so special? The demands now being made on the owners are rediculous. The nutrition component is good, but taking down everything on the walls that is inviting and encouraging is silly. It's becoming depressing. Our owner works hard to make her franchise cheery and helpful. Get out from behind your desks and visit come of the franchises before you decide that each should be stark, cold, and uninviting!! :>(

I've been a member for 1 year. They are taking away a class that is given 10 times a month, and also taking away the dumbbells used on the recovery boards. This is going backwards! My contract is up, so I am going to another gym.

I am really disgusted with this organization that is making Curves in our area close down due to new changes in your corporate business. I have been a Curves happy client for more than eight years. Loved every time that I went to exercise!!! Unfortunately, your corporation is making it difficult for anyone in our area to belong to Curves as the places are closing down one after the other. I thought the idea of such a big corporation is to have as many offices around the country not to close them down one by one!!! I am very disappointed as I will be moving from one Curves to another as they close down!!! Was a very satisfied customer until recently but now...... what can I say!!!

Local curves is not honoring the 30 day free guest pass because i bought and paid for and am using a groupon for sessions. How is that right?


I have been a member of Curves for over 12 years and enjoy working out there very much. It is an important part of my day. However, recently three of our local Curves were purchased and changes are being made. Such as not opening until 9-10 in the morning, closing 1-2 hours for lunch, and closing earlier. This is not acceptable to us members. Several of us will quit one of these three Curves (Daleville, Roanoke and Salem, Virginia) if these changes are made. Many of the older women work out at 7:00 when it opens, many work out during their lunch at 1-2:00. Many of us have asked for Curves to open at 7:00 each morning as on Tuesay and Thursday it opens at 8:00. But this has not happened. Now these other changes are about to be made!!! I understand Hollins has already lost some members, others are threatening to quit. Salem is already closing for lunch. There is no reason to close at lunch, as the staff is more then happy to eat on site. I sincerely hope these changes do not occur, as many of us will quit Curves if they take effect. I recently talked my two daughters (one in Texas, one in California) to joining Curves and I pay for them. I will also ask them to find someplace else to workout, as I will have to also. So please do not make these changes and let us members continue to enjoy our time at Curves.

Gary Heavin with the help of Jane Keil and her partners have raped, beaten, and stolen through my mother [Jane is still using Paymetron to bilk her former clients}. This man should not be allowed around women, men or animals. Respectfully, Former Believer

I just found out that I had 12 months of payment for Curves taken out of my checking account. No one gave permission for this money to be taken out of my checking. I had leg surgery and wasn't able to go back to Curves. I had a doctor slip stating that because of the surgery I wasn't able to use the machines anymore. I paid the first fee of $30.00 and never completed that in full because of the surgery. I think that Emma is dishonest and I am not sure that she even knows what a christian is. I thought she was very nice when I started on the program. At that time I didn't know that I would have to have surgery on my leg. She took a total of $408.00 out of my checking account. I thought that this was illegal unless you had permission to do this. I think she has comitted fraud. I sure know that I didn't give permission for her to do this. She had doctor documentation and she also knew that I was having leg surgery. We have an attorney and I have turned her into the Better Bussiness Bureau. I will do whatever it takes to get it arrested so she doesn't do this to anyone else. She said I hadn't contacted her and that is why she took the money. To me this is also stealing and she should be punished in some way. I live in Terre Haute Indiana and if you could I don't know her last name so if you could give this to me I would appreciate it. Our attorney has already taken the case and he is checking on several different items. I also have another doctor slip from the doctor who did the leg surgery. I also had to stop payment at the bank so she wouldn't continue to take money out of my account. What I would like to know is why she never called me to see when I could come back to Curves and to see what the out come of my surgery was. She had doctor documentation and she knew that the doctor would't let me come back. She is very dishonest and from some of the items I just read other people have had the same things done to them and are sueing which I will also do unless she makes it right and gives out money back to us. I believe that taking money out of a checking account is not legal. Also the cost for the stop payment on the checks was $25.00 and the attorney fees. I expect these to be paid by her. The Better Business Bureau knows what I expect. I want all of my money back and I will make sure that people know not to join Curves because it is a very dishonest exercise fitness program. My address is 6052 N Clinton St. Terre Haute IN 47805, phone # (812) 466-2428. If you need any further information I would give you whatever you need to get this taken care of. I only went to Curves for not even 2 weeks before I had to have surgery. So paying for 12 months was not fair at all. Thank you and I hope you can get her to do the right thing.

I work at Curves, I recently brought a balance ball in to sit on while I work behind the desk. I also use it for myself when I have time to work-out. It is not for any of the members use. I was told it could not be kept here.... I keep it in the back where it cannot be used by any members. Could you please explain why this is against corporate rules. My understanding is that curves is to promote healthy habits....

eCorporateOffices: You have posted my letter with my personal information on your website. I wrote a letter to Curves and you got it somehow! Please take it off! I have received a letter and three phone calls from people who think I work for Curves. This is probably because my name appears on the first screen and these people didn't go to the next screen before they called or wrote to me. All of these people have been scammed by Curves just as I was. NOW YOU ARE MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO GET MY PERSONAL INFO OFF YOUR SITE. Please delete my entire letter from your site.

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