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If you are worried about gas miegale, then I wouldn't look at a 3500 model or any other truck for that matter. If you want pulling power, then this sounds like the truck for you. Also, anyone who is a diehard Dodge owner knows that the 2500/3500 models always change a year after the 1500 models, so this change should come as no shock to anyone. Changes are made every year and that is the way it is. We have a 2010 Ram 1500 that tows all we need it to and it is absolutely to best riding, equipped and handling truck we have ever owned!! Dodge is definitely on to something now keep up the good work!

You are missing the point. People geearnlly do not buy a 2500/3500/4500 because they want to, it is because they have to. Fuel mileage and reliability are the two single most important factors because my truck has to do work everyday. These hp and torque wars must stop. You do not need 800ft lbs of torque. In my '03 Duramax with 520 ftlbs of torque was enough. I pull a 15,000lb trailer every day of the week. If I can save 2 mpg per year that pays for the truck payments. Fuel mileage is everything but the truck has to be rated to do what I want to do. I do not understand why the 4500 with a larger frame, axles, transmission and brakes is rated for a less GCVW than the new 3500. I am switching from a GM because I can get a manual transmission and I believe that being able to control the gear changes and not downshifting at every hill and losing a bit of speed will net me better fuel mileage.

Sorry , correction, At 1600 rpm and 800 foot-pounds of tquore, you get aprox. 244 horsepower. The formula is ft lbs, times rpm, times 3.14, times 2, then divide this by 33000. You can test this formula at any tquore and rpm combination to get your horsepower. This is where v 8 engines or v 6 engines pull head. /When max horsepower is given, you will also be given the rpm, but tquore is missing. Here is the formula for finding the tquore at the max horsepower rating of your engine. HP, divided by RPM, divided by 3.14, times 2, times 33000. You can test this formula at any horsepower and rpm combination.

I need to contact the head for latin America operations (Venezuela) in Marine engines at USA ? I have bieng with a problem on one of our boats for almost 2 years and your cummins representative at Venezuela is doing very little. I can not wait any longer . My e mail is rbriceno@tpstotal.com and phone 786 4494941 (USA) . please i need a solution and i do appreciate your quick response . Many thanks in advance , Ruben Briceno.

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