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This company is a total ripoff. THey will not work with you and will not talk with you about any problem that arises. Once they have your money consider it "GONE". You have no recourse. NEVER rent from this company. It is a RIPOFF !!!!!

Never rent from cruise america! When we reted the RV all seemed fine. When we arrived at our destination all was fine. The next morning the microwave didnt work and the fridge stopped working. All my food was spoiled. I called where I rented from in austin texas and she told me there is nothing she could do. I called the help line and walked through troubleshooting. Needless to say my option were either i could take it to a service center OR i had to go buy a cooler and $10 of ice a day to be reimbursed when I got back. We could not leave our spot so our only option is suffer for 5 days. I have spoke to the customer service 4 times and no one could help me. I spent over 1400.00 to have nothing working and they tell me to go buy ice and ill get reimbursed, really is that a joke. What has customer service come to? Unreal!!! I will never rent from these crooks again and I will make sure that I warn everyone know how this conpany really works. These campers are crap!

We recently rented a 25' motor home frome cruise America, Estero. Long story short- They were 4hrs late getting the vehicle ready- the propriotor informed us that the refrigerator was not working, he came out of the back room with a cooler, threw it on the floor and said, "Here's your refrigerator"! When we asked if we would be compensated for the inconvenience he said "I'm not renting you a refrigerator, I'm renting you a motor home." We had no choice but to take the cooler as there was nothing else available for the Memorial Day weekend. He was very rude and acted as if he really didn't give a shit how our weekend went. I will never rent from cruise America again. With all the complaints they've had I find it hard to believe they'll be in busines much longer.

Renters Beware of Cruise America Rental Policies. Agent failed to tell us there is an upcharge for generator use. So, as a first time user (and I might add last from Cruise America, New name should be Screw America) I assumed you needed the generator on to run lights, water pump and fans. To my surprise I was surcharged $228.00 for generator use that came in an RV that I already paid to rent. Sort of rent within rent, or what I would call scamming the customer. But it does not stop there. The number one cause of death in RV's is carbom monoxide. Guess what, Cruise America rented me this RV with a 4" long hole in the generator exhaust pipe which happen to be directly under the rear bedroom. First night the carbon monoxide alarm went off. We search everywhere to source the cause but could not find anything. Of course not thinking the unit we rented was poorly prepared, and now doubtful was even inspected between rents. We even opened windows, ran the bathroom fan, still the detector would not stop. The second night the detector again continuously went off. The next morning we crawled under the RV and found the exhaust pipe leak. I called the service number, and after 45 minutes finally someone answered. After explaining what we found, CA was dispatching a service man immediately, (remember the number one cause of death in RV), well no one showed up. After two hours I called again, and like last time I waited and waited and waited, 45 minutes and then left a strong message on voice recording. This got a prompt reply within 5 minutes, which at that time I was told the service man would be there shortly. (Please keep in mind the unit is setting at Talladega Raceway Park and CA service is within golf cart driving distance). The service person actually showed up about 5 minutes after the reply call. I explained the situation to him and he was shocked (yeah right) that the unit left the agents lot in the condition it was in. (Did I fail to mention to you that two cupboard doors where broken and the glass in the entry door fell down into the door to which I had to pull back up and hold it with duck tape). (Did I also fail to mention there were two large cuts in the floor, one being over 12" long, was really attractive). Back to the generator, the service man said he did not have a replacement pipe. (The night time temperature at Talladega last weekend was 40 degrees F). When I explained the need for heat and light, he took off the old pipe and said he was going to fix it back at his shop. This was around 2:00 pm Saturday October 22nd. At 5:00 pm I called CA again and they assured me the service person was on his way back out with the repaired pipe. At 9:00 pm I called again and this time I was not pleasant on the phone. I started to get a strong feeling Cruise America was anything but a reputable company. Finally after waiting all day and half the night the service man showed up and quickly fixed the problem. Unfortuneately I lost one whole day of fun at Talladega because Cruise America rents bad product, and quite frankly does not help the RV industry with public relations. Going back to the day I rented the unit I was full of questions since this was my first experience renting an RV. 1. Not once did he explain or make me aware of generator rental charges,($228.00 later)I am very aware as so should everyone else. 2. Before I agreed to rent, the first question I asked was operating costs for gas, he answer back was this unit gets 10 miles to the gallon. Let me tell you with first hand experience driving this unit at 65 MPH on a 70 MPH highway it does not get more than 5 miles per gallon of gas. Did I tell you if he would have been truthfull with me I would have declined from renting the unit. This is just one of the may puzzle pieces that forms my opinion why I believe Cruise America is less than a reputible company. 3. Insurance was the third question. I wanted to know if I should buy supplimental insurance policy to cover any potential issue with and accident. No was the reply from the rental agent. Fortunately we had no issues with the unit and therefore I cannot prove that this could be a problem to unaware rentals when dealing with a company like Cruise America. My expectation and advice is renters beware. I read comments from other Cruise America renters and I can comfirm that the unit rented as presented to me by the agent was at best filthy inside. I can also tell you when I turned it back in it was washed with disinfectant (all surfaces) so next renter would at least have a clean start. My first time experience is now my last. My first time RV experience was at best horrible and lucky that no life was lost. Cruise America should be investigated by the Federal Government for unscrupulous business practices and for renting substandard product. It now all makes sense when you contact Cruise America corporate offices you cannot speak to any corporate level manager or company officer, simply they don't want to speak to their customers to hear about their experince so they can take this information and make it a better company. Why would you do that when you can screw your customers under what I believe was predetermined business planning. In fairness to the rental agent he provided at $75.00 credit to my bill called customer inconvience. Wow, considered it cost me $800 dollars in gas to drive the unit 1524 miles, that I had two very sick passengers from carbon monoxide poisoning, spent another $288.00 in generator rental, and lost a full day at Talladega, was I super happy with the credit. Great job Cruise America, your first and last time RV renter.

I was called with only four days notice and told my reservation could not be filled. I made the reservation a month in advance. Two reason's were the family extended their vacation and there was an accident with a rental. What am I and my family going to do now. How do you tell your children that we can't go on our vacation? This is unbelieveable!! We were given 4 days notice. No RV's are to be found with any other with only 4 days notice!!!!They gave me $100.00 gift certificate WOW. Cruise America are the worse company I have ever been seen. I would like to tell them what they can do with that gift certificate...

Horrible service! When you call with an issue you are placed on a "list" and they inform you an agent will call you back, the call back takes atleast four hours. My boyfriend and I are both active duty military members with limited leave and the seven days we had the camper we had to call them everyday muliple times. The generate didnt work so we had to go found someone to replace the battery then it wasnt getting enough gas which we found out because we had to take it somewhere. We spent half our vacation dealing with issues and trying to contact cruise america. Top it off the muffle fell off the generator. Upon returning the camper if we are not compensated we will work to have them band by military members due to poor service. Do not rent from this very poor run company!

The forum is a brighter place tanhks to your posts. Thanks!

Great article, thank you again for writnig.

We should have known when the rep at the pick up location in Greensboro, NC said that doing an inside inspection "wasn't a big deal". No wonder, with a duct tape smoke detector (that fell on top of my three year old's head and gave him a large bump, a side door lock that was faulty (so we couldn't secure the RV when we left it), unclean upholstery on the bed over the front seats (crumbs and stains), amon g many other things. We had already travelled 4 hours from home and had two small children who were looking forward to their first RV trip so we had to make do. None of these things were "deal breakers" until THIS: In the rental contract it states that the refund is returned upon return. We returned it 5 days ago and still have yet to see the refund. Furthermore, we were told that the RV must be returned by 11:00 a.m. When we arrived at the location, there was no one there! So we contacted Cruise America and they told us to leave the keys in the drop box outside the office. We did that and then the company had the audacity to charge us for an additional day!!!!!! How would they know when we returned the vehicle--THEY WEREN'T EVEN THERE.

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