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I have been a Credo customer for over 14 years and now I would give them a minus rating if I could. I'm sick of pushing buttons trying to get an actual person on the line. It wasn't like that in the "old" days. It's too much to explain here. Enuf to say that now, I can't even get satisfaction from the corporate office. I'm just about out of here and I hate to do this.

Get Your Act Together

There are a lot of things to like about Credo, but, when a year-old Samsung phone's imbedded sim card quit working, it was nearly useless. I contacted the company and was sent a "replacement" (read "refurbished") phone and was told to mail back the defective instrument, using their label for USPS Come to find out, since they are not threatening to charge me the full new-phone cost since they haven't received my returned phone, that USPS (which offers no tracking numbers for prepaid postage) hands these off to UPS, which, according to the postmaster, frequently loses or misplaces for months such packages. "Customer Service" doesn't deviate from their script. They are sorry that they can do nothing since they have no record of the return... Yet, I followed their instructions precisely.

Still waiting for a reply...

I contacted Credo last month, by mail to get a quote on the least expensive offer they had. It's been over 20 days and NO reply!! I guess they prefer people who ask about the most expensive offer and could care less about the poor. In Europe rates as low as $2.60/mo for 2 hours of calls are avail and NO this is NOT a subsidized rate, JUST competition... WHERE do I find this here? You'd think a progressive company like CREDO would offer it but does it?

Horrible Receptionist in Executive Office

Called executive office on 10/14/13 spoke to Sharon several diffrent times, she was rude hung up in my face twice. When she finally figured out who to transfer the call to in accounts payable and I asked for a supervisor was told there is not one.

Credo is a scam

Any company promising a 30 day grace period and then billing immediately after shipping the phones, while having non-existent 4G coverage should be brought up on fraud charges

Ive been a customer for only about 2 1/2 months. In this time, Ive received 3 replacement phones andanother on the way for the Conquer model. I own and operate a small servie business and have a special needs son for whom I need to be in touch with health and administrative professionals on a regualar basis. Each time Ive had to replace the phone, Ive been wothout service for about 2 days. This time, its been 4, going on 5 days. When I asked if I could just get a different phone, I was told that Corporate is tying their (representatives) hands from doing this. I noticed the phone was being offered for $50 in some special offer and that I was willing to pay that $50 to avoid further Conquer problems. They said no because a car dealer wouldnt replace one car with another just because of a few being no good. THIS IS NOT A CAR FOLKS! Its a freakin phone! And you have the scenario of my situation here. The bottom line here is Ive been offered a $50 credit on my bill (what I was willing to pay for a different phone) and no termination fee if I should decided to leave Credo. Well, as soon as I am able, I am going back to Verizon. Credo, you offer terrible customer service. Im sure to tell all my friends, family and clients about this. I may even go to ourlocal news station.

Intelligence and silmpicity - easy to understand how you think.

hi, I am planning to start a small conpmay with international contacts. Planning to supply QA/QC inspectors world wide on temporary basis. Please advice me how to start an office in India. What are the things to be done before starting it. Which are the places where i have to register before starting it. Please do reply me soon. Thanking you.Regards,Jaison

Where's my second post??? Are you guys just here to blast CREDO? I followed my previous post with a story about how the company contacted me and corrected a bad situation, much to my satisfaction. That post was just 2 working days after my previous post and you have not placed it on this site. What's up with this site???

After my last post I am absolutely satisfied with the Credo response. After sending comments to the corporate office explaining my displeasure, I received an offer to make things right. I could not be happier as I do love the Credo business model and they have been responsive to my letter. I do think they need to loosen procedures with their staff and do some training here. Obviously, if a buy out is involved, the situation changes. In my case, our contracts were way past expiration. I am proud that this company responded even though I spent a few days troubled by what happened. This company is far better than ATT, Verizon, etc. I am very happy with them. (Ref: Tom - 8-11-12)

I have been a Credo customer for over 3 years and was satisfied usually during that time. When my phone died I purchased a Samsung Galaxy 11 for $99. I liked the phone and my wife decided that she wanted one also. Her contract was also up so I called to order her a new phone. I was told that the phone would cost $149.00. Their web site showed the phone for $99 for new customers. I argued that my wife was no longer under contract so she should be considered a new customer and why would a company treat loyal customers worse than new customers. Same old corporate garbage! Here's the kicker! I can get the identical phone at ATT on a special as I write for $9.99. Because I believed in the Credo corporate mantra, I was willing to spend $90 more to help their company. There was no budge with this corporation. While the phone handlers were polite, the corporation can't seem to think straight. I have had similar experiences with cable companies and had successful negotiations. There is nobody more progressive in this country than I am. If these people can't hold onto me as a customer than they need to fold up shop!

I join the long list of CREDO mobile customers in reporting extremely poor and condescending customer service. Since receiving "free" phones, I have reported very poor reception which was never resolved. The first bill I received which was issued less than two weeks after service began, billed me for one month in advance as well as a proration for the current monthly bill. My contract with T Mobile was never bought out as promised. I have been billed for voice mails, 800 numbers, unidentified incoming calls, received incessant telemarketing calls which I never experienced before using the same phone numbers, been billed in error for "operator assist" calls never placed, billed for "friends" numbers which were entered into the system, etc. etc. My second bill produced 48 pages of detailed calls, without identification of incoming calls, and bogus charges which brought my bill to well over the 2000 minutes alloted as "free". Furthermore, I am being billed by T Mobile for contract termination fees which were promised to be paid by CREDO whose representative Yvonne, now states that this was a credit only on a CREDO bill. I have never seen a credit on my CREDO bill, nor a payment to T Mobile. Furthermore, instead of providing friendly customer service, Yvonne offers numerous defensive arguments and refuses to even credit billing errors made by CREDO. Their second bill arrived well after the 30 day "free trail" period so that cancellation of their contract is not possible. This is a scam of a company which purports to be progressive but is really out to scam its customers for all it can get. I am returning to T Mobie as soon as I can.

I've been a long-time customer, since the days of "the customer is always right", even insisted my grown son go with Credo mobile and get me a "family" phone. After dealing with their call center: "I am only authorized to credit $30.00, speak to my supervisor." and dealing with insults from that supervisor over an exhorbitantly inflated bill, I regret all our experience and am ready to have another company buy us out!

I've been with CREDO Mobile for 12+ years and CREDO Visa for 3+ years. My take is they are getting so big that they've forgotten their mission: protect consumers. 1) My SANYO-Sprint Credo mobile phone was sold to me with CIQ tracking sftwr that Sprint installed. Who knew? Sprint eventually deactivated it - but couldn't CREDO make sure that it's phones are free of big corporate manipulations BEFORE they sell them? 2) My SANYO-Sprint Credo mobile phone does not work with RadioShack L5 Wireless Phone Recording Controllers. I live alone and because there is no one to witness anything, I have experienced a lot of exploitation. To fight back, I need to create my own 'witness' by occasionally recording commercial phone calls... when I finally screw up the courage to do it - the RadioShack Wireless Phone Recording Controller didn't work... and the moment was lost. 3) Credo VISA is managed by Bank Of America. It is a travesty that CREDO considers BOA a worthy partner... and CREDO refuses to get answers from BOA for me. Instead, they sick the jerks at BOA on me and then consider the issue resolved. Here are the 3questions CREDO refused to get answers from BOA for: 1) Merchant Identity: I really do want to know who the Merchant was, whose problem was so bad that my credit card had to be re-issued w/o my knowledge or consent. Was anyone at BOA supposed to call me or let me know? 2) Money Havesting: Since we talked, I learned that there is actually a name for what BOA did: Money Harvesting. I would like to see the actual response from BOA where it explains in detail how retaining $2.77 of a $400.00 cash advance balance at 19.9% interest after a $6,000 payment was made, is correct in their definition. Since BOA has the same rights as a person now, it should be easy to hold them to account. 3) Debtor Penalty(s) for Partial Payments of LARGE Balances: You know what? I really do want to know what our current banking regulations allow BOA (and other banks) to do to large balance debtors who make partial payments and then walk away. Since CREDO (you personally?) was involved in the development of the failed Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, maybe CREDO can just answer that question instead of BOA having to admit what it's practices actually are. These questions were never answered by CREDO. I repeatedly told them that I would NOT talk to their subcontractor, Bank of America. CREDO did not listen.

These group are communist and liars I treid to get these idiots to expalin my overflated bills .by the way watch out they tact on every dime to your bill even if it is not your calls.they suck hard and sick and tired of there billing me to death ..........take your horrible phones and chunk it in the toiltet for they truly are the worst commie group ever .........screw you communist ..it never worked in Germany Russia or any other country ...........get the hell out of my life dickeheads here is your phones they truly can hear out of it anyway.

I have had Credo for about three months. When buying the phone, the salesperson told me it was unlimited calls and promised me a monthly bill of $29 for the first year; thereafter, it would go up to $39. As a disabled, senior I thought this would save me some of my social security money and disconnected my AT&T telephone. Later I discovered that the "unlimited calls" are not put into effect until after 9:00 p.m. and had to pay an additional $5.00 to begin unlimited at 7:00 p.m. I was out of the country on vacation for over 10 days September through October and left my telephone at home. My most recent bill charged more than the previous month and was close to $50.00. I discovered that Credo charges for all incoming minutes even though the callers are paying for the call and every time I check my voicemail my minutes are being deducted. I was also charged for web charges and never checked the web as I have my computer at home. Lastly, I discovered that an urgent message was not delivered to the party until three hours later which caused me some embarrasment. I called Credo to have my telephone disconnected and to send them back their phone and they told me I would have to pay $160. I plan on going to the SF Office to speak with someone. I am totally frustrated with CREDO!

I have been a CREDO mobile customer for years now. Service-terrible, Support-terrible, they do not even have a 24 hour support line and NO physical locations to take a phone when having problems. I will absolutely NOT renew my current contract. If you like supporting progressive causes, save MONEY with a different mobile company and then DONATE that money to causes that you support. You will experience much less frustration AND more money will support the causes that you do. Bottom line. AVOID CREDO at all costs are remember this when your phone stops working after hours and repeatedly....

Corporate office FAIL! On August 31, 2010 I spoke with Cynthia & Yvonne to arrange to have my address removed from your database (given as profile info for online activism only). And yesterday I got another mailing. I do NOT appreciate that you cannot separate your business from your activists. This is less than ethical if you do not provide a means to notify an activist how their information will be used... and you do not provide a means to opt-out from receiving snail-mail. You're under a microscope... and you FAIL! Have one of them return my call so that I can give your incompetent system another chance.

I have had lots of frustration with credo. Their customer service is great but the coverage and the phone that they gave me (sanyo zio) are unacceptable. I have not had any luck in getting resolution by writing letters to customer service. Next step is to send a letter to the corporate office.

A munite saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!

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