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my child was burned by a server

My wife and I eat at the cracker barrel in bradenton Florida religiously, our server brought out our order for our child and it was wrong we had ordered regular hashbrowns they brought out the casserole, so we asked if we could get the order fixed when she came back out she handed a scalding hot plate to a 10 year old child burning a blister on her left hand causing her to then spill the hashbrowns in her lap and in the floor

new store

we have a motor home, every time we leave home we try to have breakfast at cracker barrel, when at home we have to go 38 mi. to go to your store and get some great chow, how ever just read in the news paper your opening a restraunt in bentenvill Ar...you,thank you, thankyou... thank you, now you will be 14 mi.closer. cant wait till they tare down the old motel and see your store going up, i know i will be there on opening day.

bad meal

was at the cracker barrel at myrtle beach and the food suck. i got my favorite meal. and it was cold. i ate what I could and left there hungry. this is the second time that I have had bad service. but at different places. and my Husband got chicken fry chicken and it was old. I told the waitress and the manager.. the only thing was done was one drink was taken off the bill. ya. so I paid for meal that was cold and that I ate some of it. I think i will start thinking twice before I eat at this places.

Poor hiring skills

What is wrong with the mgrs. interviewing someone after putting in an application online? My son was told he would be called the next day and wasn't. He can never get a mgr. to take his calls. He graduated top of his class in Texas from college in Dec. 2012 but has many skills in culinary cooking too. He can't get a job from his degree and has to have an apartment and eat. I read on here how employees are poorly treated and guess I will turn info. over to Consumer Affairs and BBB for info. These are hard times and there are no excuses for a certain store/restaurant advertising multiple openings and loved my son in interview. I will also ask my corp. I work for about checking into this as we love Cracker Barrel but if that's their current way of caring for future and current employees I want them to know.

Hog Pen

My wife and I eat at a lot of Crackbarrel stores and usually enjoy them until April 1, 2013 at the Parkside Drive, Knox, Tn. Store. It was a Hog Pen with the laziest employees besides being rude. I know this is a management problem but getting to the corporate office is just as pitiful as the service at this particular Hog Pen. I recommend visiting just to see for yourself. I have had my fill.


I have been working at cracker barrel almost a year. At first great now, its falling apart slowly. Management dorsnt care abput employees nor customers at all. The employees care more about the customers, we depend on your tips to live. We they dont care, we dont care, you dont care. Pleasing people is there motto they dont live by. You guaranteed 40 hours at first, then part time. Constantly stressed out management. After my vacation which i was told by other employees they have problems not putting in our vacation so we never actually get paid for... im quitting in june! For good! The people who ha been fired, they make it seem like they quit so no unemployment mostly from the people who have been there 10 years plus!

shelbyville, indiana

we had the most wonderful meal at the cracker barrell at shelbyville, indiana. the food was absolutely delicious. our server, margaret , was so thoughtful and professional. she would fill our glasses before we even asked. the manager came twice over to see how we were doing. the restaurant was very busy, but you were made to feel welcome. we will be a loyal customer because of the great food and service. there were no doggie bags for us.

Cracker Barrel service

My complaint started a week ago at the Cracker Barrel located in Guntersville, Al. hwy. 431. My wife and I wanted to surprize one of our family members w/a birthday dinner party, a party of eight people. To start with our server had got into an argument with another employee about table setting, we were moved to three different locations in the store. The store was not that crowded, the service was the worst we had ever seen. when we left the store my wife was going to write a check to cover the cost. When she was at the register they informed her that the ticket was not correct and she owed around 150.00 for two different tables. I t took them about 15 minutes to get it corrected....The food was either under cooked and cold or burnt so bad that you could not eat it... -by Donald

This store in Davenport Fl that Iwork for for 6 years now is falling apart .This management team does Not respect it's employees

angry wife

The only thing worse than eating at cracker barrel is being an employee and trying to get paid. I think your customer service skills need improvement and so does your management skills. My husband worked there for over 41 hours spanning over a period of 4 weeks and he has not received one single paycheck

Have to send my food back too often

We have a location at which we eat once a week. I find that we don't ever seem to leave any more without having to send something back to the kitchen to have it meet our expectations. i.e. food temp, portion size, degree of doneness. We like the flavor of the food, but they really need to reduce their prices while they re-educate their cook and wait staff on the meaning of customer service. I am like so many other diners. We don't go out because I don't know how to cook. I just want a relaxing, hassle-free experience, without having to be an unpaid supervisor. That is a rare occurrence at CB anymore.

Still the greatest

We ate at Cracker Barrel at Exit 215 I-95 in Titusville, FL, February 23, 2013, the night before the Daytona 500. It was packed, and we thought that we would have an hour wait. Within 15 minutes we were seated and within 3 minutes greeted by our server Beth. Our food arrived quickly. Beth was the best, attentive but not intrusive. Great thanks to Beth and the manager of this very well-run restaurant!

Unfortunately Cracker Barrel seems to be on the defensive since Sadar Biglari started putting on the pressure. I have become disappointed with the chain. I live near the headquarters and am hearing of several long term employees bring fired and being replaced by lower paid employees. CB used to have great food, great employees and was a good investment. However, I don't see anything but trouble ahead for this once great restaurant.


Our family frequents the Shelbyville In location of Cracker Barrel regularly...at our last visit there were computer issues going on and the staff was A+ in trying to take care of the customers ! I believe it is very important to let folks know when they are doing a great job !

Our stand by

Love Cracker Barrel, it's our hockey family standby. Had breakfast today in Nashville store 26 and was served by Kay. She directed me to the Grandma's breakfast that wasn't in the menu and was just what I was Looking for. Great job Kay!

The wife and I are both retired senior citizens and travel around the United States. We have enjoyed eating at Cracker Barrel Restaurants all over the nation, until recently. For years we knew that we would receive fine food and great service. Unfortunately that is no longer the case, if just one location was a problem we would not even bother to write this review. Compared to what we have gotten in previous years to what is handed out today leaves a lot to be desired. Personally we have always thought your items were somewhat pricey, but willing to pay because of the great food and even greater service. That is not today's scenario. The food is coming out under cooked and barely warm. The butter that is brought to the table is frozen so hard that you could knock a Georgia mule down with it, Really not very conducive for spreading on a biscuit that is just about room temperature. We do not know what is happening within your organization, but would suggest a nation pep talk while you still have a platform to talk from. Good food and good service made Cracker Barrel famous, poor food and poor service will close your doors forever.

Fallen in Love

Your restaurants are so unique in the world today - I really value your menu/country retail store/books on tape/customer service/fireplace/down home atmosphere. A Great Package! We all live in the real world and all national restaurant chains have some issues - but Cracker Barrel stands out toward the top in my brain - and I do not hesitate to stop time and time again!!!! Especially when I'm traveling. Thanks!

land for sale

I have been to several of your locations and feel that I have a location in Canton,Ma. for you to review. It is 1/2 mile off the interstate rte 95 with a high traffice volume . The building is 32,000 sq ft and sprinklered. It has had a varied life and once was a grocery store.


why is it they can not get the food out on the tables hot... it is a good place to eat but the food needs to be hot, the place is off of pine forest in pensacola florida

Testing at the Murfreesboro Loc

My service from Jennifer was excellent. My guest ordered the BBQ plate. They no longer serve BBQ at this location. She then decieded to have steak & biscuits. They no longer serve steak & biscuit at this location. They also no longer serve meatloaf sandwich or beefstew. I am a regular customer at this location. We were told that they were doing a test at this location only. Please don't take these items off the menu. If you wanted to change something, serve the Sunday Chicken on another day during week. Maybe Wednesday afternoon for lunch and dinner. Sometimes change is good and sometimes it's best to leave it alone.

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