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I am so upset and confused. I have been getting different and confusing information from Cox live sales, chat, web site and your retail store. I just attempted to return my 20 hour HD DVR recorder for a higher capacity (you web site says 6x) one at your retail store in Williamsburg for the second time. The gentlemen at the store told me that is impossible. I must have it professionally installed for $60. I indicated that I just wanted the extra capacity and none of the contour special features yet. Still no go. I told them (showed them a copy of your email) that chat, live sale folks and web site indicated that I could order the dvr for pickup or delivery for free or at the most $30. The williamsburg location said that the web site and sales were wrong! I have been trying to get the new DVR for a week. I am really disappointed and upset. I will be leaving tomorrow, out of town for a long period and now will miss my favorite shows.

Lousy internet service

I waited for over 10 minutes to get on compose. It never did get there. Went on Cox chat and the rep hung up on me without ever answering anything. I still cannot get on compose. This is a continuing problem. It's like Cox lacks the capacity to handle all of the traffic at busy internet times. By far, they are the worse internet company out there.

Bulk Accounts

I am seriously in complete shock when dealing with your reps. They are unreal. They don't know what the heck they are doing. GOD!

poor service

the corporate office people do not know what they are doing

Customer service reps are quite rude and unprofessional

Horrible customer service. Cox must train their reps to be rude to everyone. My contract expires soon and I wanted to schedule a lesser priced package and spoke to Loyalty services. THERE IS NO LOYALTY! The rude female rep said the price will go up to $160 and that is WITH the discount. I HATE COX!


just received a new "free" email offer from cox in las vegas which turned into a "cost" service because customer had to upgrade modem (cost of 6.99 per month) to get new "free service", which strikes me as "bait and switch"...attempted to get name of some executive I could communicate with and was told that I would have to talk with customer service sales rep...not a "user friendly" response from the sales rep I was "chatting" with over the internet

poor customer service

Customer service reps are quite rude and unprofessional with the local office.

Poor Service, Bad Attitude

We have been with Cox in the Phoenix AZ for over 14 years. Now they have developed this attitude that we charge what we want, give you what we want included, and you like it or go elsewhere. This is why half my subdivision is now with Direct TV. Their so-called loyalty dept is made up of such inept rude ding dongs that it boggles the mind how they even got a job. The Utility Board elected by the voters is even worse, they just granted Cox an increase so the customer can get screwed even more. Moving to Arizona, same yourself the hassle, get Direct TV. I am changing soon as the weather gets better.

Univision Deportes

Love cox and greatful for it but its missing one thing on my list. I really would love if they give us univision deportes in san diego because I'm really a big soccer fan.

I have been with Cox since March of 2012, I have had nothing but trouble with mt cable!! since March there have been about 5 different tech. on the day cable was installed they had to use 2 different boxes iam on mt 4 box now different connection changed and the last time Tech had to rewire my house. When I called cox to let them know I was not getting certain channels, rep. said there might be a problem with box, so he is sending out a tech Fri. If this continues I will be going back to Direct TV!!!!!!IAM VERY UNHAPPY WITH COX

We have been customers of COX for about 4 years and this past year has been any thing but pleasant with them. Every month our bill is a surprise. (not a good one) Our bill goes higher and higher every month... ANYONE who can before or during service with them CHANGE providers SOON!!

I recently changed my PC to an Mac. I could not get into my e-mail account, when I attempted to log in. On 4/6/12, I called Cox and spoke with a Internet Agent. I was told the reason I could not get into my e-mail was because I was using the wrong e-mail address, I told the agent that I have had the same e-mail address for the last 6 years. He began to talk down to me like I did not know, what I was talking about. Throughout the conversation, I kept hearing kids in the background. I was put on hold for so long, I ended up hanging up. .On 4/7/12, I called Cox in the Rockchester New York Office I spoke with an Internet Agent. I was on the phone with her for approximately 40 minutes, being constantly put on hold. I explained the e-mail I have used over 6 years has correspondence that I need access to. I was told that e-mail address I was given on 4/6/12 was incorrect. I requested to speak with her Supervisor and was (put on hold for along time). The Supv Keith told me that It would take 24-48 to research problem. I Requested Cox Corp Ofc phone number from him to voice a complaint and was told by the the Supervisor, he does not have the telephone number because he has never called Corp Office. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

I worked for a Cox owned company for almost 7 years and loved what I was doing. It broke my heart when they decided to eliminate my entire department. I have nothing bad to say because I feel up until we were let go we were treated fairly. I understand it was a business decision but I sure do miss my crew, best bunch of boys I ever had the opportunity to supervise. Now all I need is my W-2 form, can anyone help?

Not 1 star! ZERO stars!!! Just try to locate where an offical complaint should be sent is an Act of Congress! If they would SERVICE an account that been 22 years with Cox instead of service reps. only knowing how to sell a box instead of answering a tech question! Unbelievable. Rename sevice rep as a sales rep!

I was a customer of cox back in 2006 in virginia but than close the account because I moved and I paid cox whatever I owed and gave them their equipment back. But recently I got a phone call from a bill collector saying we owe 104.00 to cox which is totally false I would like for this issue to be resolve before I be forced to take legal action!!

I loved working for this company, it blessed me in so so many ways. I never realized how spoiled they had us until they sold the company and those people didnt have the employess best intrest at heart.Cox Enterprises are the most wonderful, considerate ppl I have ever worked for, and if I had the oppurtunity to do it again I would. I am a single mom raising 3 children and the benefits were affordable, the bonus checks always came in handy around the holidays.I love this company and I miss it. It'shard to find good ppl to work for.I pray that God Always bless this company.

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