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As a fellow employee i am descrest on how the Visalia 1017 store is ran. The Employee of the month frank whom works in the meat department is a a drug dealer and user on top of that the manager meguel running the department is completely treating his other employee with unfairness because they don't kiss his but like frank does. As for deli a girl name stephenie was crossed train to work in the deli witch they never posted cross training they just gave it to her. When they already had other employees with more seniority then her crossed trained already but instead since the manager is friends with stephenies mom he cross trains her so that she can work in deli. I guess it all about who u now and what butt to kiss. I thought working hard would get u ahead in life not who's butt u kiss. Now at night when lee-Anne wants to leave early she tell the person who's on security outside to come inside to stock. Now us employees get to walk to are vehicle at night in the dark alone. God forbid anything happens to us no help would be around just because Lee-Anne wants go home early. There's no tolerance for retaliation but how is one suppose to proof a manager, superviser, or other employee is retaliating. It's practicly impossible to proof retaliation. Costco warehouse 1017 should be under investigation and drug tested with out notice so that the manager and superviser can't hid there mess.

I had the most awful experience at the Costco in Superior, Co.I wrote 3 check's to Costco in 1 day. Didn't know I was committing a costco crime!! The cashier Eddie treated me like I was a criminal.I was so embarrassed I wanted to crawl in a crack! If you aren't suppose to write more than 1 check in 1 day, you need to post it so people are aware of it, and not have a cashier like Eddie inform you that your membership is flagged and hold up your check looking for a water mark and yell supp for all to hear! Today I went to the Costco store in Westminster,Co to pick up my prescription, and I wanted to write a check for them. Wellll guess what, can't write a check at Costco without being a member. Guess what Costco, you have made it so difficult and restrictive that I'm taking all of my 3-5 thousand dollars I spend in your stores every year and take it to Walmart. I can write a check, use my debit card ( without using my pin no ) and use the credit card of My choice!!!! If you can't write a check for prescriptions without being a member then you need to post it for all to see! I say screw you Costco, all this hassle is not worth the the small amount that I save!!!!!!!!!

On hold for 20 minutes. Lousy service

I'm posting as an observation not a complaint, Usually gas prices at Costco in Kennesaw,Ga.are less than all surrounding competition. For the last week the price at Costco is $3.59 while all major competitors are at $3.33. I spent over 30 years in the retail arena as a National Account Manager for a Fortune 100 company and I imagine someone has dropped the ball when it came to local price shopping. We called the store to inquire about the big differential and was told by a clerk that "the supplier just charges them more." At least school the people not to make such an absurd statement as that! Costco has too much buying clout for anyone to believe such a tale.

I have had the Pharmacist at the Spokane Valley location yelling at me, and spewing spit he was so irate. He was so angry that the medications I am prescribed dont fit his personal criteria, that he claims he is going to call my Dr. office. Although he has no information in regards to my health condition, but feels he has better judgement than my prescribing physician. By the way, my Dr. has more credentials than any other Dr. I know, and even sits on the board for WA. State. I will be filing a formal complaint, as not only did he make mockery of me in the store and spit came from his mouth and hit me in the face, He called me the day after and had nothing to say other than yell at me through the phone and explain to me he was going to be calling my Dr. to try and get my medicatoins changed to suit his personal belief. His namer is CHRIS, the Pharmacist @ Spokane Valley location. Not only did he make mockery of me in front of many customers, he took my personal inforamtion and called me to harrass me for no specific reason this morning. I will be filing a formal complaint, but I needed to share this for otheresa, in case they might be victim to his harrasment. Thanks

I love Costco and have written and article entitled Secret Price Codes Will Save You Money At Costco on Hubpages. I am also president of the International Press Association and Editor-In-Chief of IMPress Magazine. My article has been on Hubpages for three years now and I published it there just to see if it would receive some interest. I am happy to report that this article now averages over 6,000 reads each week and if you do a Google search with any terms like Cost Codes, Save money at Costco or anything close, my article will be number one. There are many websites that have republished portions of the article and most will link back to the original article. I am thinking of either writing a book on Costco or writing other articles and would like to find out who at Costco Corporate I might be able to speak to about my plans. Can you help? I am not sure who reads these posts, but you can contact me at the Hubpages article at: http://lenrapoport.hubpages.com/hub/Secret-Codes-Will-Save-You-Money-At-Costco Or at our website where there is contact information there. http://www.internationalpress.com/index.php?file=contact Thanks, Len Rapoport

sunday I was at costco and was told that I was qalking out qith more items than I had paid for in front of all the people in line at the door.The idiot didnt look to see what he had in his hand (two receipts) not just one. Its no fun being called a thief in public.

I purchased tires from Costco 5 years ago, and today I had my first flat tire. The tire staff at the Naperville, Illinois, location are the best. They were polite, and there was no charge for repairing my tire. I would recommend Costco for anyone looking for new tires. Great job Costco! Larry Brown, Naperville, Illinois

Thank you Costco, for not carrying Joan Rivers' latest nasty book. She and her book(s) should not be allowed in any Costco ever again for her juvenile tantrum at Burbank store.

Costco, you're one of a kind. I really enjoy shopping with you. People love to find the negative things and blow them out of proportion. Also it seems that there are some very ungrateful employees working there. I guess they haven't figured out how to do their job and not worry about everyone else. Shame on them. Costco is a nice establishment.

Long time shopper of Costco and have alway had a positive experience. I would rspectfully request that Costco consider selling ammo for handguns. Thank you Bill

I can only rate the west coast stores I visited, since there are no stores in the Lansing, Jackson MI area. It is a shame since there are three Sam's in the area that are doing a good business There are some realy great places to locate in a 50 mile radius of Jackson MI that I'm sure would be very successful

I love Costco. It saves me a great deal of money raising my young family. I have experienced rude service at many places. But it is the individual and although some employees at Costco may act unprofessionally from time to time doesn't change for me the positive things that keep me coming back to Costco again and again. Costco does provide a great experience shopping overall. And I love their products!!

I am very disappointed with Costco. They don't carry I Phones and Coke.Will they and Apple make up so that we can get the new I phone 5? Come on Costco bury the hatchet and think about your members. Thanks

this is to the upset customer: in newport news costco the black female manegemant is one of the most hateful , unfair ,rude ,gossipy,unprofessional older women that you have ever met. so its not just white its blacks too treating their own kind terrible. i believe its costcos upper manegement that dont care about good training for their upper employees- all they thinking is "money" . but this kind of running a buiseness cant last eventually something has to give and will explode and the public will see the truth.

manegement personal at the costcos in newport news ,va . has to be one of the worse - very mean and show unfair treatment to their young ,pretty employees, instead of helping they demeanor and belittle them, staying on their personal cellphones.managers hiring their own kids while the other has employee has to cover for them while they talk to the mama ,get favoritism before seniority even if not qualified for the job (but job pays more ) ihave wondered many times how in the world did they get this job, have the had any manegement training do they get diversity training , about lighter skin ,darker,skin, white skin, they are a bunch of hateful ,unprofessional ,women. that act as they own the company . somebody in upper manegement should be undercover and investigate such unprofessional behavior.its a place were hate,unfairness,rudeness,unprofesialism ,tyranny is promoted by management.

Can you build a Costco in cedar city Utah there is a great need for one. Please check it out.

Talk about customer satisfaction !!! Costco goes above and beyond what you would expect from any company. I will always shop at Costco . One happy customer from Maineville Ohio

Have been a member for several years, have not abused any privilege, I've always been told by others how great Costco is if there is ever a problem. But I forgot my coupons. I usually don't bother to go back to get them honored. I spent $360 on July 7, went in with the coupons on July 9th and was told they could do nothing, that the coupons expired July 8, even though I had shopped on the 7th. They told me that my satisfaction did not matter, that Costco as a corporation forbids its local managers to accomodate its customers. The $64 Billion company that everyone just loves so much refuses to honor a measly $15-$20 worth of coupons for someone who I thought was a good customer. When I asked if I would get my full $110 back if I cancelled my membership, they were clueless about my 2%. Disgusting for a store that I had admired until now.

Dear Members, Costco appreciates your business very much. We are saddened to hear about bad or negative experiences you have had while shopping with us. We do pride ourselves on hiring and retaining the best employees as well as supplying quality merchandise at great prices. Unfortunately some employees do not always remember why they are there. To work hard for our members and make their experience with us second to none. We do sincerely hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to redeem your loyalty and keep you shopping with us. Thanks again for your patronage.

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