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I shop at the Costco in brighton Michigan. The head managers name is Richard and honestly I can't understand why he is the man in charge. On several occasions I have witnessed the way he treats African American workers. He talks to them as if they are "stupid" some of the things he says makes me want to slap him. Also on several occasions I have witnessed him flirting with the young female workers. I have wrote letters to the store with no response my next step is to call the local news. A racist person should not be running that place. I do see a lawsuit in the near future as id imagine the workers can't take much more.

We have been one of the customers you could count on since 2004. the products you sell & the price are great, but the customer service (member services) representatives on my store(maple grove,MN) is not acceptable. for 3rd time in less than a year I,my wife along with our 2 great kids have exposed to an open rude service by your employees. We have been ignored while waiting in line to get a service & we were challenged about our turn when we approached the desk. Why? We don't know & we want you to find out. If you are interested to know the detail here is my member ID # 111806563695 the sooner you fix it the better

Guys: I've been an executive member of Costco for about four years and a business member for fifteen before that. You can contact me through my membership in the Novato, CA Costco. What is going on? I can no longer buy many of my favorite brand name items as they have been replaced by Kirkland brand items. Also you no longer sell CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray? Is Costco becoming another Sam's Club? If it is, I will not be renewing my membership or those of five employees. I can't. I would appreciate somebody contacting me about this matter. Every time I go there (weekly), something else has either disappeared, is discontinued, or is replaced. Last week it was Christopher Garlic. Before that it was Ball Park Beef Franks. Before that it was the shrimp scampi. And now I can't even buy a new Blu Ray???

i went to the salinas ca store after i got my new coscos card and when i went to go check out the casher said my card was expired so i had here call the manager and she was loud and rude to me here name was erika she made me feal like a bum or somthing i was embarest i told here i gust got my card for christmas she said that i just had them make me a card know y would they make me a card on a expired account they wouldent i am so mad i am going over her head to the head office thank you peter m roman

Dear,Costco Headquarters I am sad to say I will not be shopping at your salinas store ever again. I will have to drive 45min.togo the santa cruz store. which is hard having two childern and two fulltime jobs,I've spent alot of money at Costcos and i've always enjoyed shopping at all your Costcos in my area, even when i'm on vacation i've been loyal and shop at your stores.I have never in my life had an employee let alone a MANAGER be so RUDE and SNIDE EVER !Not only did she take the time to let her bad day spill apon everyone around.She took it apon herself to humiliate me and my faimly not once but twice I think she enjoyed it more the second time because when I went to customer service to try to reslove the problem,they needed to call the manager for asst.lol and behold who but 10 min. later,come walking around the corner the same mang.as soon as she see i'ts me she gets a huge grin on her face.I turn to the cashier and say "That not the mang.I have to talk to she was the one that was rude to me in line."The cashier didn't say anything.I should have walk away and delt with it later, but I thought were both adults we can resolve this.I showed her the problem and explained to her in detail what the problem was and instead of resloving the issue she turned the monitor towards me,I continued to point out the mistake.She turns around and walks away.So I walked away and left $300 dollars groceries .I would think costcos managers would be more about customer service. Salinas,ca.mang.Erika..

Feel completely decieved by Costco for the liquor initiative passed in Washington state. If I had any idea prices were going to increase so much I would never have voted yes....Big fan of costco but don't know anynore. Better do some damage control, customers are not happy. If I am going to pay these increased prices I will support my local mom and pop store not a corporate conglomerate that completely decieved us. I feel I am a well educated voter but never saw this coming. And don't blame WA state,,,,,costco knew this was going to happen and did not let us know. Corporate profit over doing the right thing....Very Dissapointing !!

I just read the WND article "Cops gun down man for legally carrying firearm". I am APPALLED that an innocent shopper carrying a firearm with a permit to carry in the state of Nevada is gunned down in a Costco. What on earth? If you don't want gun owners with a permit to carry a concealed weapon to bring their concealed weapon into the store and shop then you should PUT UP A SIGN- NO GUNS ALLOWED- PERMIT TO CARRY OR NOT! You then allow a security guard to make a call to police after your manager supposedly was OK with the situation. I hope to God you fired the manger and the security guard and the employee who first noticed the concealed weapon. They are not fit to run your store, make a good judgement of a situation and or protect you or your customers. Other innocent shoppers could have been hit by those bullets and you allowed a customer to be gunned down and killed onsite? HOW DARE YOU! This is America! And what happened to your surveillance tape? How come those 9 minutes miraculously disappeared? Is Las Vegas as crooked as they say....Apparently so. I used to shop at your store, no more. You are incredible. I cancel my membership. For those of you who want to read the article here is the link: http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/cops-gun-down-man-for-legally-carrying-firearm/ I don't believe any of us are safe at a Costco anymore. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

I don't understand why Costco does not open a store in North Tampa, Florida. Sams has three locations closer to my location "33612" than Costco location in Brandon, Fl.Does Costco have any plans to open a store in North Tampa?

Please consider opening a Costco store in Gainesville, Florida. Costco shoppers here, are forced to drive 70 miles to Jacksonville Costco each way to shop in a "Five Star" store that believes in "customer service" ! Our only alternative is the Gainesville Sam's Store, where "customer service" is none-existant, yet extreamly busy? The Gainesville Sam's Store has a very poor reputation and Costco could easily be a success here by serving Gainesville and the surrounding cities.

who can I talk to about Possibly getting bright dryfit shirts that have the COSTCO logo on them insted of a collored polo shirt with a reflected vest over it ?? i understand the vest is for safty but if we get a bright enough dryfit shirt it would do the job just the same, some one is going to end up with a heat stroke out on the lot otherwise 100 degrees plus humidity is very unsafe to have to work in layers of clothing who can i talk to about this idea???

To Dave Harruff, There has been a lot of complaints at the Clackamas store regarding our warehouse manager Harold Kearns. We all, and I mean that, all feel like he has been showing favoritism. The situation, we are building a gas station so we had a supervisor job available. 8 people put in for it, and the person that got it, his name is Jon Binswanger. He has worked for Costco for just over a year. In that year he started as part time assistant, applied for full time, got it, did an internship, then applied for SIT, got it, and not even a month after he was done, he got the Gas station Supervisor position. The problem is, Harold goes to church with Jon, and before he got hired, he told him, if you or anyone does the Business program through our church, you are guaranteed a job at Costco, and will move into a Supervisor position. Jon is 22 years old, and the first day he was SIT he told an employee, "here you get to run these go-backs back, because I'm a supervisor and I don't have to do that anymore." he continues to talk to our employees like that. I ask you to do some investigating. Sincerely, Costco 97 employee

After receiving my May issue of The Costco Connection, I was interested to see an advertisement for luggage and luggage accessories on the Travel Smart page. However,I have not been able to find out which warehouse in my local area, Carlsbad,CA, sells the Samsonite Luggage Accessory Kit, Item #612142, nor the cost of this kit. Any assistance in tracking this item so that I can purchase it would be appreciated. I have always been very satisfied with all 3 stores in my area. Thank you

I work at Costco 547 and found out we will be open on Canada's day. Can you explain why we are open when the web site said we will be closed? This isn't fair for us when we work 7 days a week till 11pm. This is a day to spend it with family and friend and not fair that we  have to come in work till 11 pm. Why would Costco do that to us? This is a Canadian holiday and we are force to work? I am not the only one works at 547 is happy about this. It seem like we have no say anymore. All I can tell you we make less sales in our store then 535 and they have there staff leaves at 9 on the weekend. We had people call Hr with no help. We had Tracy from hr to come in and talk to the night merch staff. She came in and took off before they started. Why would a company treat us like this? If you treat us like this it show the company doesn't care about the staff at all. We all have lives outside of Coatco and it seems like upper mangers don't care about us. Cam is one of the worst director we've ever had in this warehouse. I am talking in behalf of part/ full times and some mangers that they know if we talk to Cam he doesn't care about us. if you treat us like this how do you except to say nothing when this hurts us all. Please help us this isn't fair how our lives are being treated. Please help the night crew at Costco All we ask is to come into work and enjoy ourselves, and also have a life outside of Costco please help us. Thank you Coatco 547 night crew

RE: Bowing to Muslim demands It has 'just' come to my attention that Costco has bowed to Muslim demands and now sell meat to meet Halal standards. I am extremely saddend to learn that, what I thought was a true American company, is not! As a result of this information, I shall now notify everyone I know who is a member of Costco, as am I, and believe they, like I, will cancel their membership. I AM AN AMERICAN! I DO NOT FAVOR ISLAM, NOR DO I WANT TO SHOP AT ANY INSTITUTION THAT CATERS TO MUSLIMS OR ISLAMIC DEMANDS. SINCE WHEN DO FOREIGNERS COME INTO AMERICA AND DEMAND - DEMAND THAT "WE AS AMERICANS" CHANGE OATER TO THEM? WHAT TYPE OF CEO IS SO WEAK THAT THEY WILL BEND TO THESE DEMANDS???? OR IS IT MONEY THAT MEANS MORE TO KEEP YOUR JOB, THAN THE AMERICAN CUSTOMER? AMERICAN PEOPLE? Anna D. Knight Rowlett, TX 75088

You discontinued Atta Boy dog food months ago. Same with the big cans of ketchup. What is wrong with you? You should re-order/re-stock these items.

So as stated i work on the cart crew outside and i am a permanent closer. Sometimes we finish our job early and the supervisor will make us do something inside like stocking shelves. It sucks that were doing someone else's job but we don't complain because if we are scheduled until 10 and we finish early we have to stay our full shift. But today it was raining outside for most of the shift, and we still managed to finish 45minutes early because it was a slow Tuesday. When we went inside our supervisor said the manager wants us to go stock in the freezer. I told them politely that i will not because i am soaking wet and being put in the freezer for 45 minutes is surely unhealthy/dangerous. So the supervisor told me to go clean up the food isle, then they wrote me up for insubordination to stock the freezer. Are they allowed to write me up over this? Who should i talk to about this issue?

just an advise for people who falls at costco or any other company. Almost every cell phone has a camera, make sure to take pictures inmediatelly, and also make sure that an accident report is filed: this are big corporations and the people who handle their legal matters are abusive sharks who will blame everything on you for your accident just to save the company miserable 100 dlls. If your accident is serious get a lawyer inmediatelly. One of the reason the this corporation pay so much money on law suits is because of the people they hire to handle their legal matters like Gallager & Basset costco's legal team. I repeat take pictures the same instant because as soon as you leave the store they will rearrange the set-ups, clean up whatever caused the accident then a few days later someone will contact you on the phone and practically blame u for cracking your head open bleed like a pig bruises all over your body. It happened to my mother at costco, needless to say I was furious but my mother refused to get a lawyer so my hands were tied. I still have the pictures of the stitches she got on her forehead, bruises all over her right side but she says "God will take care of it" I am not a religious person and I would love to take care of my self for respect to my mother didn't move a finger. It is a lady in particular at Gallager & Basset (costco) she is a disrespectful bully

Dear Sir or Madam, President of Costco HQ Subject: Financial Assistance for Deborah Heart & Cancer Foundation Center Message: Our Profile Proposal for Financial Assistance: Because of the many victims, we have seen and head of we can’t wait for more and more deaths of our beloved ones who die daily in our neighborhoods. We of the “ Inter-Faith Aid Ministry International, Inc.; together with you and your Organization, must stand-up now with a loud voice crying for help to start doing something to save a ransoms life of our Brothers and Sisters. We now invite our Beloved: “The Well Wishers Generous People,” to come up and assist us with the (Seed Money-Start-up of- $ 2.Million) “OUR INVITATIONS” Will go to:President of Costco Stores HQ, and Clinicians, Practitioners, Government agencies and NGO's, Patient-Care Providers and Advocates, Researchers as well as the Behavioral Scientists-to come in Partnership with the “Inter-Faith Aid Ministry International, Inc.: of Marietta Georgia State-USA: in which any one can invest some Money (Our First Priority is the need of $ 2, Million, which will enable us acquire the Open Land comprising of 4 Square Acres; with two good building built there on, which we can get started with as our consulting Office and Clinic, while we raise more Money to construct our Main building as per our above Proposed New and unique facility Model, for establishment of our proposed “{Deborah Heart & Cancer Care Foundation Center (DH&CCFC) in Marietta City of Georgia-USA}-Projected to cost $ 25.5Million}” Visit:www.inter-faithaidministryinternational.yolasite.com

Here is my story - There is an item made by Kirkland which is LASAGNA- BEEF AND SAUSAGE, TWO TRAYS TO A PACKAGE. DELICIOUS. a FRIEND OF MINE TRAVEL A LONG DISTANCE TO A Costco store in Wayne, N.J. to get the lasagna trays....we buy lots. Youor store i Hackenssack, N.J. and Spring Valley neverr carry them. WHY. Today we called the Wayne store and spoke to a manager and asked if they were in and answer was yes. When arriving after a long drive, the answer was no....they made a mistake. Why is this item so hard to get as compared to the regular lasagna which has such a large tray and is beef only. The other one has two trays and works fine for families. Would appreciate an answer.

Costco always tries to put my stuff in the person who came before me's cart. Gross! Why is there such attention paid to antibacterial wipes at the front door, and then all of that logic is thrown out the window when at the check out stand? I have to be uncomfortable and point out that I want the same cart I brought with me to the check stand. I do not want the little boy's sniffle germs from the customer who came to the check out stand before me. (He was a cute little boy, but why do I have to get his cold?!) Everybody needs to take notice and refuse the germs! Having said that, I understand that many people could care less. But, for those of us who get sick easily, we have to care about that kind of stuff.

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