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An intleilgnet answer - no BS - which makes a pleasant change

This is a perfect oupprtonity to work with twitter more I find it keeps me connected all the time, especially once you've been on long enough to have people that you regularly communicate back and forth with in a dialogue, instead of just seemingly random tweets that you're never sure if anyone's even reading them. It takes a while to get there, but once you do, you'll be astounded at the type of people you end up befriending.

To Whom it May Concern, I am writing to ask you to fix this problem or fine someone to help in this matter please. I finally got the services from your company in my home. On May 14 or 15th the expressed that i would be prorated for the month in which was great. I have the following service hd tv, staz, showtime, and the extreme package. My mother came into the office on June 4th to pay on my bill of a $100.00 I had not received, my June bill yet. She had to call the company in May to ask why I was not getting HD, plus did not get the extreme package they put down family in which I wanted extreme. I had to mom call to fix the follow extreme package took 2 days to get. then the HD was to be added they expressed 2-3 days, in which I lose the starz ans showtime channel. Called in to have it fixed they expressed 2-3 days. In which the internet went down for 4 days was not working nor was the wifi. and to express more of the frustration the on demand was not working at all. So now we are talking in the month of June to the month of July i get the bill in July in which I owe 250.00 still can't figure that one out when I paid a $100.00 before the June bill was due in which i should of owed a small amount for the difference. I had a services tech here to the house a week ago in which he changed out the modem box and did something to the internet. was told that your company is having a lot of issue with the services at that time. i expressed i know that i have had your services for only 2 month and have had nothing but problems and other neighbors as well.. So as you can see as of now I have been turn OFF. FOR NON PAYMENT. I paid my bill before i had a bill in the belief that your company would give services. i received services less Then 50% of the time. Here I had to show your complain my life story to get services and your company has not gave me services but took my money with the promise of services. ALL I ASKED IS TO HAVE THE EQUIPMENT TO WORK AND THE CHANNELS TO BE THERE. AND TO BE ABLE TO WATCH IT. OR US THE INTERNET. SO FRIDAY I HAD MY MOTHER CALL YOUR COMPANY TO EXPRESS THIS ANS A CUSTOMER SERVICES REP VALERIE EXT 9007 WAS NICE IN THE BEGINNING. BUT WAS RUDE AFTER MOM CALLED TO SEE IF THERE WAS TO BE CREDIT TO THE ACCOUNT FOR ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS SHE SAID 30-40 $ CREDIT ONLY MOM EXPRESSED THAT IS JUST WOW WRONG AND EXPRESSED THAT I HAD NOT HAD THE SERVICE THAT LONG TO HAVE A BILL OVER 250.00 WITH A PAYMENT MADE IN JUNE OF 100.00. VALARIE SAID DON;T INTERRUPT ME WHEN I AM TALKING MY MOTHER THEN ASKED FOR A MANAGER OR A SUPERVISOR AND GOT PUT ON HOLD FOR OVER 30 MIN AND NO MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR. YES I HAVE MADE SEVERAL CALLS TO FIX OR GET CREDIT FOR THINGS AND WAS DECLINED ON SOME WOW. ONE OF THE TECH REP SUGGESTED TO VIDEO OR TAKE PHOTOS OF THE PROBLEMS IN WHICH ONCE THE SERVICES IT STRAIGHT AND TURN BACK ON I WILL AND SEEN IT TO YOU OR TO THE TECH TO SHOW THEM THE PROBLEMS. I AM ASKING FOR FULL CREDIT FOR THE MONTH OF MAY AND JUNE DO TO UNABLE TO USE YOUR SERVICES. PLUS THE FACT, I PAID EARLY AND WOULD OF CONTINUE BUT WAS NOT GETTING THE SERVICES. I WILL BE PAYING MY BILL TOMORROW IN WHICH I CAN GET IT TURNED BACK ON TO LOL HAVE KNOW SERVICES MORE THEN LIKELY. SO PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO FIX THIS ISSUE PLEASE. ONCE I GET MY AUG BILL IT HAD BEST NOT BE OVER 125.00 OTHERWISE WE WILL HAVE ISSUES. FOR NEARLY THREE MONTH OF SERVICES. THANK YOU CHRIS MALTBY


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