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I've been with Compass for 12+ years. In the past, we experienced the same problems as everyone with debits being posted in order of amount, rather than by date of arrival. But that practice has ended, & we've had no further issues. People at the Mesquite branch are always friendly & helpful.


The worst ever, If you want to talk with a live person and get a problem taken care of, this is the wrong bank... what a joke

Why does everything need to go thru legal? No other bank does things this way...why? Cause their competent. They know how to do their jobs. You practically have to hand over your DNA to close an account then your still waiting for legal to ok it... The Sierra Vista branch is the worst bank around here...worst people working there too

Comapss bank makes mistakes and charges Penalty...no real customer care or service

Worst bank to do business with. Bank Branch at Cinco Ranch, Texas makes errors after errors and when you try to resolve or close account, charges hefty penalty never ever heard of at the time of opening accounts...we made 3+ attempts and got tired of them. Now we are taking this to Attorney General of Texas and possible TV medias who will get them to fix the issues or hopefully not allow to expnd their business in Texas after making such mistakes. Rating is minus ten not even worth one star!

no it is not possible. first, HIV can only be tmatsritned in one of the following four ways: blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk. even if, for some reason, the person the compass belong to is HIV positive, it is impossible for the virus to survive outside that person's body and on a compass. if the cut was horribly deep, i would suggest your friend get a tetnus shot but even in the most extreme cases that is the worst that can happen. your friend has nothing to worry about =)

I recently paid off my credit card balance so that I can get a mortgage, but Compass bank has not and will not correct a mistake on my credit report. It is saying "currently 30 days late" even though the account is paid off. Trans Union has done an investigation, but Compass Bank says they will not change the report and now my mortgage will not go through. I guess my next step is to contact an attorney.

if i could rate wow i went in my local branch for a loan and i ant stop paying yet they after all please never borrow from them compass will take it your monney buys the best crocked layers in town they may get everthing but they cant eat me i to old and tough but with the stress probley get whats left of my life when we gona stand up and stop the buddy system thire no law for them they acting like God

I was givin incorrect information over the phone from a customer service rep about things that i could and could not do without receiving a service charge. Well low and behold i recieve a $300 service charge on my savings account after i was told that i would have free transfers. When asked if they would pull the tapes where the calls " are recorded for training and quality purposes", i was given the run around and told they couldn't find who i had spoke with. I've banked with Compass for almost 10 years and they have screwed me over several times, but this was the final straw. I had rather keep my money in a shoebox under my bed than ever have to deal with these crooks again!!! Goodbye Compass!!! you will not be missed!!!!

i have had an account with compass for 10 years. i will never bank at compass again. i have an overdraft protection account and this is the reason. it is designed to never get it paid off. almost half my payment is interest. my circumstances changed when i started getting a tiny disability check. compass takes the overdraft payment out on the 2nd of the month, but i get my check direct deposited on the 3rd. this is cutting it too close. so i asked them several times to change the date the payment was taken out, and they adamantly said they can't. i don't buy it that they can't change this with the click of a mouse. i also asked for more than the minimum payment to be paid to the account. they won't do it. i have to go in every month and tell them to take more out. also, interest rates have been low for several years and will likely remain so for a while. i pay 21% on my overdraft account. why am i paying so much??? but they say they can't lower it. i told them i considered the account closed and i would pay my balance if they will supply me with an address and i will pay it when it is convenient for me. they won't work with me. they say all i can do is let it go for 3 months and then it will be turned over to a collection agency. so i have to lose my credit because they refuse to work with me.

I absolutely hate compass and will never ever bank with them again after today. They gave me incorrect iformation and then penalize me for it and wont own up to their mistake. I'm so upset all I can do is cry. I HATE YOU COMPASS!

I have used Compass Bank for 43 years and haven't had any problems until today.I was under the impression that what I discussed with my banker was personal and that he should not discuss it with anybody, not even my spouse. Well. sometime in the past my wife asked him to tell her if I tried to open up any new accounts.well, I tried and he called her immediately which I didn't think was right. Tomorrow I am going to call their Corporate office and lodge a compliant against Jeff. I have two accounts under my name totaling approximately 60,000 which I am thinking about putting in another Bank. Posts welcome, I will be watching.

I agree that your banking facilities should be rated a negative ten!! I went in to the Garland, Tx branch this morning to close my accounts and transfer the fund to my husbands account (the only account we use anymore). Low and behold my savings and checking accounts had money missing from them....WOW! I asked the poorly trained associate I was speaking with at the time, to please go back through my account activity and tell me where it went being this account had not been used for years. He was absolutely no help and had to get the branch manager (a very snotty, rude, and unhelpful woman) who informed me that its my problem not theirs and I would have to pay five dollars per month that they had to back and research. WOW! You lose my money and tell me I have to give you more money before you will give me MY information?!? This is unethical to the core of the definition of the word! You have my word that I will be calling all local news channels as well as posting on every online site I can find to let the world know what you really do to your customers. Knowing your company already has a class action lawsuit again you, I am surprised to find that your employees are treating people in a manner than will guarantee you bad publicity! Wait till the world finds out you can give your money to Compass bank and Compass Bank doesn't have to be responsible with your funds and your money wont be there when you need it. My husband and I will be closing our other accounts in the morning and will find a bank that can take proper care of its customers. I will also be contacting a lawyer to see what legal recourse I have against the money hungry bank-mongers you are!! YOU SUCK COMPASS BANK!!

If I could rate it a negative 10 I would . This bank has not only cost me a lot of stress that was the banks fault ( Yup y'all even admitted this ) and anyone who has banked with these "folks" know's that is a Kodak moment :) but the problem is getting worse not better as of today it is still not fixed in fact it is worse that it was when this started can it get any worse yup the day is still young. SO as I don't see this getting better I am going to have to close my account as y'all have it so screwed up now remember you all admitted that:) This started with you all trying to refund me a service charge of 84.00 Yup and you gave me the credit of 84.00 but there was no money behind the credit as far as your software was concerned yup you can guess the rest ... AND this was the result of a survey I took about your bank being so messed up OMG compared to when I took the survey then I rated you a 1 poor ... You got me good on this one you refunded me 84.00 but you got it back plus charges for getting "the no money behind the refund" just thank God I did not have any outstanding items or it would be a bigger mess ..

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