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Don't go to comet cleaners

Brought a shirt in and when I picked it up, it had a stain that wasn't there when I brought it in... They charged me for it and the teenager at the front was rude. Never again will I go there.

Comet Cleaner 4408 Broadway San Antonio, TX 78209

I took a comforter with a duvet cover to them. When we went to pick it up, the comforter was not there. The sales clerk and her manager, both told me that it did not come with a comforter, when I know good and well, that it did. They argued with me for 15 minutes, telling me I didn't bring a comforter in. I asked for my money back or for them to replace the comforter. They refused to do this and still refused to believe that it was ever brought in with a comforter. It was the worse cleaners I have ever been too and I highly recommend that NO ONE use them for any cleaning.

crappy service horrible employees

My friend took her comforter to the comet cleaners on122nd n Rockwell in okc they lost her comforter and failed to call her she called and they kept giving her a run around they say they will not pay for the full price to replace it and told her she owes them more money. This is a 120 comforter the employee refuses to give his name and tried to make her take a different comforter that isn't even half the price. I would never recommend this one in okc to anyone it is the absolute worse experience ever with dry cleaning.


We have compared local Comet's prices to towns in close proximity, ie Fayetteville, Ar and Tulsa, Ok and noted that we are substantially higher. Also, there is no coupon offered.

These people ruined a beautiful Nat Nast shirt. They admitted they ruined it to me, they admitted they ruined the shirt to the Better Business Bureau but, they refused to pay me for the shirt or replace it. My advice would be to stay far far away from this particular Comet Cleaners. The owner is a real piece of work!

I have been a customer for Comet Cleaners for well over 15 years they have always corrected any issue in a profesional manners till this year now I vow to tell all used other cleaners these people don't care any longer about service and what is right. My story: My wife as usual drop off this time a lifetime member NRA leather jacket and was told it will take 6 weeks to have cleaned well OK. 6 weeks goes by and she gets a call stating it will take an additional 2 week well OK. Now she goes to pick it up after 8 weeks and is told it isn't in yet check later goes back 4 weeks later and still no jacket ths goes on for sometime then she gets me involved I go to the location 10670 Culebra Rd. @ Loop 1604, Suite 103 San Antonio, TX 78251 and am told the manager is out for 2 weeks so I go back after 3 weeks and still no manager then finaly a phone call from manager telling me sorry my $300 jacket has been given to goodwill so now I want restition are I will make your name mud. The ticket number is 78278-46

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