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All I want is the 75 gallon all glass aqairuum and lighted hood, no extras. I want these both to be new. Also I would like to know the price of a 75 gallon acrylic aqairuum. What about plexi glass. How much for the aqairuum and how much for the hood?I just want a base price. I can negotiate with fish shop owners, how low can I negotiate. How much are they at petco? I know petco has a $1 a gallon sale up to 55 gallons.Also could you give me the dimesions of a standard 55 gallon and a standard 75 gallon.

Because bowls are actually enterily unsuitable for fish. For 5 Goldfish to live a long and healthy life (they should live over 15 years and get between 8 -14 depending on variety) you're looking at letting them at least 20 US gallons each, with the tank to have a fully established filter designed for double the capacity of the tank.In that bowl I would imagine you plonked them into straight tap water, no dechlorinator, which wouldn't have been a good start. Then 5 Goldfish would have instantly started pooping and in such a TINY volume of water, that water have turned toxic within those 2 hours and poisoned the fish, burning them inside and out. The stress of all this would have killed them dead.And this is why Goldfish can never be kept in bowls.

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