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nice all things !!1

worst. company. ever.

I purchased a furniture fixture from the North Park store. Prepaid, with receipt. They closed, without contacting me to come pick up my purchase. Literally stole my money.

Great quality clothing

After reading other views, I am wondering if we are talking about the same store/products. I am retired, athletic and like to dress fashionable. Coldwater Creek does it all for me. When I walk into a store the clothing is well presented and appealing. The styles are trendy and up-to-date and well made. Many times I do hold back to buy an item as I know it will cost less shortly. I love the Flash sales online but then there is the issue of fit as certain clothes (as with anywhere else) have a different cut so sizes will vary.

Archipelago Hope Holiday Candle

Very unhappy with the quality of the Archipelago Holiday Candle. Although I followed the instructions not to burn longer than 2 hours at a time, it didn't burn very long at all. What a waste of money.

Coldwater Creek has seen better days

Well ladies another decent store bit this dust. There hasn't been a great store for older working women since Casual Corner chain closed, but Coldwater Creek was okay for more casual clothes. Now it has also "bit the dust." I walked in today and it looked like the clothes came from a flea market. Now I know that most clothes are made in Asia or Malaysia now and that we consumers here never get the good cotton that is grown here in the US. But ugh! I walked into Coldwater Creek today and it looked liked the clothes were from a third world fleamarket. The fabrics were awful.. that acrylic that seems like its made from plastic bags, thin already wrinkly material, and hideous color combinations. Hideous clothes --Extremely High prices. What's wrong with this picture. I'm never going back! At least there is still Chico's and Dillards for now. Every year our country starts to look and seem more like a third world country.

Shopped at your store for many years, no more. Your quality of merchandise is poor, and pricing is outrageous. Older women have less and less options yours used to be one of the best.

Great employee

I was having difficulty with an order and would like to say a "thank you" to Mary. She went the extra mile to help me. She is manager at the Coldwater Creek store in the Green Hills Mall store in Nashville Tn.

Very Disappointed

We a had Cold Water Creek associates come to do a fashion at our facility today and they modeled only 5 outfits in a matter of ten minutes. We were very disappointed of this show that was hardly impacted by the viewers. They said they didn't have alot of time to show more. But CWC does want us to come back to shop at the store tommorrow, I seriously don't think we have the time to do that. Obviously they weren't interested in having our business. Very un- professional! Bend, OR

Coldwater Creek Pricing Strategies

3 or 4 weeks ago, I purchased two blouses on line when the offer was buy one at full price, get 50% off on a second. This week, the online store is offering the same items for 40% off full price. So, I could have waited 3 or 4 weeks and gotten the two items for 60% of full price instead of 75% of full price. Don't these people recognize that I now will wait longer to buy in hopes of getting a better deal? This means that they will have their money tied up in inventory for a longer time. Are they trying to be unprofitable?

Coldwater Creek Spa/Belmar

My favorite place has now been taken off my list. Scheduled a essential pedi for my daughter and I months ago. 15 minutes after our scheduled time, they informed us that there was only one person to do both pedicures. It was terrible. Get a better pedicure at the local salon that is half the price


I have been shopping at Coldwater Creek for over 7 years and I was able to fit into any of their pants perfectly. I am still the same size but the pants now do not fit. I do not believe that it has anything to do with where they are made, they have simply changed the cuts. I tried on a pair of sailor style pants this past weekend and fit around the waist is about 2 inches lower than any of my previously purchased pants and the pockets on the rear have moved down 1 inch. I actually bought a pair of pants and took them and measured them against the same style and size Coldwater creek pants from 5 years ago and the measurements are off by at least 2 inches. I am hopeful that their new CEO will make changes and give us back what their company was founded on clothes that fit a "REAL WOMAN'S" body.

Please take me off your mailing list, or begin to make your clothing in the US

I can no longer purchas Chinese produced apparel. There are several great American made women's clothing companies with prices far more competive than your's. Additionally, many of the styles are matronly, and the fabric inferior. There is an Enlightenment of sorts happening across the US. I the US economy is to improve, it will be because the consumer chooses to buy US made products when possible. Even a 40% coupon will not entice me to purchase your clothing. Good Luck and Thanks, but no thanks.

Made In China

Your clothes have really taken a hit. They are all made out of the USA and they are all of very poor quality. I think China is overcharging you - I will never buy anything at Coldwater Creek again.

What a joke!

I work at Cold Water Creek, I aggree with many of you on here, Cold Water Creek clothing is very poor qualityand NONE of them are made in the USA. I have had to take back several things due to the poor quality, We are required to wear Coldwater Creek cloths when at work how ever we are payed $8.50 per hour. We do get a 40% discount, but when only being payed $8.50 per hour I work all day for a pair of pants OR a top! I thought that only happend in other country's. I have had to return several idems due to the poor quality some many times.. I am paying them to work there.....


I have been a Coldwater Creek customer for many many years. I am not sure why you have made decisions to completly change the footprint of your buisness practice, but your company has taken a defined nose dive. I have been to multiple stores and outlets and also online. Your quality is terrible, and the sizing is all over the board. It used to be that there was no question about sizing once you tried your lines on. Now that is definitly not the case!!!! I am a buisness owner and don't have the time to try on garments everytime I purchase. Note to management.. there is no reason to shop Coldwater Creek any longer. You lost your edge and quality. To bad for you there are many quality lines that have taken the lead.

former customer

What a joke these days. Their stores NOW are nothing more than glorified Targets or Goodwill stores. They use to have style, sophistication, unique items, and knowledgeable people to help. Their Flatirons Crossings store is cold and stark with items that are old, outdated, and over priced. I could always get things for my wife that she wanted to wear and always received positive comments from her friends. Definitely not any more.

Sizes are not consistent

I use to love your clothes. Now you have too many made in too many places and the sizes are not consistent. Clothes made in China run 1-2 sizes too small. For older woman, all the clingy stuff you have at Christmas is just that, too clingy. Please have 1 sizing system, that is consistent. NLR Park Plaza Store and the Promenade Store in Chenal

Reed diffusers

I would like it if they brought back the really good reed diffusers. I would like grove scent to come back and the autumn romance scent to come back . Those candles and diffusers and scented beads were amazing.

I visited your nstore in Kierland Commons, Scottsdale Ariaona, and would like to commend the staff and mostly a little Asian Girl named Cindi-Lee..She was so attentive and I would have left buying a scarf if not for her effort.She brought me so many things pants,,blouses and sweaters. Her attitude was wonderful she was so pleasant and enthusiastic. I was ready to go across the street to Chicos but Cindilee was professional and new your apparal.I have to say this lady(staff assistant) said a lot for your company and your store I will certaintly return and ask for her for holiday shopping..She said the store manager was also A Cindi Ithink Martin or Martinez. Please thank her for my shopping experience.Scottsdale Arizona

I am retired and purchase a good number of clothes from Coldwater Creek and I like your products. I do not like it when sales associates call me "honey" or "sweetheart" just because I have gray hair. I notice that many of your customers are older. In the medical field this is called "Elderspeak" and is considered very disrespectful and degrading. No one likes to be treated in certain ways simply because of their age. I suggest you have employee training to share this information.

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