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Haha, thanks Donna! I rellay think you're just getting the brunt of what goes on in my crazy-brain! I will let you know if I am able to come up with a new version of these cookies that aren't as hard to work with. In the meantime, I promise you will soon be bombarded with cookie posts, so keep your eyes peeled and your oven waiting!

You gotta love Amazon for insuring that you can ulsulay find exactly what you're looking for at a reasonable price and delivered within a couple of days!These pans are no exception. I was getting tired of seeing my wife contnuing to use some older pans that were really getting ratty. So I jumped on Amazon and found these had them in my hands in two days, and my wife is no longer having to scrape away the food remains from teflon that was so old it no longer acted like Teflon!Very nice simple non-stick pans that should last for a good while. Recommended!

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