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banana cream pie

I bought a frozen banana cream pie at the local Safeway for Christmas lunch dessert. I had people raving about just how good it was. I now wish that I had bought 2, the first one went so fast with people coming back for seconds and some just hearing about how good it was. Will buy two next time since now I know first hand just how good it was.

frozen pies

I baked a razzel berry frozen pie for our dinner party on Saturday nite 4/12/14 . Lucky I got the slice with what looks like a stem from the berry's in pie, about an inch long with spiky thorns on it. It almost choked me to death and ripped my cheeks inside my mouth. I am afraid to eat berry pie again. Do they use a strainer in their production?


i work at claim jumper in Az, managment sucks, on the phone all the time, they are very rude. i thought they were there to set an example, and lead?


My family and I had dinner at Claim Jumpers in La Mesa (in San Diego, California) and to my surprise...my 10 year old son just found a white plastic piece of machinery in his to-go cup this afternoon. He got a Sprite and just now is having some (the next day). I am beyond upset. How unsafe, how unsanitary, and how unexceptable. I need answers. If he was drinking out of the cup without the lid, he could have easily choked on it.


My family and I had dinner at Claim Jumpers in La Mesa (in San Diego, California) and to my surprise...my 10 year old son just found a white plastic piece of machinery in his to-go cup this afternoon. He got a Sprite and just now is having some (the next day). I am beyond upset. How unsafe, how unsanitary, and how unexceptable. I need answers. If he was drinking out of the cup without the lid, he could have easily choked on it.

My husband and I went the Clackamas, Oregon restaurant tonight for our anniversary. We've never eaten at at Claim Jumper before. The restaurant looked great, loved the over sized booths and tables, great music and the service was excellent. Now for the food, we ordered onion rings as a appetizer, they were crispy but had no seasoning whatsoever, only average. I ordered the fish and chips and my husband got the chicken pot pie. The pot pie wasn't very good, he said a Marie Callendar frozen pot pie is better. The shoestring fries tasted like they had been sitting around all day, the fish was bad but I was hungry and it was so expensive that I ate it anyway. About an hour after getting home I started throwing up and continued for several hours. What a horrible experience, will never go back again!!

Where did all that fabulous stone go???

I always loved going into Claim Jumper to see all the natural stone walls, fireplace, etc. I felt like I was in touch with the earth, the outdoors, nature and something maybe miraculous. Yesterday I went to pick up an order for work and was sickened by no stone, only NEW cut stacked neutral colored sandstone creating a colorless mass that blended with everything and having no eye appeal. I see this in all the malls, homes, business buildings, etc. It has been overused till it looks sterile, HoHum and unimaginative. Why? Why? I used to go there for the ambiance, but now ho hum. Yawn.

I went to the Claim Jumper in the Opry Mills mall, because I get a gift certifcate, I have two words..... NEVER AGAIN. First when we got there, the hostess stand had NO HOST or HOSTESS. After a couple of mins we were sat, I will say that Sarah the sever was very good. The apps came out, and then things went from bad to worst, the lemmon pepper zuccini, had no lemmom pepper. Thr Shrimp were tuff and over cooked it was very bad, the steak my husband got was good but the seafood platter that I got was HORRIBLE... it tasted stale and the fish was rubbery, so was the shrinp, I could not eat it and I love shrimp, then to make it worst when the manager finnaly came to our table he could careless about our expierence... worst $60 dollars I have ever spent...

Roseville store

the time from being seated to our order being taken=unacceptable- the time between ordering and delivery= unacceptable- the food temp=unacceptable-- never again


Last night we went to the Claim Jumper for New Years' dinner. I made reservations quite a while ago as we were 15. That was OK. The problem seemed to be in the kitchen which was very slow. We were seated at 6:30 and didn't get our dinners until after 8:00. And after some hollering to the manager. At least if they were having a kitchen problems they could have brought us a couple of dips and chips or something to keep us happy. I have a card for your restaurant and we come there or at least one of your other restaurants quite often. Anyhow I just thought you should know that we were disappointed in your customer service and something should be done about your kitchen crew. At least clients should be told and soothed with something free like a dip or dessert. Thank You Geri Horton

I saw Jumper and it has to be one of the most boring sccneie fiction films to come out in the past few years. The action scenes are fairly simplistic and do not elicit any excitement in the viewer. These scenes consist of a few quick edits, with minor CGI work, that takes the main character from one place on the globe to another, instanteously.The plot, whatever little of it there is, is banal. A good half hour of the this 90 minute film is wasted just showing the protagonist teleporting from one place to another. There isn't enough of a back story for you to relate to any of the characters, much less develop any empathy for them. No explanation is given as to how the main character became endowed with the powers that he has, and what is even more disappointing is that no history is given to bring any understanding to the audience of why jumpers like the main character are being killed by paladins . Hayden Christensen's lifeless performance as Anakin Skywalker seemed like an Oscar worthy performance compared to his even more stiff performance here. Samuel L. Jackson's explosive persona was not even used in this film. Speaking of wasted talent, the beautiful Diane Lane was only introduced in two brief scenes in the film. In short, this movie is simply not worth seeing. The plot for the movie is so simplisitic it can be written on a paper napkin, the characters are so one dimensional that they could be played by anyone, and the action and special effects are so amateurish, given the standards we have today, that they could have been done for a movie that had straight to DVD written all over it. Jumper is so mediocre that you will forget about it once you walk away from the theatre.

Recently at our school potluck I brought the favored dessert, a Claim Jumper Lemon Meringue Pie. The flavor was good, but the texture was a cross between spongy and lumpy. Many were disappointed!

This rating has nothing to do with the food, which was good, but the service was so awful that one couple (out of six couples) actually left. It took over two hours to get our food, and unfortunately other then offering a free dessert (to go) for each couple, that was all they did to try and make a bad situation better. We (our group) will never go back, there are too many good restaurants in the bay area. It is important for anyone in the food service business to be honest with their customers. If there is a problem in the kitchen, let the customers know and at least bring bread, butter and perhaps a free soft drink. There is no reason anyone has to wait for two hours especially for a hamburger. Sincerely, K. Darnell

My girlfriends and I visited the Clackamas Oregon Claim Jumper location on the evening on 10/23 around 5:30pm. We previously had a VERY bad service experience the last time we were in to Claim Jumper earlier in the year, I spoke to the manager about it & he said to come back and 2 appetizers would be complimentary on him and apologized. We live in Battle Ground WA so to drive in 45 minutes doesn’t happen very often. However we have always had a great experience in the past and this was one of our favorite restaurants, so we made the drive in for this occasion. I also purchased a whole large chocolate cake from this location this past weekend for a friend’s birthday. When I asked to talk to the manager last night it took two times asking for him to even come to our table, he went to check his book log & didn’t return. I asked the waitress two more times where the manager was? She stated he probably forgot…?!!? He finally came back and said he had no record of this; he would take my word and give me 1 complimentary appetizer. I said ok that’s fine, and we went on with our orders. Again the service was not great, better than last time but very slow. We had no napkins or forks when our food came. We had to ask multiple times different staff members and finally got napkins and some forks, not enough for all of us. The manager never came back by to check on how things were going, obviously we had an issue our last visit and he didn’t seem to care to make this one better. At the end of our visit we used the ladies room and noticed in the 2 vents on the floor yellow urine coming up from the drains as toilets were being flushed!! One of the toilets wouldn’t even flush at this point! We went out immediately and told our waitress what was going on, she said oh that’s gross and walked off. A few minute

Good day, Let me start by saying my wife and I are both in food service industry and together we have about 35 years in the industry. So this will not be a rant with no basis. My family and I were at the Tukwilla Wa store on Sunday 10-14-12 at approximately 8:45-9pm. We have visited that store on countless number of occasions and have had nothing but a positive experience but not that evening. Let me start by saying the server was extremely pleasant and she in no way shape or form did anything offensive but we ordered a citrus salad (a salad I’ve enjoyed numerous times) but this time it was not the same it was watery, under dressed and previously came with cranberries and golden raisins after a couple bites I realized the salad wasn’t very good and also missing the dried fruit I informed the server and she brought over a side dish of crasins but informed us that the raisins were deleted from recipe. I attempted to eat the salad but just found it unpleasant and asked the server to remove it and she graciously did. My family ordered and the wife ordered the pot pie. When the entrée arrived all of us enjoyed our meal except my wife did not care for the flavor of the pot pie she called the server over apologized and told her that not that there was anything wrong with the dish but just that she didn’t care for the taste. The server asked if there was anything else she wanted she then asked for the rotisserie chicken and was happy with her selection. A short while later came the I assume manger a tall thin built older guy with a star tattoo on left arm and asked if everything was ok? We responded yes thank you he then asked about the salad to which I told him why we sent it back then he asked well what’s wrong with the pot pie? to which my wife politely said that it tasted like a cream of mushroom base he quickly became rude and confrontational and asked in a very condescending manner “Well have you ever had pot pie?” and was quick to point out “you know we make everything from scratch” Well that wasn’t the issue she just didn’t care for it to which he came back with “Well Ive been here three years and nobody has sent it back.” I then jumped in and told him off and explained well Ive been in hospitality for 20 years and management for 10 and have never been confrontational with a guest. He walked away but by this time all of our dinners were cold and our dinning experience was completely ruined. We wanted nothing more than to pay our bill and leave. My family and I have always been a fan of your restaurant and the wonderful servers but I believe from this point forward we will visit another establishment were harassment of guests are not tolerated and rest assure I will use the power of social media and sites like Yelp to voice my experience.

While we had always been pleased with the service of the Claim Jumper chain in California, the one in Tualatin was a grave disappointment. The rug under our table was filthy and the whole atmosphere was dark and gloomy. As for the food we found it very overpriced, overcooked,and the vegetables were really poorly done. When we were finished and the check arrived, we were charged for a drink we never ordered (which was adjusted...but it will take days before the adjustment will be noted on our card.) We will never go back to this establishment and will suggest our friends and family go somewhere else also.

Look at this special report: http://www.ktnv.com/news/local/167891835.html And also watch the video of the interview on the website My wife and I went to this Claim Jumper after a movie on Friday Aug 24, 2012. The next day we both had Diarrhea. Now I know why! The manager of this branch needs to be fired. Contact 13 Investigates Double dose of Dirty Dining By Darcy Spears CREATED Aug. 29, 2012 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Health inspectors doubled down for this week's Dirty Dining with two restaurants tying for the top spot. And as Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears reports, both barely dodged being shut down. The first place is a family-friendly restaurant that's famous for heaping helpings with locations across the valley. But the Henderson NV Green Valley spot is what has Claim Jumper in hot water with the Health District. A 40-demerit "C" grade put them one shy of closure on August 17th, when the words of the day were "soiled" and "spoiled." Inspectors found spoiled, foul-smelling raw chicken in the prep kitchen and expired milk, demi glaze, onion rings and black bean chili. All of that had to be thrown out, as did contaminated shrimp that was thawing in a dirty sink. Moving from spoiled to soiled, inspectors saw employees handling food with soiled gloves. And they say the large mixer, cutting board, can opener and bulk bins were dirty. They added "slimy" and "smelly" to describe the warewashing area and equipment. Speaking of slimy, there was mold in the ice machine and in several hand sinks. Inspectors also found dead flies on the gasket. Pasta, ribs and chicken were improperly cooled. And eggs, sweet potatoes and garlic bread were out of the safe temperature zone. When we went to ask about all that, we couldn't even get near the door. A regional manager was sent out to head us off at the pass. Darcy Spears: We're featuring you guys on Dirty Dining this week for the 40-demerit "C" grade so we're here to see if you guys have cleaned up and want to show us around. Jeffrey Miller: You know, all this has to be directed through our corporate office. Which is in Houston, Texas. They sent a written statement saying, "We take any health violation very seriously and we deem even a "B" rating as unacceptable. We strive to operate at an "A" level only. All violations were immediately resolved and the restaurant is back to an "A" rating."

Any chance of opening a CJ in San Antonio, TX?.....We LOVE to eat!!!

I went to the Claim Jumper in Fountain Valley and will NEVER go back again. I had a complaint about the service, I was approached by management and he was VERY rude and didn't seem to care about or address my issue. They lost a costumer and I will make it known to everyone that I come into contact with NEVER to go to Fountain Valley Claim Jumper.

June 21 2012 Fremont CA went to dinner with my husband and son. Claims use to be my favorite spot! First off we were greeted after sitting for 10 minutes. This was a thursday night not too busy!! When we were greeted our server was ok. She took our app order we received it in a timely matter. But she never came back to take our dinner order. Finally she came back and we ordered a ground steak and chinese chicken salad. It took 30 minutes to get our food! The average wait time is 20 minute. Even for a well done steak! I ask the manager his opinion and he said it takes about 20 minutes. Ok so far we've been there for 1 hour with a one year old. The manager explains that it shouldnt of took that long but offers NO resolution ! My salad was suppose to have grilled chicken on it. It had wat looked like deli turkey. It even tasted like turkey! I ask the manager if this salad was suppose to have turkey on it? He proceeded to argue with me, that i was mistaken and theres no way it could be turkey! That the turkey was located on the other side of the kitchen! Again no resolution! I thought the customer was ALWAYS right?! All in all it was a horrible experience and i will not be returning ANY time soon! Horrible server, horrible manager terrible service!

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