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They have too many rigid rules compared to my other credit cards. Citi Bank is the worst credit card that I have.


I love the building you had made for your corporate office. I am an artist and some of my concepts were realized recently. I hope that all the floor have lots safe ventilation and you use small era; trees to cut don't on the pollution inside your building. I saw a building in Paris were they used special rocks and trees to cut down on indoor pollution I hope your contractor used that concept also. I have only seen the out side. I do not travel, so I can not go there. I hope I can the interior emailed to me. I believe it it is as beautiful as it looks on the outside.

I can relate to all of these posts -The rurnonuads.-Not knowing which department you need to speak with.-Getting one answer from one person and a different answer from another.-Over the phone payments being run for the wrong amount, or not being accepted at all in the beginning.-Being asked about a 401k (which I had already dipped into), family or friends who could help out (which I had none) and I even had one employee suggest I take in a roommate. ?????-Being asked to send in the same paperwork, over and over.-Being denied a modification because BOA said they did not recieve the requested paperwork paperwork that I did send-in prior to the expiration date and that I even received a letter in response stating they received the paperwork. (thank goodness I kept that one!)-Receiving confusing letters that no one at BOA could explain or even find record of being sent to me. The final straw was receiving the following WITHIN 3 DAYS OF EACH OTHER:1) A letter from BOA stating my deferment period had ended, and my loan was current and in good standing (I never applied for a deferrment and I was still in the modification process . I know I was not in good standing!)2) A foreclosure letter from an attorney representing BOA3) My APPROVED modification loan paperwork after 11 months!!The attorney that sent the foreclosure notice got an earful. But that office must have said something to BOA (they probably explained to BOA how they really screwed up on this one!), because 2 weeks later, I received a letter from BOA stating they had submitted a request to the credit agency correcting the foreclosure information on my credit bureau.It's been almost a year later and I KNOW I'm one of the lucky ones! My modification was approved and has made a enormous difference in my life. But it was not without frustration. And not without a big chunk of change being tacked onto the end of my loan. But sticking it out has allowed me to stay in my home, for which I am grateful.I think the acquisition of Countrywide just overwhelmed BOA and they were ill-prepared to handle the volume of requests they received. And it's clear overall employee training was non-existent. (Although, there was ONE woman I can recall clearly, who was helpful, knowledgable, and friendly the one bright spot in the whole process.)My advice to everyone dealing with BOA keep records of EVERYTHING. Phone conversations, names, dates, times, letters, correspondance. Any little thing. Make note of it!

I will show you with one days worth of dealing with Bank of America, how hard they are woknrig to help Americans. These are notes from today's runaround. We have been dealing with this since November 16th.I'd rather give back the &*$%*$ house and file bankruptcy than have to talk to Bank of America again.I know that's extreme, But I'm so upset with them right now. Apparently customer care is not in their vocabulary.Received a call from Collections at 12:45 pm Marquis (who refused to give his employee number) states he is calling per your request on an update to our application for the Make Homes Affordable Program. Per Marquis we do not qualify because there is a late payment showing on our account in the last 12 months and our Lender has paid mortgage insurance.He then checked to see if we qualify for a modification said we did and transferred me (could hear him laughing on the phone)1:01 Connected with Mona #8545 in Tempe.She see no paperwork on file regarding a request for modification. She took what information I had available and started the application process. A hardship form will be mailed to us to complete and mail back. She said we should receive paperwork for a trial payment period in 45 days, while our request for modification is being processed. We will receive a packet in the mail that must be completed and returned with requested documents.I asked for a call back number and the only number she would give was 1-800-669-0102.She said she would transfer me to home retention dept about assistance with our late payments. 1:24 phone hung up during transfer.I called 1-800-669-0102 (recorded run around) and 1-800-262-4218 (recorded run around and then hung up on me) and 1-800-669-6650 (recorded run around, but found a button to reach a human). 1:44 Human stated he was in the Home retention dept but that I needed the Default dept and transferred me. 1:54 Debbie in Imminent Dept stated I needed Home Retention Dept and transferred me. 2:03 Hung up on again. 2:17 Debra ext 9463 in Fort Worth Texas VERY RUDE. I tried to explain the problem. She asked if the information collected in November was correct. I stated I believe so. She stated that because we had a cash reserve of $2200 we did not qualify for assistance. I said we do not have any reserve. She said well you said the information from November was correct . She then said don't you have a 401K or family or friends who can give you the money . I stated NO.She needed your gross income, which I did not have. She said I would have to call back. When I asked for the phone number she gave me 800-669-0102. When I asked how to reach a person, she stated she had no idea and started in again about something at which point I requested a supervisor. 2:25 Doris Home Retention Center no phone number. It's a call center so you have to talk to who you get. There is no special assistance available, no one on one care. Your information is in the computer and any one of the call takers can help you.I asked, then why haven't we been able to get through to anyone since NOVEMBER. She stated she did not know. They are available until 9pm California time, available Saturdays and Sundays.I have to call back with our financial information (gross, net, bills, living expenses) to have the information updated and reviewed. The information has been sent in multiple times. Their phone system will put you on hold for hours then hang up. Employees refuse to give employee # and won't tell you even what call center you are dealing with. This way corporate can tell lies like are stated in your article.

I am being charged late fees by Citimortgage when the EZ pay sytem is not taking my payment until 3 days after the payment is due, due on the 19th, they have been taking it on the 21st and charging me huge fees. I called to dispute and tey truned me down. Wqaht a racket!!!!! I hate this company would not reccomend it to my worst enemy, mach less a friend. They are without ehtics. I have reported them to the better business bureau. What a crock of shit that they have made the late fees occur and apparently this is part of their standard business practice. Absolutely unscrupulous. You shuld be ashamed at Citigroup to allow these things to go on. I am livid and would never conduct business with you or any of your subsidiaries again. I encourage all the mistreated customers to do thier homework and boycott anything that has ties to Citigroup until these business practices are resolved in an ethical manner.

Let to address to you with the following appeal. The great country, the most economically advanced and most democratic state today is in danger. And to it, and all world community is threatened with new and more widescale financial-economic crisis. To avoid destructive shocks, the Great country should set an example and restore trust to itself of all other world. And first of all it is necessary to raise trust to money of the country, - this money should remain the world standard still. Herewith attempt of reduction of weight of a public debt with the help of depreciation of money of the country is very dangerous in the further prospect. Other attempt, - attempt of imposing of the monetary standard to all world with the help of force, with the help of the large-scale military conflict or long war also is even more dangerous. This attempt can result both the great country, and all world in an apocalypse. As it seems to me, to restore trust of all world (and the trust of own citizens to the politics, to prospect of improvement of the life) is possible by more positive way. I suggest to establish «the period of women - presidents», - to select on the supreme political posts the best women. In fact today, - during the sad ending of term of leadership very popular, during elections, the head, - any, even the most charismatic the leader-male cannot restore confidence of all world and confidence of own citizens on a presence of the best prospect of tomorrow's day. And I offer the own books, first of which refers «the Woman , to rescue!». These books contain an appeal to an establishing of "the period of women - presidents». Herewith the contents of books is not odious, - they will consist not of slogans, but from reflections about the reasons of survivability of Evil in our life. That is, a genre of books - popular psychology and popular philosophy. And I ask your help in the edition of my books. I need or in payment of the edition of books, or in a finding of book publishing house which can issue my books in big enough circulation. Please, help me, and subsequently all country will be grateful to you.

Citimortgage Re: Account Number 12238041 I have spent the 3 most frustrating days on the phone with Citimortgage's customer service team regarding a 1 month skip payment on my mortgage. I was disconnected by very rude customer service reps,spoken to reps who gave me the wrong information and felt that very few people in"Customer Service","Loss Midigation","Home Owners Assistance" knew what they were talking about.I was told by a "Nyviron" that based on review, I only needed to sign and fax back a skip loan form and this will allow me to pay my mortage on the 15th of the following month. After faxing this form back to Citimortgage, I called for several day to make sure that it was received, but no one could tell me if they ever received it, so I had to keep calling and jump through the same hoops all over again. I received a call tody from Citimortgage today telling me that my account is past due and I would be reported to collections. After calling back for another round of been tranferred by customer service I found a "supervisior" who said the entire team has given me incorrect information she will need to speak with their "supervisior". The saga continue as I have been on the phone to someone in "executive responses unit in St Louis - Lee I think her name is ... not much help, more of the same. My next call/letter will be to Sanji Dav - President of Citimortgage and Vikam Pandit. Stay tuned

This is the correct address. I wrote them and actually received a reply.

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