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271 Cedar Dr Azle.Tx 76020

Have evidence of Citibank I.D. Theft scan victimizing own customers. Write 271 Cedar Dr. Azle,Tx. 76020 leave tele. Too many documents in investigation file.


This process sucks you can't get any numbers to HR or a Recruiter it's easier calling the Vatican for the Pope. I even have a relative there and she doesn't have numbers everything is email - what happen to this company? Where are the human contact - not sure if if I want to work there now..

city bikes

city bikes, run lights by the Dozen @ buzzy times,putting many people in danger. I hold your corporation responsible for all accidents.

good banking yet doubt about hiring DV guy

It is found that DV guy AsitBhatt commited DV in 2003-4 in CA & now in FL too. Did u not chk history ? We r having great business with you but when knew such thing, it is sad u support such DV culprit ????

false email and

you can't get thru at all thru these numbers ridiculous all the way through!! waited for over 3 hours plus and nothing and the run around big time per other banks on this is a big problem they suck and or going to hear about it definitely!!

Citibanks Suck!!!

Customer service sucks!!! Need to bring those jobs back to the USA!!! I haven't been able to use the online services to view my account or statements or make payments...tech support sucks! They have lost my business!!! I will not ever recommend Citibank to anyone.

Unhappy Customer

They are the worst Credit Card to have. They are not for their Customers. Their rules are too rigid. They make you feel that they do not have your best interest.


I travelled 8-9 hours to go in for an interview for Citi in Tampa Florida. I interviewed with two caucasian women. They were so unprofessional throughout the ENTIRE interview. I was insulted numerous times based on my knowledge, Degree and the color of my skin. I was also compared to a "Drama Queen" while at this interview. This was the absolute worst interview that I have ever encountered. I will be reaching out to the EEOC to report this manner as well. After this experience, I would not want to work for such a company. I would just like to warn others of this before going out to an interview for Citi.

Terrible Payroll Practices

My daughter-in-law started working for Citibank in December. Her first pay day was 12/27/2013. Her boss took of so she couldn't get her check. When she received it, it was for the wrong amount. It is now January 13, and she has still not received her first check. They told her they could give her cash for the amount she is owed but she'd have to pay interest. Citibank won't ever get my business!

Settled mortgage/adverse credit report

We have spent three years trying to clean up a credit blooper by Citibank. The mortgage was settled, we have sent closing documents, cancelled check endorsed BY them to THEIR account and we still can not get them to give us a letter saying we are not at fault or stop reporting that we owe and are three years late on credit report.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Back in 1994, I took my credit card out to 90% of its limit. That was before most people knew that they shouldn't do that. Citi has JUST NOW begun reporting that occurrance to credit bureaus, as though it happened yesterday! The Fair Credit Reporting Act specifies that adverse credit information, with the exception of bankruptcy, is not to be reported after seven years. Citi is thumbing their collective noses at this law. My credit score has dropped because of their illegal action. This bank is not only "too big to fail," it is apparently "too big to be bound by US law."


Citibank is comprised of uneducated morons. Citibank cannot post a working number because they do not know how to handle disgruntled customers and employees. so they post a website that nobody reads nor responds to. just spread the word and everyday more customers and employees will join the anti Citibank bandwagon, until finally it will affect their bottom line. the more negative feedback the more other people will get the message and the greater the likelihood that hackers will attack Citibank and free some of those ill-gotten gains.


I am basically contacting an attorney in reference to a refund they will not issue, I had a death in my family and they still would not offer a refund due to my not being able to travel....I deleted the reservation three days which is the hotel policy however this shady company has a four day window, please do not give this company any business.....You will be sorry


I have a Citibank Prepaid card thru work, that is how they pay. Citibank has taken their sweet time to credit any moneys back to me after filing a dispute on my account. No one at Citibank seems to know how to do math! Minus the amount being disputed I should have a remaining balance of 41.29, but instead its 20.55. All together my balance should be closer to 180.00. I highly suggest anyone considering Citibank to run as fast as you can away from this money stealing greedy company. Last week their automated service didn't "update" and caused my card to decline even though there was well over the amount needed. After it finally "updated" 2 days later, they nailed me with decline fees!!!! RUN!!!! They are crooks.

Telephone Inquiry

I went online to locate a branch telephone number. I'm in the process of refinancing with Citi, and spent 15 minutes on hold with customer service, 5 minutes on hold with the branch. In my opinion that seems a bit lengthy to leave a 10 second voicemail for one of your associates. Branch locations don't have phone numbers published, which seems very ineffective. Please update your processes, many potential customers probably just hang up because they get tired of perpetual hold and prompts,

Foreign Transaction Fees

I have a Chase/United Airlines card, IN ADDITION TO the CITIBANK VISA AADVANTAGE CARD which I have had for years.. Chase/UA just sent me a mailing informing me that effective June 1, they stopped assessing foreign transaction fees. Because I have always considered this a rip-off, I will move all foreign trx to them (and probably most others) - unless you change.

Does the Citibank Corporate Offices care about the review at all?

After I wrote my review, I checked that my review has never showed up. Not only that, non showed up since May 21. A huge corporation has only 125 reviews.

The phone system is horrible. When I finally called another number, they transferred me right back to the automated response I was already on hold with. We need to speak with people!

D.C.O. Maintenance &Cleaning

Hi , I would like to present my company at your service. We have been cleaning small,medium,and large store and offices in Manhattan,Brooklyn,and Bronx once a week or as many time as you may need at your convenience .We could beat any price on the table try us. Thank you for your business

Sanjiv Das

Citimortgage completely ignores customer notification of fraud and/or forgery, with evidence, committed against them and the FHA, and does not even acknowledge receipts after having received them for over 2 years forcing customer to file reports with HUD and the CFPB.

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