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I went to cicis and found hair in my soup I went to tell the person at the front and she was great even the workers in the back were agreeing with me. The manager threw away all the soup p and told me another should be made in 5 mins well in total I waited 30 mins until I I got mad and told the manager what was going on she got mss and called the police on me so I didn't get to eat or get a refund this was in league city. Can some one help me report this?

Great experiences, cicis in woodbridge va rocks!

Confusing and more expensive

We went to CiCi's in The Colony on 7/15/2014 for the first time after the remodel which by the way took too long. The pricing and options have changed for the worse. I used to be able to have a nice dinner out with my family of 5 for $32 and we got pizza, soup, salad, and dessert. For that price and selection, everyone in the family was satisfied. Plus the staff was happy to wait on you and enjoyed making any pizza you wanted which I liked because there are some ingridents that cause me to get migraines and sick. I mainly ate off the salad bar and the custom pizza. Now everything is an extra cost. I had to pay additional $1 along with the pizza bar for a very small side salad. In addition, it now cost $40 for all of us to eat. If I wanted to get ripped off I would have gone to your competition down the road Piper Pizza. I miss the old CiCis where everyone greeted you at once with a smile and got to enjoy a meal with family for under $35.

bad management

I had a fundraiser at the porter, Texas location and the manager gave our fundraising money to another school. And still has not gave us our money for the fundraiser she ignores calls and doesn't return calls frustrated have left messages with corporate office I understand being busy this is just bad management .

Cicis in waxahachie tx

Manager on duty was very rude when he approached us to tell us we could not share a drink. Even though I did have a water. He was very unprofessional and rude.



I went to the Gainesville location and it was the best I have bben to by far. Great food, great service and all the workers kept a great pace.

cici gastonia nc

Food was not good uncooked but cleaning staff summer was very nice doing what the cook and manger should of done apologizing and did a great job of keeping our table cleared maybe she should be the cook and manger thank you summer


I went to cicis in Edmond Oklahoma today and food was so good and the cinnamon rolls were out of this world,could not stop eating them,I eat so many my hands were covered in icing,live this place


been going for 15 yearsPort Charlotte store just Reopened place was clean store just excellent food wouldn't go anywhere else food excellent excellent employees excellent manager love it

First of all somebody had their b'day dinner here!!!


Whatever health inspector approves the tallahasse location is out of thier minds. i will never eat at any cici s location again due to how disgusting this location looked in the back each time the bus boy left the kitchen door swinging open. black slime does not seem too appetizing to my wife and i.

Old lady working a job she cant handle and screaming at others employess

The old lady was screaming at a young lady. I guess she didnt want to make no drama scene but she was very upset. When I ask her she said the old lady is the mother of the owner. I though you guys own the cicis.... Columbus Georgia

Not what it really cost

I went to CiCi pizza on Skillman St. in Dallas on January 10, 2014 for the first and last time.The commerical says $5.00 for pizza buffet but when I get there they charge me 5.99 if I don't buy a drink with the pizza or pizza and drink cost you $5.00 for pizza and $1.99 for a drink. this is truly bate and switch

Cc's Metairie, LA

Unclean, chairs broken, cups broken, cracked & unclean, Customer service rude waiters & cashier, tables dirty, bathroom dirty and utensils dirty. Vegetables wilted. Nothing fresh but pizza

Horrible customer service. I was overcharged and when I went back to ask about the pricing all that was said to me was "oh, it's the taxes".

very satisfied

Just wanted to take my time and let you know what an amazing location cicis have..i travel alot due to my job so i eat out alot..i went to Tyler tx location store#486 and their service made me feel like if i was paying a 20. Dollar meal..they treated me as if i was the only costumer the manager hispanic guy i believe juan ask if everything was ok..i ask for a works pizzas n the lady on the line told i got it here and she put it on the line for me...thank you guys an corparated for having this type of costumer service that we hardly see in restaurants..... way to go.....

Cici's Pizza St Andrews Rd, Columbia SC

Food was good but when I went to restroom it was awful! I instantly got sick! The bathroom was a mess ....the staff was sitting down eating Chinese food and laighing . I will not go back there until they know how to keep establishment clean! I took pictures and will post them on social media

cici pizza (24hrs)

I want to suggest that i really believe that an in coming of an cici's pizza in the town of osceola Arkansas would be something to really think about.more so if you could figure out how you could manage to make it (24hrs) like walmart there is more third shifts that are out after work then i thought I've worked at the walmart in osceola for a while and i believe that is what this town needs.they have to travel over 34 to 35 miles just to enjoy good pizza,salads and pasta.we are so tired of pizza hut,wish u do miracles for the town of osceola Arkansas....the town of bill Clinton


yesterday me and my friend we decide to go to Cici pizza when we first got there .T is Dort Hwy in Flint Mi .The at the registerwas itching.like she had fleas but i look over that because she wasnt working with food . Then she gave us nasty cups and to mention it was.chip at the in.. The salad bar was nasty needed to be clean flys was.flying around.our.food and dont no one where gloves.anymore I just think thats not right at all . But to make matters worse the lady that was at the register itch her neck this time and had the nerve to work with the salad bar really.. I will never go there again..

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