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poor communication

called corporate over two months ago about cici in north Brunswick nj - told me someone would get back to me in three weeks no call yet have to wonder if I will support them

Horrible manager in pensacola,fl. Rude and the bathrooms are disgusting!!! This place needs to be shut down by the health dept.

poor service

I was at the cicis In Mathews nc and it was unpleasant the assistant manager did nothing but sit on his phone the entire time and did not help. Food was old and nothing was clean . I will never be back again

Mathews Nc poor service

Whatever manager they think they have here needs to be fired he is very rude and doesn't do anything but talk . The general manager is ok but that other manager needs to be fired !

Poor Service/Advertising

They advertise kids 3 and under eat for free and that is a lie.......also they charge as an adult for a 10 yr old. They said the rules changed. That's not what they advertised though!!

cicis in Raleigh NC

food was OK until I saw the workerwho was making the pizza. tell him you think his cell phoneand started to test the food again without washing his hands. then he proceeded to go to the line to get food and eating and then wash his hands once again

Refused Service

A youth group, around 15-18 people, tried to go to the Melbourne Florida location and was told they were short staffed and sent them away. Wow what a sad night they could not handle 15-18 people.


went to cic's pizza in lakewood in north little rock around 6:30pm the serve was bad they could't keep pizza on the line.the people that work there did not ackownledge their customers request to take certain pizzas made.the food was horrible pizza tasted and looked like flat cardboard.not enough meat just flat as it could ever get, the corporate need to do a surprise visit before the health dept is notified food critis are called

bad customer service

The cici's pizza store #0872 customer service sucks face....how are you going to argue with me about the cups being dirty then going to charge me extra for a to go cup

My daughter started her very first job with CiCi'd on Dixie farm in Pearland needless to say in the month and a half time that she was there she came home crying and very embarrassed because of the night manager and how he would belittle and speak down to her in front of customers and employees. I know that starting anew job is tough as an adult who can take criticism and orders but being a teenager and starting your very first job it's hard. The management was expecting her to perform like someone who's been there for 6 months or longer. I'm very disappointed in CiCi's pizza.


I went to cicis and found hair in my soup I went to tell the person at the front and she was great even the workers in the back were agreeing with me. The manager threw away all the soup p and told me another should be made in 5 mins well in total I waited 30 mins until I I got mad and told the manager what was going on she got mss and called the police on me so I didn't get to eat or get a refund this was in league city. Can some one help me report this?

Great experiences, cicis in woodbridge va rocks!

Confusing and more expensive

We went to CiCi's in The Colony on 7/15/2014 for the first time after the remodel which by the way took too long. The pricing and options have changed for the worse. I used to be able to have a nice dinner out with my family of 5 for $32 and we got pizza, soup, salad, and dessert. For that price and selection, everyone in the family was satisfied. Plus the staff was happy to wait on you and enjoyed making any pizza you wanted which I liked because there are some ingridents that cause me to get migraines and sick. I mainly ate off the salad bar and the custom pizza. Now everything is an extra cost. I had to pay additional $1 along with the pizza bar for a very small side salad. In addition, it now cost $40 for all of us to eat. If I wanted to get ripped off I would have gone to your competition down the road Piper Pizza. I miss the old CiCis where everyone greeted you at once with a smile and got to enjoy a meal with family for under $35.

bad management

I had a fundraiser at the porter, Texas location and the manager gave our fundraising money to another school. And still has not gave us our money for the fundraiser she ignores calls and doesn't return calls frustrated have left messages with corporate office I understand being busy this is just bad management .

Cicis in waxahachie tx

Manager on duty was very rude when he approached us to tell us we could not share a drink. Even though I did have a water. He was very unprofessional and rude.



I went to the Gainesville location and it was the best I have bben to by far. Great food, great service and all the workers kept a great pace.

cici gastonia nc

Food was not good uncooked but cleaning staff summer was very nice doing what the cook and manger should of done apologizing and did a great job of keeping our table cleared maybe she should be the cook and manger thank you summer


I went to cicis in Edmond Oklahoma today and food was so good and the cinnamon rolls were out of this world,could not stop eating them,I eat so many my hands were covered in icing,live this place


been going for 15 yearsPort Charlotte store just Reopened place was clean store just excellent food wouldn't go anywhere else food excellent excellent employees excellent manager love it

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