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I just purchased a 2011chrysler 200 but the there minor problems...the carpet on the driver side was shredded. 2. the hood and the trunk were off ..so im thinking it was in a accident. 3 my back 2 tires are worn down and 1 has a nail in it. chrysler of coon rapids mn will adjust the hood and trunk and but give me floor mats but do nothin with the tires. I asked for a car fax and to find out when i got home that it said this car was white in color and my car is blue. I really like chrysler vechicles. But chrysler needs to do something about the people who sale there cars and fix them ..if you want people to buy your product honest is the best policy. if anyone can help me find out if the color on the car is suppose to be blue or white please post something for me . thank you. im probably going to return the car and go somewhere else if they cant resolve it.

If you had a zero That's what I would score you at. This is my second Durango (should hae learned from the first). I have a 2004 durango, at 144000 miles needed new engine so I did that two weeks later had to put it back in the shop to get another new engine, cause this one had metal flakes left in it and caused damage. Now my problem is my water pump went out (they did not put new one on) according to the service mgr. with no warning, did not show that the car was overheatng no sign of leakage no smell so of course the engine overheated and now I need another (third) engine and they are telling me it will not be covered under warranty, cause they did not replace the water pump. Now I don't understand how dodge can put a sensor in that will not read that the coolant leaked out so if your car is overheating you will never know. I have always been a dodge girl but I'm now leaning more towards Toyota, Ford, Nissan anyone except Dodge. Way to loose your customers. I'm not done with this yet.

Bought 2011 Dodge Avenger Lux February 11, 2012. This car has a major computer problem. It has been in for service computer service and other repairs 4 times. This past week the engine went totally dead while driving to work and exiting off the turnpike. I rolled it to a safe spot off the road. Called dealer. Placed car in park and it suddenly started, but driving only few minutes down the road it died again. Place car in park and it started. Finally drove to work slowly and the dealer had it towed back to the shop for evaluation. It is now 5 days without the car and not one phone call from service to say what is wrong. My family and I called the dealer many times, no one returns the calls. On the 5th day with no calls I arrived home from work driving my son's car and found my Dodge parked in the driveway locked. The dealer returned the car without calling me. The car was filthy and it was left with hardly no gas. Tomorrow my son and I are returning the car to the Dealer and I hope I get my downpayment back because I lost confidence in this car and the service department is worthless. Not one manager even tried to discuss anything.

I kept having problems with my signal bulbs blowing; eventually Massey Yardley in Sunrise FL informed me on two separate occasions that my tail light assemblies needed to be replaced. WHich they did. Prior to the last replacement; ONLY the signal light bulb would not work and I was told my Tires Plus in Tamarac, FL that my cluster needed to be replaced (which is a group of electrical wiring). They informed me that they had seen this problem on about 20 trucks. The part actually came from the Dodge Dealer and it was a series of removing old cluster; having DODGE connect it to a computer to pull all computerized information from it and store it into a computer brain. Then the new cluster got connected and the brain redirected this stored information into the new cluster. I then received a letter from DOdge recalling problems with turn signals. I sent all information as required even explaining to them that I went to Tires PLus for repairs because of me having a Credit Account with them and did not have the cash to pay Dodge for the repairs. I received a call from a lady from CHryler who informed me that I could not be reeimbursed my (total of $1,400.00 because the work WAS NOT performed at a Dodge Dealer and they couldn't guarantee the work. However 2 of the 3 repairs did take place at Massey Yardley DOdge Dealer. I am so displeased with the way they handled my situation and feel that they SHOULD HAVE reeimbursed my money. I didnt ask for a guarantee just my reeimbursement. Up until that point I HAD been proud to own a CHyrsler- DOdge Vehicle. They really sh%#ted on me

My wife Tina was on vacation in Florida and went to Hollywood Chrysler and Jeep in Hollywood, Florida for an oil change only to come out with a $935.80 service and repair bill. The certified Tech. stripped the oil pan bolt and did not notifie service of the damage also they convinced Tina that she needed brake work and supposenally replaced the Rotors and Pads. When Tina arrived at our home Arkansas I happen to check the oil out of habit and found it to be lower than the add line.I contacted Hollywood Chrysler service an was told that is a normal usage of oil for that car, ( 2800 miles ?). Tina than proceeded to our home in Calif. but only made it to Greenwood, Ark. when the car started to act up. Went to Jim Philpotts Garage and he discovered that the oil pan bolt was just about ready to fall out and also that a valve on the transmittion was faulty that is why the car was acting up. This was not found by the Certified Tech. when Tina told him of the problem. Finally got to Eureka, Calif. and all hell broke loose the over size bolt did not allow the Chrysler dealer ship to safely change the oil and also discovered that the brakes were in terrible shape and could not believe that any repar work had been done by Hollywood Chrysler and the cost us another $1888.60 to replace oil pan + brakes and Hollywood Chrysler will not stand behind their terrible service. This is just plain robbery of a paraylized lady with Calif. licence and the so call honest certified service and it is true do not wast any time contacting customer or consumer relations just a bunch bull and they told us it is not Chryslers protocall to make the dealerships stand behind their work or repars, indeed this sucks and this 2004 Dodge Stratus will be our last chrysler after many and will stick to Ford.

Gentlemen, I own over 40 MOPARS from a 1962 Dodge Dart Maxwedge to a 2009 Dodge Chalenger SRT8. I was shocked that Penske changed to Ford for the 2013 NASCAR season.Dodge lost Petty now Penske. Something appears to be very very wrong at the corporate level from the publics view. The old addage is still valid. What wins on Sunday sells on Monday.Please return and dominate the race tracks. Do I need to put my 1969 Dodge Daytona on the track? Thanks for bringing back the Viper and the Challenger and signing up Jegs in the NHRA.You have a great group representing Mopar in the NHRA.Winning at the track make me proud to drive a MOPAR on the street. Please fix the NASCAR problem. Give your teams the best company support in the business and make the competition envious. I loved the Clint Eastwood commercial.

I bought a 2009 Dodge Journey early in 2008. It has had nothing but problems since the very beginning! I have replaced brakes and rotors every 12,000-17,000 miles. The transmission had to be completely replaced at 60,000 miles and the paint has completely come off of the side view mirrors. There are problems with the window controls on the driver's door and the alarm goes off and I cannot get it to turn off. Now Dodge tells me that I should be grateful becuase they are willing to pay for labor and I can pay for the new rotors that need to be replaced on the front end again!!! These were brand new in April 2011, it is now February 2012. I was also told by the service manager at my local dealership "Have you ever considered that it is your driving that is causing these brake problems?" After going on Google and seeing all of the other complaints about the 2009 -2010 Journey's brakes I am furious that they would imply that my driving was the source of their problem. Now my question is what does Dodge plan to do about these brakes. Will they wait until enough people are injured or killed by their faulty brakes before they find a fix or are their consumers going to continue to have to be out of pocket the money it takes to fix the brakes every 12,000 miles? I will never again buy another Dodge product and will make sure that none of my loved ones purchase another either. I am truly appalled at their lack of interest in doing what is right by their consumers!

We have been loyal customers and have bought 5 cars over 17 years. My 2003 Jeep Liberty, that has 65k, the transmission went. We took it to Hollywood,FL dealership and was recommended to purchase a Maximum Care Service Contract. We waited for the contract to take effect and returned to the dealer 1 month later. We get a call from the dealer, the mechanic claims it's the bearings. They run the contract for approval and was declined for repair. They claim it was a pre-existing problem. Hellooooo, my car is 9 years old. Everything is pre-existing then!!!! Why was I sold a Service Contract? CANCELLING!!! I approve the bearings repair. Three days later!!! the car is ready but, it's only 50% better, they say. I take it for a drive, 50% better!!!That car has the same grinding noise. Today marks, 16 days my car is there. Today, I get a call saying, it's the tranmission! I'm not paying for the bearings job! Your mechanics are pathetic! CHRYSLER, YOU SUCK!!! YOU ALLOW YOUR INDEPENDENT DEALERS TO DEFAME YOUR NAME!!!! GET OUT OF YOUR CORPORATE OFFICES & CHECK YOUR DEALERS. MY PROBLEM HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED YET!!!! I'M WITH YOU JOSH WAHRENBERGER! BUY A HONDA!!!! To be continued.

I live in West Virginia... I bought a 2011 Nissan XTERRA in January 2011.. This is not the vehicle I wanted. I have been trying to trade since October 2011 to February 2012... Dodge is what I want. Jeep wrangler unlimited to be exact.. My credit rating is probably not the best but I have a line of credit through my credit union, cannot get you guys to even attempt to help me. I guess it will be me and the XTERRA forevermore .. I know I have a lopsided trade but you would be selling a brand new jeep and I also know you would make money on my 2011 trade, I guess just not enough to make it worth your while. So I think this SUCKS...

I would like to get an appoint with Edward J. Wilmer to tell him about my track dodge ram 3500 edition big horn 2007.My track have 100,000 miller warranti right now have 92,600 miller. The track have problem with injector several time and the dealer in the state of virginia some dealer do not have certification to work in the track but the chrysler allowed to work in the track.I love my track to see broke in part is hurt to me.Iam student for Master mechanic gasolina and diesel in the Northern Community college manassa, Va.I had been paid over $10,000 for my track.Who can help me in this situation do you want the record of the track is ready to review any time Eward J. Wilmer or can send any person to diagnost that engine and rest of the track. I Alfredo Castillo-Reyes my phone 540 683-0417

Hi, I bought my 2003 Dodge Stratus RT in 2004, Loved this car and still do but with in the first year of owning this car i noticed the clear coat on the top was starting to peel off than it got worse and worse now my sides, hood,trunk, is all down to the primer in many spots and its looking ugly. I have stopped and looked at other dodge stratus RTs and have noticed this is only happening to the black ones. It is because of a defect in there paint. I work third shift and park in the garage during the day so i know its not from the sun. I have taken very good care of this car and would really like if dodge would please offer to help fix this problem. :( Want my pretty car back!

FIRST of all thanks for 22 years of jeeps i bought my first new jeep wrangler in 1989 an had to upside (children) so i bought a new 1995 Cherokee and my brother was down on his luck so i gave it to him and then i bought a new 01 grand Cherokee and in 07 my daughter turned 16 now in the air force that's when the 4 door wrangler came out SO gotta have it and i bought a new 07 jk unlimited along with my son buying his second jeep the 3.8 gave the jeep some more ponies he drives his jeep like they were meant to be driven :) and now with MANY modifications ("you gotta love the JEEPS") it is that time again I am in the market for the WK2 Overlander 5.7 with the off road 2 package and tow package... but that brings me to SECOND is their a dedicated / devoted / loyalty discount for my 5th new jeep???? if not it sure would be a GREAT MARKETING THING thanks again for many years of fun "its a jeep thing"

My cousin purchased a 2008 Pacifica, it sucks. Nothing but problems, dealer will not do a thing about it. So much for paying cash for a car.

I selected 1 star only because there was nothing less. Chrysler corporation makes a piece crap and the only thing that saved them (temporarily) was the bailout that the taxpayers paid for. I now drive a Honda, Toyota and Ford, the best vehicles I ever have owned. Congragulations to them for doing it right. "Build a good dependable product".

Our 1989 Jeep Cherokee (252,000 miles) was the opposite of a lemon--absolutely AMAZING vehicle! However, our 2004 Dodge diesel (2500 Ram)is a safety nightmare. There have been 2 steering damper component recalls, and we (no address change) received neither. If you own a Ram, look up L16 recall: Issued July 2011, recall notices supposedly sent out appx. September 30, 2011. Driving 10 mph last week on a small country road, the left tie rod broke and the steering damper ended up embedded in the tire. Imagine that at 65 mph, which is much more common for us! 7 hrs on the phone w/ dealer, Chrysler,and the National Hwy Traffic & Safety Admin, and it was about the 10th person I talked to before someone said, "Hey! There's a safety recall on that repair part on your truck (by VIN number). Get the word out there, because Chrysler sure isn't. They don't want to pay to tow my truck to the nearest dealer--1 1/2 hours away. Worse, no one wanted to admit there was a recall, and even danced around the issue after I found out. Stay safe, and keep others likewise. :)

I'm on my 5th Jeep. Love Jeep but my love is letting me down. I currently on a 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon. This ones been a mess, check engine light on after 3500 miles - replaced O2 sensor, picked up car and on the way home; check engine light back on. Took it back in, another O2 sensor. Then at 20,000 during an oil change, I'm told no oil is registering on the dipstick. The dealership completes diagnosis and finds no oil leaks at all. I start a oil consumption test per the Jeep advisor at the dealership. After driving 1000 miles, I take it back in and find that my Jeep is down 0.95 quarts of oil. So, the dealership tops off the oil and instructs me to come back after another 1000 miles. After the next 1000 I'm back in, oil down 0.85 quarts. They reinspect for leaks because something is wrong. No leaks! The test drive my Jeep to see if it may be burning oil. No smoke! Further testing gives no results as to what is happening to the oil. Nothing found! Dealership tells me that my Jeep is "just" consuming oil and that Chrysler says that a vehicle consuming a quart of oil or less per 1000 miles is acceptable. I can not take a loss and sell the thing just yet so I'm stuck. I now have 59000 miles and have been adding a quart of oil every 1000 miles. Sorry Chrysler, this IS NOT acceptable! I've found info that the engines made in Mexico where assemblied incorrectly. That there is something about the piston rings being installed incorrectly and that allows oil to pass through and consume oil. I've also found that Chrysler knows about this and is not willing to make it right. I saw your SB commercial and being originally from Detroit, I was full of pride but then realized, you're just a bunch of talk. If you believed your own message, you wouldn't let me, and judging from other posts I've come across, many others, you might make this right. I looked at the Hummer H3 and considered it but went with my trusted Jeep. I'm thinking I have made the wrong decision. Step up Chrysler! It's halftime, let's make it right!

i just got a 2010 sebring it cost over 20,000 +extending worinty only one key and no owner manul. i was told by the sales mam that he would take of the manul and the would be about $75.00 . 3 days after i got the car it was hald back to fix the top. it would not go up they took care of it and got me a car till it was fixed at no charge thank god. on the 5 of feb. i went in to get a key i was told 151+ and 95.00 to program it. if i would new it would been that much for a key i would never bout the car. i realy lvve the car but i now which i wouldn't bout the dam thing. i was very happy till the cost of the key and no manul, and 26.00 each for seat belt eztender. i left the dash cover and 2 seat extenders in the car i traded in, gm gave me to extenders for 2001 buick and bouth it some place else. about 9 mouths ago ford gave me 2 for a 1985 i bout some where else.

If Chrysler would put half the money into their cars as advertising they might get better ratings for quality, reliability and road worthiness. Just get view Consumer Reports about quality and reliability.

Bought a Jeep Rubicon on 11/02/11. I within 6 weeks I started having manual transmission problems and the heated seats only worked when the interior of the vehicle was warmed up by the Jeep's heater. Of course all these problems went away when the ambient temp got about 20 degrees. Two weeks ago the leather seat cracked. I sheduled an appointment and that was a week out (probably because Chrysler has so many vehicle problems) and i took it in. Well the heated seats were fixed when they found the wire harness was not installed correctly. I was told there is a service bulletin on the shifter and those parts are on order. (Why didn't they just fix it before they put in on the lot for sale?) Now the seat.....I was told they would have to take a picture, send it to "digital imaging" and see if it is covered. Guess what? Warranty claim is denied. I have 2900 miles....yes.....Two Thousand Nine Hundred miles on this and Chrysler won't warranty a seat. I understood that "bumper-to-bumber" meant exactly that. Well I am not going to accept this. I don't give a damn what your digital imaging department says, they are probably looking at a picture that was taken by some mechanic on his cell phone. I paid almost $40,000 for this Jeep and I want a new seat damn-it. Get it done Chrysler.

I would like to applaud out loud for the Chrysler add, from sunday's Super Bowl. Clint Eastwood, truly spoke to me and my family regarding the circumstances of american families. Detroit, truly is making a comback and so is America. Great Super Bowl Add. Joyce O

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