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Horrible service.

The service in Enfield Ct chic filet is the worst I have ever experienced.

Coleslaw depression

Please bring back your coleslaw you have the only coleslaw I will eat!

Don't stop selling the good stuff

Bring back the cole slaw. This was the best thing on your menu.

Lemon pie

Please bring back the lemon pie. You would not believe how many people I talk to want the lemon pie back.

Gift cards

Purchased gift cards and they cannot be used on colle campus or hospitals .loved ones one is a college students. Two others are rn's at a hospital now they can't be used. I spent $60.00 and now 3 can't be used. My rating is awful.

Free lunch

We went to the Conway Chickafil on our way home from AL and had lunch. The clerk gave us a free lunch. We were so shocked to learn that we just stood there with our mouths open and thank them. We do not know why. But were ever so greatful. Others get free all the time and we never do. So it was a shock to us but were ever so greatful. We think maybe because he had his military hat on. Not sure of that though. Thank them for our lunch.

I would like to comment on the great works that Chic fil A is doing for their communities. Yesterday the locations in the Houston area offered a percentage of their proceed to the Stay family, the parents and four children were murdered by a former brother-in-law. They were a lovely Christian family. Cars were lined up around the buildings and on the streets in support of this family. Thank you Chic fil A for your tremendous support of the communities. You are such a blessing.

Will NEVER stop in again

My wife and I stopped at the Gulfport MS and the cashier called us up saying " I an help the next person" we walk up to the register as I start to give my order the cashier walked away to get ice for another black male..... Um excuse me we left. Without ordering and I will tell everyone about our negative experience

Worst location in tampa Fl

Never go to Chila Fila at 15801 north Dale Mabry Tampa Fl 33618 under manager Ricardo Sanchez because they are rude , unprofessional and a disgrace to Chila Fila brand . Chila Fila motto is supposedly based on Christian values and yet this location lack of all !

luv you

I luv the svc I receive at your chandler mall location...great food, great employees!

the best

Love to eat at your Wickham Road location in Melbourne. In fact, I eat Chik Fil-A three times a day. Cheers!

We should let you fail in 2012

I'm sure the millions of Americans that came out to support you in 2012 will go to KFC or Churches. I am sure they are thrilled. I'll drive by and look at your empty parking lots every once in a while. You guys might gain a very small group. Hope they eat lot of chicken. chicken is a good word for you.


Recently tasted your breakfast biscuit. It was the tastiest and most flakey biscuit I have ever eaten. They should be listed on your menu as a packaged item. Customer acceptance would be immediate after first purchase and taste.

Off Day?

The Chick fil A in Stillwater, OK. The chicken nuggets were dry and not flavored well, the waffle frys were old. Someone needs to monitor their processes, the ones in Arizona were superb.

I like them!

Nowadays, I only go to church for weddings, funerals, etc., but I will go to Chick-fil-A! I like their food, but their service is an example to all restaurants.

Chicken Biscuit

Went to Chick fil A, Lilburn GA with gift card. Coffee was excellent; biscuit was good; but chicken was tasteless and had fat & grisle in it! Yuk. ~

Carrot Salad

I just went to my Chick Fil A. And was told that you don't have the carrot salad anymore due to Corporate decision. That was probably one of the only reasons I go to Chick Fil A. No one has carrot salad as good as Chick Fil A. Now I can't even have that. What a shame. Another healthy food in the garbage.

American flag protocol

I just stopped in to your Morehead City NC location because, as a veteran to whom the US Flag has much meaning I noticed your flag had come unattached at the bottom and was becoming ragged and tattered from being beaten against the building. I pulled in to let the manager know and she actually walked away from me while I was speaking to her. Now I understand the personally this mattered nothing to her; but as your representative she could at least heard what I had to say, acknowledged my concern, and placated me. Over your company and will not judge based on my interaction with your employee. I just hope the disrespect of the flag will be remedied immediately. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

Is This Chick-fil-A

The operator of the Lindale Chick-fil-a in Cedar Rapids, IA is so rude and disrespectful he screams and belittles his employees and former employees who come into the store. There's people who has worked in the store with medical/mental conditions and he has tore them down in front of all the employees and we're suppose to be a family and Christian based business this chick-fil-a does not practice the chick-fil-a mission statement as far as HONOUR, DIGINTY, and RESPECT goes.


I was on the website and saw a very puzzling statement. "Cathy believes that being closed on Sunday says two important things to people: One, that there must be something special about the way Chick-fil-A people view their spiritual life and, two, that there must be something special about how Chick-fil-A feels about its people." It seems funny that they preach all this to look good to the public. But it's okay to hire an outside painting contractor to work on Sunday and paint their Corona, CA location on Hidden Valley Pkwy. so they don't loose any money by closing on a week day to paint.

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