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Bill,Found your site by accident when i am suspoped to be working. Very nice. I live in Florida. I am 53, surfed for 40 years. My shoulders might be almost as bad as yours. I ride longboards now. (I bought a 12 Surftech Micky Munoz a few years ago with the idea of doing SUP, but never bought a paddle.) I am not to retirement yet, but am starting to look for a nice, warm, tropical location with fairly consistent, clean, head high waves to do essentially what you are doing-having fun in the water. Does Maui have summer surf, May-September? How would you suggest going about trying to find a reasonable 3-4 month rental on Maui? Thanks, Mike

I totally disagree with the other two reviews... My wife and I have been going to Maui for over 25 years and we always make sure to stop and eat at "Cheeseburger in Paradise" on Maui. We were just there with 2 other couples for dinner and also for breakfast. We had very good service and the food was awesome! The evening entertainment (live music) was also really fun... "It's just not Maui without Cheeseburger in Paradise" P.S. The only thing that was sad to us was that we wanted to purchase another Cheeseburger Spinner coffee mug and they told us they don't make them anymore :( I hope I can find one on Ebay....

Worst restraunt in the whole world if anyone likes the place they are insane. Terrible customer service, even worse food and the burgers are garbage!!!!!!!

This is the worst restaurant EVER! The management is horrible, they don't have good customer service and everyone there including the managers have a "I don't want to be here" kind of attitude. I will never eat there again!! Something needs to be changed at this place!

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