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Park Manager

I thought I had heard it all until I had to deal with this (for lack of better words) "Company". The scenario is simple, the outcome is absolutely sad and unacceptable. (1) 347 space mobile home park, (2) One of my maintenance men accidentally cut one of the charter cables going a section of our mobile homes, (3) Immediately called Charter to notify them, in the hopes to have an emergency response repairman that could re-splice the cable. RESULTS: The repairman could not be here for six days. Are you kidding me? Called Charter Corp office, unable to get pass lower tier office help. Conclusion: This entity (it is not a company by any stretch of the imagination) has no business in the communication industry. Further, when our residence come to the office, asking for recommendations of Phone, TV or Internet, I’ll give you three guesses on whom we will not recommend.

No Service

TV service installed march 21. Installer had NO guide, manual or other information on my channel line-up or how to operate the remove etc. 21 Days later I'm still waiting. Had trouble with intitial order. Charter is incompetent, inefficient, lack of concern for their customers. Would NOT recommend Charter Communication in Nevada. Trying to contact their Corporate office. Must be with the CIA or FBI as it is a secret.

Poor Service

Well I used to brag how good Charter Cable/Internet & Phone was but now I kind of Regret that because one is when Charter's workers come out and hooked everything up the worker hooked a HD box up to my TV it shorted out Melted the HDMI cable and burnt the HD box & on top of that he melted the HDMI input on my TV now ever since then my TV has been acting up not only that the HD channels they are not HD I mean they don't want to admit they are the ones that caused the problem and now I have to figure out how to get the TV fixed or buy a new one its Samsung and they will not fix it knowing the HDMI input is melted do to some workers poor service Charter don't even call to check up on things I talked to the Corporate Office and its like they are in Hidings thanks Charter for the Great service.


The Customer Service people really required proper training to perform their job. You have to call 3-4 times be given 3-4 different explanations before you finally are lucky enough to find someone who can give a complete and truthful explanation. However once you do get someone who understands the problem and the chaos that problem has caused because of false or incorrect information they seem unable to correct it. The last incident required me to file a written complaint with the Better Business Bureau to have it resolved. At that only part of the problem was corrected. And its no better when trying to reach a manager or director as they have plenty of underlings to block access to them when it comes to complaints or problems.

Support & install

The installer came in my phone and stole my cable modem and left. Called charter 5 times with no resolution regarding this matter.


i by verble contract agreed to pay the 19.99 for llfe for the internet service and they took it upon their selfs to give more migs and speed that i did not what and are chargeing me now 29.99 a mounth.

Lousy service

Charter services are overpriced. Cust. svc. "reps" barely speak English and are untrained and unprofessional. They have been billing me TWICE for internet??!! I called too many times only to get a stinkin foreigner who doesn't know why and continuously says "um, um, um". If I could, I would get satellite but can't so I'm stuck with this lousy company.

Increasing Rates

Today, i phoned about my increase in rates, and was told that there were no promotional rates available unless I was a new customer. The only way I could receive a lower rate was to either return some of my equipment or disconnect for three months and come back as a new customer. I asked about senior rates, since many of my pleasures these days consists of watching T.V. and connecting with my family using the internet. There are NO SENIOR RATES!!! The reason I don't bundle with the telephone is that there is no service when the power is out!!!! I looked up the names of corporate officers and will send them a similar letter of concern. Perhaps others should follow suit.


I have been waiting six weeks to get services connected, i have had FOUR different appointments, and each time i am told something different. now i am on hold for yet another appointment in two weeks. i have been met with rude customer service reps who are of absolutely no help.

refund delays.

if you are waiting for a refund from charter communications you better have a seat. going to be a while...

It should be obvious to everyone that no one at charter is reading these reviews. oh well, heres mine... march 1st, been trying to get a "proper" re-install since jan 27th. Waited at my home for numerous disappointments. Holes drilled into backdoor frame and window frame. Juntion box in wrong place. 3rd attempt to have situation corrected resulted in a hole being drilled thru my hardwood floor in corner of office ( i dont know- maybe im just picky and prefer switchplate covers on the wall) Once again- been here most of the day and supervisor showed up to inform me that work will be done on 7th. why was i here all day? i guess to take off work so i cant make money to pay my charter bill. This company should be shut down. ... if you are considering charter in anderson sc, go with dish. trust me.

I have been trying for 3 days to talk to supervisor to explain to me why they put me in tier while I'm still under contract and raised my bill with out my authorization. I have been lied to repeatedly for last three days supervisor will return the call. To date, still no call

Will not provide pricing that was committed to

In December I called Charter Customer Service to find out what specials were available as my price had increased dramatically. I spoke to a very nice woman for over an hour and chose a plan that was acceptable to me. I just received my bill, and not only did I not receive the pricing that quoted to me, the bill was higher than before. I spent over an hour on the phone with them last night, and they told me that this promotion is no longer available, and that they could tell me about this month's promotions, that were $40 higher than what I was quoted in December. I would like to receive the package that I signed up for, yet no one will listen. It also seems quite ridiculous that I had to wait over 40 minutes to speak to a supervisor. I'm disgusted with their service and will be letting everyone I know about it until the situation is resolved.

Will Not Service their Equipment

Over a year ago we subscribed to Charter Cable. The Box that is to protect the connection would not fit over the connections, so the installer forced it apart and partially covered the two connections inside. He said he was putting in an order for the proper box and that it would be installed within 10 days. It's been well over a year. We have called may times. The Charter truck comes by, they look at the situation and drive off. We don't see them again until we call again. When it rains, or snows, or the snow melts, we might as well have a dish. The television pixelates, the Internet is very slow. How can we get this fixed? Our patience is at an end!

Bad Service

I have had a lot of trouble getting Charter to work with me. They raised my bill to over $200 for $75. When I called I was told that they had NO specials available. Then the ad on TV and on their own home page stated that they have the triple bundle for only $29.99 each. This was to be HD service, but the sent me a regular box to get the new service and not the HD. I do have an HD TV so this is wrong. They will give me the correct box but I will have to pay for the connection of $29. This is not right when they gave me the wrong box to start with.

Worst cable company

You would think by the number of bad reviews for charter service in general that they would try to do something about it. I am just another one of those customers complaining about the service. They are over priced. They have a lot of false advertisements. The employees are rude. There is a lot more to complain about but I will leave that for corporate. I have tried to talk to some about lowering my payment and have had no progress over a month and 6 representatives later. They tell you one thing and another person says they can't do what they just said they would. Will be switching to direct TV!

Terrible company

I am actually looking to move into an area that doesn't have only charter service. They are the only provider of internet where I live and not only is the service bad I had to buy my own equipment and nothing is 100% compatible either. They have the worst over all service. I will be calling corporate today!

Worst Cable

Slap charges on you when first signing up. You will not be told about hidden installation fee $20-$40. When you call they say you were told and will not waive. Will be going to dish

customer service and tech support

I'm just another charter customer that believes you have the worst customer service and tech support on the planet. I'm sick of even writing more about it. It's just pitiful because no one down there seems to be on the same page. I'm positive you are aware of this so just do something and fix it, that's it.

Worst Company EVER

We have had service with you since June 2012! January is just begining and our DVR stops sound constantly! they tell us to unplug it and do something with the TV which is just a temporary fix, today they said well we can send out someone on Thursday (so 4 days) to give you a new one! or I can try and find a location and see if they will fix the problem! Seriosly not even a full year that should not be happening! Oh and they had to come twice because the first time we just got cable and internet then added phone. We were not told we would have to pay a second time but did! I am extremely over your company and have had no offers of money back considering how much I pay a month and it is always on time! I really dont want to keep your service and am looking into other options because this is ridilicous!

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