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Beyond frustrating...

I've been missing 144 channels for six weeks now (plus I have no access to On Demand services). Burned 4 days waiting around for 4 different techs to come by (only 3 showed up and 2 of the 3 were subcontractors, not Charter employees) only to have them tell me that they don't know what the problem is. No follow up from Charter and each time I called to try and keep the ball rolling they wanted to start from the beginning and try resetting from their end (for the 7th time). This is just ridiculous.

Billing Errors

After a long term discussion with a sales rep, I decided to switch my telephone to Charter fro Frontier. My business already was an Internet customer. Today I received the first full billing and it was 33% higher than discussed with the sales rep. When calling the billing dept. was told that's what you signed for and we can cut some services to lower the bill. What a bait and switch. It's similar to what they do on the residential side when they advertise on TV a price that's at least 20% lower than existing customers. It's too bad that as a customer our options are limited.

Worst Company ever dealt with

I would not recommend this lousy Company to anyone. There is no communication, have written letters and no response, technicians I have dealt with didn't know what they are doing, Office workers were rude. How can a company like this be in business? I have lived in Illinois and Florida and have had satellite and cable and never have I dealt with such a dysfunctional Company as Charter that offers terrible customer service and doesn't even care. I wrote this of our experience this year and they don't even take the time to respond. If you get ads in the mail for them, quickly tear it up and put it in the trash.


they suck they would no tlet me pay my bill 3 days late

Senior discount

I understand that charter has deal for people on housing and entitlement programs maybe you can get on one of those low prices

Sorry Service

Charter has called my house five times this morning and do not leave message. I called yesterday about getting time to pay my bill on 24th and they said no go. They can not extend time to pay bill anymore. This is a new rule that they have not let no one know about. This means that my service including phone will be turned off Saturday. I have tired to tell them that I will pay my pass due amount on 23rd but no go rules have changed, so guess will get 10 phones calls every day until SATURDAY and then no service. One way people on Monthly income get treated

For the Corp

One major question for the Charter Corporate office why don't you guys ever answer us when we call if you guys have Techs and workers that is making Charter look bad cause of poor service or rude customer service workers then you should listen and answer us.


Well you know what's really funny is about 6 months ago when I had everything hooked up 2 HD Boxes 3 Regular boxes, The one Tech guy had hooked up to my TV it shorted out blew a breaker in the house and melted the HDMI Cable and the Input on my TV & you know what they said it was caused from a bad ground from our Electric Company so for 6 months they had me in a Damage Claim & finally they said it was denied do to a Bad Ground and it wasn't the Techs fault or faulty equipment the funny thing is I talked to someone through Dish Network that said her Friend had the same issue with charter where they blew his TV up a 60" exact same thing happened to mine you know what they said it was do to a bad ground from there Electric company so Charter likes to point Fingers at everyone its so funny.

Face the Truth

every time I post something Charter will not submit it for the recent Review I know what you mean I had a HD box that only works off components will not work off the HDMI cable I have called the 1-800# so finally I took it back to the local store and replaced it.


For a year and a half, I've had issues with Charter. I've had so many techs out to work on the issues that I've lost count. They can't or won't fix the problem yet continue to bill me for services that are spotty at best. Does anyone have a way to contact very high positions about this? Going through regional offices are a joke! I HATE Charter!!!!!!

Why but why

What is the matter Charter will not let me write a review or will not show up.

Love It

I've had Charter and I've had the toher guys. Let's face it, this industry has customer service issues in general. Charter has been responsive, dependable, and priced right. And, they are getting better each day. I don't know what internal changes they've had recently, but it shows in the custoemr service. Thank you Charter!


I get home from work yesterday my mom (79 yrs old) says, "a man came and took our cable box" and she was shaken up. Well he tricked my mom to let him in my house 'I'm from Charter can I see your cable box?' then took the box. WTH...So I called Customer Service and my account is current. They were surprised that this had happened and I also noticed on the receipt that the address is not ours ... well I called the local police dept and they weren't happy about the way he approached my mother ... i call it elderly harrassment! Now, with no cable box for 2 days now I have to take time off from work go accross town and report this so they can investigate this situation...who needs this?

bad internet service

I have been having bad internet services for months. Two Charter tech came to my house in less than one week apart and said the problem is outside of my house. Charter was supposed to fix the problem on a July 10, 2013. I called Charter approx 10:30 p.m. , July10 and the agent said there is no tech assign to fix the problem. Internet services kdep timing out.

Cable and billing

I have had service since Feb 2013 and it has been terrible. Every time I have called in they have fixed it for a couple days. After that, the services is fuzzy and internet breaks up. I have also complained 1-2 times a month about a cable being spread from my fence to the pole. This is a huge safety issue, but I have not been able to get it resolved. The last time I called in June, they told me I could bury the cable myself. Not great service if you ask me. The last thing I will comment on, is the billing.... For the last 3 months, I have been told that they would credit my account $20. The most I have seen is $2 and some change. But when I call the following month, they say that there is nothing in the notes. Again, not great service. What if I did this half assed job while I was deployed while in the Military?

I moved out of state on 04/01/13. I have been trying ever since then to get their people to mail me a return kit. I have 2 receivers and remotes that I need to return to them or they will charge me $1000.00. I have called customer service at least 10 times and every time assured a kit is on the way. The last 3 times I called, I was GUARANTEED that I would get it. Guess what, no kit and it's almost July. Their service sucks.

Unreasonable response times for repairs

My cable tv displays a message that tells me to please wait, my signal will soon return, error code S0200. The earliest tech call is 72 hours later, mind you, a weekend is not involved. I have had a dozen tech visits in 7 years to repair Charter equipment I rent for a fee from Charter and none of those visits required me to pay for the call. Charter has never adjusted my monthly bill even though the 7 calls, now 8 calls, caused me to lose tv service for a combined 3 weeks. Charter does not provide the technical service their charter with the state requires.

Pathetic all Around

I have kept this pathetic service for way too long! Every month my bill increases and no one can explain why. There is no consistency with the billing or service. My phone kept messing up and it took eight different technicians to solve the problem. I threatened to cut my services off and the rep just said ok ma'am. I look forward to writing headquarters about this "want to be business...Unbelievable!

Thank you Chris !

Outstanding Charter technician! Chris was sent to our home on 6/19/13. He promptly repaired the problem with our internet. He was professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Charter Communications is fortunate to have Chris as an employee. He embodies the definition of true customer service. We are long time customers of Charter cable, internet and phone services and we are very happy with their customer service.


Charter has the worst service I have every had. My internet cable broke somewhere in the ground 5 weeks ago. The have come out 4 times and painted and marked the utilities in my yard and flower bed. As of now no one has shown up to repair the broken cable. When I called them they said it could take up to a month to repair the problem.

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