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very rude

The managers at the store I was shopping at are very rude and unhelpful. They do not keep their store clean or neat for my taste and there is definitely a shortage of good taste in the stores. I will never shop there again.

Terrible CS

I had a terrible experience at a store with a manager. I was overcharged by $7. When she tried to correct it, she told me I was due a $1 refund. She got mad that I told her she was wrong. I had to write down the correct transaction, add it up, and tell her how to ring it. She then got mad that my way was correct. I tried 3 times in 3 weeks to contact corporate about this experience and they did not respond. Terrible CS must be one of their values.

customer service

I have contacted their corporate office re: a problem 6 times in 11 days and not one returned phone call or email.... does anyone know if they even have a customer service department... i only get an answering service... or a voicemail.. never heard a real employees voice.... something is very strange here.

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