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Medicare,Medicaid and all health insurances are poor! The elderly especially. The insurance companies (Medicare) should leave the guidelines to the medical professionals. Health care is based on individuality and should not be based on a cookbook outline of number of days or a minute cap for so many days in order to be reimbursed, that is outrageous. The medical professional should be able to treat as they feel fit, without being restricted by insurance. We the people pay enough into the system to be taken care of by who we choose and who our physicians choose. Cooperate offices of Medicare and Medicaid, and all other health insurance companies need to research a way to provide coverage that is not limited/timed based for prescription medications,therapies,routine care,and nursing home care, routine tests and labs, surgery. Saying there is not enough financial support is hog wash. Our political leaders spend BILLIONS on campaigning, use their monies. Talk about a piss poor way to spend money, Campaigning is one. All they need to do is take one day state their position and let us vote, They spend money to tattle tell and to get all the dirt on their opponent. STUPID. Lets improve our health care by increasing and changing our guidelines to allow the medical professional treating to use their skills and professional judgments. Quality,and quantity verse inadequate and futile. Something needs to be done. Medicare and others are not user friendly or cover what is necessary, and many are loosing employment because of the lack of reimbursement from care received. Hello any one listening!!! WE NEED TO CHANGE! Help the medical community and take away from the politicians and the rich. Respectfully, JK May post in newspaper at some point.

My boyfriend was shot in the leg in January, 2010. He was incarcerated in Oct, 2010. After he was released in April his medicaid was changed to share of cost. He is now struggling for medical care. He was taken to Shands of Jacksonville. He was supposed to have surgery to have his shin bone shaved down in November because they left his bulging out, but he was incarcerated. He is prescribed medicine that he cannot recieve because he has a low family income. He is currently not seeing his docter because he owes them for stitching up his head. He's put in applications everywhere and nobody has even called back. He's currently taking his G.E.D. He's trying but needs help. Please reach out a hand and help him. His name is Anthony LaFaso he is 19 years of age and he is in desperate need of his medicaid back. Please contact me for more information at (904) 424-4515. Thanks for your time, Abigail.

August 8, 2011 Hello. Please let me know how soon I am able to have Medicare B coverage. Also, in the meantime, please advise of great and reasonable price health insurance programs in New Jersey I am able to join until I am back employed with great benefit plans. Being Deaf since birth, communication via email is effectively best. Thank you very much, MARK S. FISHER Contact Info: MarkSFisher17@yahoo.com, for attachments MarkSFisher17@gmail.com, for immediate contacts

I am becoming quite disappointed with trying to get an answer from Medicare. I am on Social Security Disability. I started on in January. I am informed that I will receive Medicare in July. There is one big problem with this. I use the Insulet Omni Pod and have been on it for 5 years. Since I started using it my sugars are much better in control. My HgbA1c is 6.1 which is excellent for a type 1 diabetic of 59 years. I am told Medicare wont cover it because it's disposable. The other reason that makes no sense to me id because the Serial number is A9274. If you look into this you will find that it's a lot less expensive than other insulin pumps. You receive a carton with 6boxes containg 10 pods in each box. You also have the advatge that if the Pod fails for some reason you call the 800# for the insulet corporation. They send you a replacement.and you can continue using the pods that are in the box. Please DONOT make me have yo use another pump or insulin syringes. This pump is the best thing that ever happened. Please see the POD Watch on face Book. You'll see many positive comments, Thank you for your time and interest, Jean D Haight.

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