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non payment

Worked for them as a vendor for their generator repairs for 3 years. payed on time untill Jan 2014. Invioces not being paid and no one in purchasing or managment will contact me about this problem. Word to the wise. If you plan on doing any work for them, make them pay in advance.

Due Refund

In October, 2012, we tried the VOIP at home, but it didn't work. We've been due a small refund of apx $26, have talked to local reps three times & still have nothing.

Dissatisfied Customer

I am very disappointed in my upgraded phone. I told the associate what I was wanting and I didn't want to spend a lot of money, I just wanted one that I could easily text on and receive pictures The phone I ended up with is considered an old phone. They don't even make covers for them anymore. I didn't know this at the time. I am 71 years old and have been a customer with Cellular One since 1995. The associate was rude and not very helpful at all. My friends told me that I was ripped off. I have considered going to another cell phone company. When I asked for another phone I was told that I couldn't upgrade again since I had already done so. If I don't get satisfaction in being able to get a newer and better phone I will leave Cellular One ASAP.


Im under contract I was told that since we were Military we could get out of contract once we got a new duty station we moved to el paso tx from louisianna now phone is broken cant buy a new one with out renewing a contract i already have that i cant get out of so now no phone and stuck paying for it and reps dont help at all told me to get aphone through crags list.Thanks!

Your company stinks, I was promised a refund back in January of this year. And still have not recieved it. I purchased a blue tooth head set and returned at your store in Great Falls. And have been promised a refund, Which I have yet to see. My sales recept is 111289467 dated December 14,2010 Do you think I have waited long enough. Pricilla Maphies PO box 464 Vaughn , Mt 59487

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