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The decision prcesos to bail one company out and not the other does seem rather peculiar, but that was a year ago. The taxpayers already have a lot of cash infused into GMAC, so it would seem logical to give them one more bail out.There was a cat house named the Mustang Ranch in Nevada. The government supposedly ran it for a bit. What ever the government attempts to do in the private sector results in less then anticipated results.I say give them one more bail out and if GMAC can not make it with that, they will never make it. Sell the assets like they did the Mustang Ranch. Any money not recouped, then it is gone.. 0Was this answer helpful?

Think about the legality of this so-called bauilot in the first place. Isn't quite ironic how in a free, and open market society companies that make irresponsible decisions are awarded with a corporate welfare bauilot. Examining the fundamentals of this situation should allow any able American to realize that bailing out any company no matter its size is NEVER alright and is a step in the wrong direction for America. You see in true free-market democracy all businesses are free to conduct business as they please (under the law). Good, wise business decisions are awarded with increased sales and longevity for that business into the future. Therefore, businesses will fail if they do not make wise decisions so naturally businesses are inclined to make responsible decisions. The businesses that are presented by our government and media as being too big to fail and in need of a bauilot with taxpayer money can be considered robbery. The free market is so powerful that it will determine the consequences for a business that makes irresponsible decisions. If banks decide to carelessly lend money to just about anybody with a name in hopes that no one would default then they should be allowed experience their business decisions in its entirety. When they profit, the money goes into their pockets, when they lose money, they turn to the American people for a bauilot. WTF is going on??? 0Was this answer helpful?

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