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Review by What Do You Mean I'm Out of Ink? for Rating: This ink is used in the Canon MP980. Here's what Canon doesn't tell you. While the printer has six (6!) ink cadgrirtes, if any one of the six is completely out even if you are not using that one at the moment your printer is dead in the water. Zero, zip, nada.And no store sells them locally! (At this time, in my area.) So if it's an emergency, you're a goner.The following do not carry the GY221 in the store _nor_ on their websites (at the time I'm writing this): Best Buy, Costco, Office Depot, Office Max, Target, and Walmart. Staples does not carry it in the store, but it is available on their website. Amazon is your friend. And it's cheaper than Staples. But internet purchases take time to arrive.So do yourself a favor and avoid the dead printer syndrome by buying several now. You'll be glad you did.

I recently sent a money order for a endcap for Canon Rebel T3 and a lenscap for 35-80 millimmeter. I was just wondering on the status of my order. Thanks Dave 509-860-9171

Review by MEB for Rating: Amazon does offer the lowest price on the Canon CLI ink cradritges. But the price for these inks, IMO, are still pretty high, especially considering the size of the cradritges. If MP980's CLI and PGI ink costs decrease in the future (hopefully real soon!), then the rating would definitely increase to 5 stars.Thank you Amazon reviewers for all your comments. Because I thoroughly reviewed these products (online and in-store) and the associated commentaries, I now know that it's best to order these inks through Amazon (until some other seller offers lower pricing). I will also be sure to keep extra inks on hand;so I never have to experience down-time with my MP980.I love the Canon PIXMA MP980, and knew beforehand what to expect as far as print quality and associated costs. So I have no complaints about the printer itself (other than its costly inks). But, I do think one gets what they pay for, and I do tend to go for better quality items.Thank you Amazon and Amazon Reviewers.

I have a new MG8220 which is really a great printer. I upgrade from a previous Canon printer for the AirPrint capability. The set-up went well but I was not able to print from our iPad and iPhone. On Monday of this week I called Canon Tech Support and spoke with Mandel. He could not have been more polite, knowledgeable and professional. He stayed with me while I down loaded and installed new firmware which solved the AirPrint issue. I purchased the new MG8220 because of the very positive contacts with Canon Tech Support in the past. I recommend Canon and Canon Customer Service to my friends. Congratulations to Mandel, he represented Canon professionally and fixed my problem.

i have 2 canon that take the ink 221 colors and small black i buy these it costco in package of five 4 221 catrage and 1 220 black. the printers use the ink colors at 4 times faster then the black 221 and i have a couple dozen sealed cli-221 black that i would like to exchange for the cli-221 cyan blue and red cli-magenta could you please help.

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