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Nothing but trouble from this store since December of 2014. They lost over 700 dollars of my money. They have more excuses than a criminal

will not stop sending me tex

We have called several times asked them to remove us from their list but they have done it, I am on pay as you go get charged on every tex I receive . I will not go to BBB see if they can help I am on fix income

placing an order for decoys

I recently tried to order B-2 canada goose decoys which are backordered until 9/30/14. I know for a fact that several stores have these decoys in stock, however, they will not except a credit card. This is unacceptable and a terrible way to be doing business. My order of decoys would have exceeded several thousands of dollars. I guess if Cabella's will not take my money, maybe Bass Pro will???

scam survey

I purchased a nice shotgun and was given a card to take a survey and win a chance at a $500 gift card. Iwas to the understanding that it would be about my time shopping at the store ,it had NOTHING to do with the store! its one of those junk surveys that send you alot of coupons and emails. and if I am correct cabelas gets paid for the surveys.SCAM SCAM SCAM !!! SHAME on you cabelas for misleading your customers. your gun sales people did not know what a duck plug was and when you found a guy who did you did not even have one !the lady showed me the choke tube in the barrel and said yes there it is and it comes with two more see as she pointed in the box.it would be nice to have the old stores back were you hired techs that knew there job and a real survey that a concerned customer could express his feelings openly.

Rude Store

They sell broken items, we are done with you Post Falls Store Idaho

Shipping Promotion

While I have been very pleased with the many numerous items I have ordered from Cabelas over the past few years, the expiration of the $5.00 flat shipping rate on 5/31/14 will definitely have an impact on future orders. Future orders will consist of items I can find only at Cabelas. Alternative sources are many. My rating is related to the shipping issue

whatever happened to sportsmen

Tryed to get 3/4 and 1 oz jig's lol they looked at me like I was dumb. The service sucked. But if u want a credit card they have plenty of people for that. And TOYS WOW .the biggest store in Michigan is a joke . thanks to all the mom and pop stores for being there for the true sportsman. Never again cabelas


Cabela's in Hazelwood is the worst. Management is awful. I talked to Ryan, Will, and another man I can't remember his name; I kept asking to talk to a new manager because the ones I spoke to didn't know anything! I will not go back. Bass Pro here I come!

bad service

bad service 6 weeks on back order than canceled without notification


Richfield store need to get phones fixed had to call 4 time about a gun.operater she gave me a speech about the phone system.I am club holder customer. operators have a training issue

Horrible experience

I order 3 recliner's for family and friends , and still haven't receive shipment for any of them. I even tried to get a tracking number but didn't have a tracking number to supply. The customer service has been poor , maybe one respresentative kinda knew what she has been doing. But, I'm not happy at all and I want do business with cabela's again.

14 hrs in line

This friday I got off work and bundled up to get in line for the saturday morning sales at cabelas in columbus , ohio. I was the first person there I sat there for 14 hours in hopes of getting the 17 caliber rifle they were giving away. When it came time to give the rifle away they totally skipped me and gave it to someone else and handed me a $5 gift certificate instead now I've been to these before but never fortunate enough to be in line first but every time the person in line first gets the item I do not like being treated as skip and believe something needs to be done the people in charge there act as if they are better than the consumer I would like to hear from someone about this matter asap

I visited your store in Gonzales, La. twice in the past two weeks. On my first visit I was waited on by a very nice young lady who told me I could receive a military discount. On my second trip the young lady at the register said we don't do that anymore, except twice a year on special holidays. When I spoke to a manager she said that Cabela's hadn't given discounts for over a year. Suppose the military said we'll defend you two times a year. I love shopping in your stores, but if this practice doesn't stop I'll be forced to do my trading with Bass Pro Shops who are a whole lot closer to my home, and encourage my military friends to do the same.

Store in Houston TX

Love your store when are you building in the Houston texas area ?? big market her.

We LOVE Cabela's

My husband now buys and shops for his own clothes, shoes and boots! Of course hunting supplies are usually part of it. I never thought there would be anything for me at an Outfitter's store but I have gifts from my husband and the clothes and boots he has purchased for me are just great!! Your service is excellent as well.


On Jan 14,2013 I purchased 6 boxes of 30-06 ammo. It's now July 22nd and customer service continues to say it's on backorder. What gives Cabelas. Thank God their building a Bass Pro ten minutes from my house...

horrible online application process

As a US Army Ranger, Sniper, SpecOps Diver, Airborne, Air Assault, Military Wilderness Survival Instructor I thought it would be fun to work at Cabela's...but after several attempts and an hour later trying to fill out an application online, it doesn't give you the option to advance to the next section to complete your application. Their website just sucks in general. Too bad. would have been a fun place to work. Guess I can apply to BassPro instead.


I bought a pontoon boat at the Dundee Cabela's . I like the boat but we have some issues. When the boat was delivered to our cottage at Houghton Lake The fender broke off on the passenger side, flew back and broke the tail light. I received a new bracket, new fender and new tail light and replaced them. The gal in the parts department at the Dundee store was real nice and helpful and I am great full to her for her kindness. We had an issue with the live well. The set screw used to hold the licking mechanism was gone and the tube for the drain was the wrong size. We received the correct parts and installed them. The anchor light is supposed to be installed in the back of the boat but was installed in the front of the boat. Now my boat motor is leaking gas. I was not able to locate where the leak was at but I could see gas dripping from under the motor. A local marina will fix it and I will be submitting the bill to the Dundee store for a refund since the motor is under warranty.

Cabela's sponsorship

I read an article about a young man that came close to death from a carless driver. When the young man posted his experience on the internet, the driver said because of all the bad press he received, I should have killed the young man. Cabela's is a sponsor of this man's show. I think you should stop sponsoring reckless behavior. Also you sell GoPro camera,s I think it would be good PR for your company to donate one to the cyclist. Just my thoughts.


How about the fact that we are limited to 2 boxes of ammo but store managers can purchase 4000 + rounds at will shouldn't they be held to the same restriction (Columbus Ohio )

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