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Horrible company

Had Coit out because of their "40% off" special. The first serviceman left stains and I had to call them out again. The second serviceman left his hose draining on my brand new area rug and did not tell me. I saw it myself. I called and they sent someone out to pick it up. They returned it to the wrong house and my rug is ruined. Theywill not back up their guarantee. Awful!!! Do not use them!

Coit Rug Cleaner, Santa Maria , CA

Had my carpet cleaned in October 2013, three weeks later noticed orange spots on my brown rug in the dining room, living room, and bedroom. Called Coit in Santa Maria, CA. They sent a representative out, who told me the orange spots were from previous spills on my rug pad and were bleeding through. This is ridiculous as my has never been wet and the orange spots were scattered throughout a the house. It looked almost like bleach was spilled on my carpet. I called and spoke to the manager and she took no responsibility for the damage. I have had my carpet cleaned previously by other companies and have had no problems


A representative of the company was rude and indifferent. Pretty much hung up the phone before I could say goodbye. Need to work on customer service. Maybe the CEO's need to go undercover.

I had a meeting with Coit to have carpet cleaning done in my home. I asked for experienced carpet cleaners as we have a white wool rug that is expensive. Steve told me he would send two men who had been cleaning carpets for many years. He told me they would move the furniture that needed to be moved and put it back. We agreed they would arrive by 8:30 as I explained to Steve I had to be some where else later in the morning. The tech arrived late and there was only one person which mean that none of my furniture could be moved??????? I asked him how long he had been cleaning carpet and he said 4 years. I did not have the cleaning done. as this young boy could not have moved the furniture which he agreed.

Paid premium prices and received cut rate service from the Colorado Springs franchise. Called national office to resolve. Local manager called once and said he would call back, but never did.

coit cleaned my drapes, carpet, and couches. The drapes and couches come out fine but when they brought back my rugs I discovered there was a huge hole in the middle of my 100 year old oriental rug. Come to find out I had moths which the coit cleaner never brought to my attention when my rug was being rolled up. When I called to make a complaint and speak with a manager she was very roude and didnot apologize for my carpet being ruined. The other carpet in my familyroom still had spots on it I dont believe they cleaned that rug. I have used coit for many years but not anymore their service is terrible and very unprofessional and I would not recommend anybody to use their services. Go to other carpet cleaners. Coit in Burlingame Ca is not worth your money or damage to your belongings

Had my carpets cleaned, and they turned out fine. Had the grout in my kitchen and bathroom cleaned and the technician did not remove the dirt or grout sealer. When spraying my kitchen floors with the cleaning solution, he got the grout cleaner on my stainless steal appliances and it left spots that I then had to have professional cleaned off. Also the van that came to do the work leaked oil all over my driveway. This van looked as though it seen better days!!! I called and left a message with my local Coit office that did the work and never received a call back. Had someone else come in (NOT COIT) to clean the grout correctly, and it was done perfectly in less then 2 hours! The manager was rude on the phone, when I finally got ahold of him, and constantly cut me off mid conversation to attempt to plead his case. Unless you want to pay and arm and a leg for this kind of crappy service, then be my guest and call COIT. I have made a complaint about this to the corporate office, with no response as well. COIT in Santa Maria, CA should be avoided at all costs!

Paid $151 to have an 8x 10 area rug returned to me in Tacoma, WA. with flecks of dirt, hair etc. on it. On closer examination after tech left, found the original mud had not been removed (rug is very dark green). Did so with my own machine and water came out muddy for two full treatments. Wrote to franchisee in Woodinville, received one voicemail and then zero response. Franchisew taking a lot for granted.

What would it take to start an inquirey into the location of Colorado Springs? The vehicles at this location are not in good repair, and are not in a safe condition. The worn-out, obsolete equiptment is in a terrible state of dis-repair. Most of the vehicles have rust on the body. On one vehicle, the door frame has completely rusted off on the bottom. Another vehicle, there is a hole rusted through the drivers side floor. The ABS light is on on most of the vehicles. Most of the brakes on the trucks squeel due to the lack of brake pads. The vehicles and the obsolete equipment obviosly does not meet coit franchise standards.

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